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Description Recognition On 703 ORG Network Excellence

The 703 Hall of Fame is a special recognition given to ORG players with exemplary deeds such as strategic brilliance, immense popularity or infamy and/or their contributions to the 703 ORG community.



In 2016, the 703 ORG Network group was asked to nominate who they felt deserved to be the first five in 703's Hall Of Fame. The admins then voted on the top 5. Hunter Reed, 703 admin and former Survivor: Tokelau contestant, hosted the ceremony & announced the first five people that made the Hall Of Fame.


Note: Inductees are enumerated based on their order of announcement. Listed Recognized Accolades are during the time of induction.

Class Of 2016Edit

2016 Inductees
Order of
Picture Name Recognized Accolades
1st DomHOF RubyMistress
  • Winner of Survivor: Italy
  • 2nd African American Winner
  • 3rd Female Winner In A Row
  • Returned for and 5th place of Survivor: Skye Islands
  • Co-Host of Survivor: San Marcos
  • One of 703's best strategic players
  • One of 703's most ruthless Villains
  • Winner Of The Fan Favorite Award Both Times She Played
  • Winner Of The Player Of The Season Award Both Times She Played
  • Younger Sister of Survivor: Canada winner & Fellow Hall Of Famer, Tyler
  • Won Most Iconic Idol Play, Best Blindside & Best Strategic Player in the 2016 703scars
2nd EmmaHOF XxXMidget In A BikiniXxX
3rd JaceHOF 88ZombieCarlLarceibmoz88
4th PerryHOF Thatsmyidol
5th TylerHOF ForeverTyC

Class Of 2017Edit

2017 Inductees
Order of
Picture Name Recognized Accolades
1st AlissaHOF AlissaMarinxo
2nd ChristineHOF ChristineMGlam
  • Contestant on Survivor: Caracol, 7th Place
  • Known for her strong social game and loyalty
  • Returned for and placed 2nd on Survivor: Bora Bora
  • Played 108 days on 703 Survivor
  • Winner of Survivor: Legends
  • First female winner of a Survivor all returnee season.
  • Improved her placement each time she played.
  • One of the first Big Brother UK returnees
  • Big Brother UK 2 finalist
  • Won 6 individual immunities
  • One of 703’s best underdogs
  • Made Final Tribal Council twice
3rd HeatherHOF Heatherjac
4th NadineHOF Cinnanie
5th SoraHOF TLazyS
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