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Description Recognition and Award Giving Body

703scars is an Annual awards ceremony honoring achievements of ORG players on the 703 ORG Network.


The 1st 703scars ceremony, presented by Jaylen, Joe & Tyler, took place in the ORG's Facebook group.


JaylenAward JoeAward TylerRAward
Jaylen Joe Tyler

Winners and NomineesEdit


The 2nd 703scars ceremony, presented by Hunter, Joe, Nick & Tyler, took place in the ORG's Facebook group.


Hunteranthem JoeCaracolHost NickCaracolHost TylerHOF
Hunter Joe Nick Tyler

Winners and NomineesEdit


Multiple 703scar Wins
No. of Wins Winner(s) Year Categories
3 ForeverTyC
2016 Best Winner, Best Dynamic Duo & Best Social Player
2016 Most Iconic Idol Play, Best Blindside & Best Strategic Player
2017 Best Newbie, Best New Social Player & Best New Strategic Player
2 Heatherjac
2016 Best Non Winner & Best Jury Speech
2016 Greatest Villain & Most Intense Rivalry
2017 Best New Runner Up & Best Returning Player
2017 Best New Winner & Best Dynamic Duo

703scar Wins by Season
No. of Wins Season
8 Survivor: Canada
Survivor: San Marcos
7 Survivor: Tokelau
6 Survivor: Skye Islands
4 Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains
3 Survivor: Resurgence
2 Survivor: Italy
Survivor: Chile
Survivor: Siem Reap
Survivor: Sumbawa
1 Survivor: Africa
Survivor: Mongolia
Survivor: Socotra

703scar Nominations
(Includes 703scar wins)
No. of Nominations Nominee(s)
6 RubyMistress
5 Jpowers76
4 Blueu22, Heatherjac, LúdicoManao, TLazyS
3 ForeverTyC, Dangrayne, LúdicoManao, AlexVivor, Soulscriptxd, IvanLaurence, Danipero32, Nlby001, Charlie Trelli, Claudiaprescott, Radfiddler, Aerialchinook, DatStafford , Yuki Yukie , CakingCake, XxXMidget In A BikiniXxX, Eddie786™
2 Hannah Banana23, KevDog660, Typoirier, Seth9876, NWTSEvan, LauraBorton, Jennifer.mac.3, JessyPop, ThomasSaxby, Jake31011994, Broyate, NickCity, Summer B, Heyjoshua, DuskofSkulls, XKC, Bolet36
1 Bjorntobealive, LauraBorton, A.lopez49411, Jake31011994, Tylerjordan93, VanityEgo, JakeGoesInLine, ElmoPancake, ChrissaTodd2, Jennifer.mac.3, Pozymandias, Mihai22, AlissaMarinxo

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