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Day 4[]

Things played out how I hoped..I warned Rob that he could be in trouble so he put in some work on the challenge and lobbied to save himself. Rob stays and Patricia goes, if we have to lose someone then let it be her.

I earned a lot of trust from Rob with that, and on top of that I feel very confident in my relationships with everyone else. So at this point I know I’m making the swap and I’m not worried about any of these tribals. I just need to focus on maintaining these relationships and looking for that idol.

Nadine won’t hide it if she finds the idol, so we’re sharing guesses to double our chances of getting it. I know that people outside of the game think of me as a snake or some gamebot, but honestly I’m a pretty loyal person. No I don’t give a shit about staying true to the day 1 alliance that Keaton made, these people might think of me as their number 1 ally but they don’t give a shit about me as a person, so I’ll vote them all out when the time comes.. BUT Nadine on the other hand, is a really good person and doesn’t have the same transparent, lazy social game that everyone else does. She asks me about my day, remembers details about my life, she took the time out of her day to draw a fucking beautiful sketch of her and I.

I’ll do what I have to do to make it far into this game with someone I consider a friend, but the rest of these phony bitches get nothing but their name on a piece of paper at the tribal of my choosing. If that makes me a snake then fine I’m a snake.


Day 5[]

I gotta say, I surprise myself. I have at least 3 people considering me either their closest or one of their closest allies right now and I am very well liked thus far. I still haven't talked to Benj or Fariha. I don't know why. That's a lie, I do know why. It's because I'm in a good spot so I get stubborn and think 'well why aren't they talking to me????' I do think I'm in a position where I can push the vote the way I want it to but right now, I'm just focused on winning immunity as often as possible. And at least if we lose, it ain't gon be my fault

–Jack O

Sooooooo.... I don't know but hopefully I'm on good terms with a lot of these people. I really hope to make closer bonds with these people because the fact that there's no alliances in the tribe that I know of is somewhat worrying. At this point, I'm just gonna try to get people to trust me because that's the next best thing at this stage. Yeah yeah I know this is like Zeke Smith levels of gamebottyness but from my point what am I supposed to say? OOH LOOK ITS A ME A MARIOOO IM GONNA EAT A DA PIZZA AND SACK THE CARTHAGE AND DESTROY THE ZAMA.


Really happy with the challenge, all I want is to swap with atleast even numbers and this pretty much guarantees that. If we eventually lose then Rob or Andy goes (probably Rob) and I’d like to not have that happen because I know I’m closer to Rob than anyone and it’s probably the same with Andy.

Basically, tribe breaks down like this. Rob is useless and inactive, Andy is decent with challs and competent but he’s not in the day 1 alliance so it’s dicey for him. From what I can tell, Keaton is close with Jack, Jack is sort of close with Nadine, and Nadine and I are air tight. Bens around, but he’s not too intense right now.

If I’m right then it’s Jack, Nadine and I in the drivers seat until the swap. I know I sound like a game bot but nobody is doing anything dramatic so this is all I’ve got, so sue me.




Day 6[]

So Nadine's going to check out the other tribe and see what's up. I think this would be a good opportunity to learn a little more about the Zama tribe and what they're up to. That way, I can learn who to align with in that other tribe and who not to. Hopefully tribal lines won't be a thing.


This is a royal pisser, I really didn't want to go to tribal. But now I'm busting my ass trying to throw the vote onto Benj. I think I've made enough solid relationships that people want to keep me around, Benj just isn't around and fucking hasn't talked to me at all. Like bih, I know you're here and SURE COMMUNICATION IS A TWO WAY STREET AND I HAVEN'T TALKED EITHER. But either he's gotta know something I don't or he's a blithering imbecile. Preferably the latter. At least Jerry, Danielle, Jason, Gilad, and Carson have all said they trust me and I'm basically their #1/#2, which this early in the game is HUGE. If I were a betting man I'd put money on me surviving this vote

–Jack O

Remember how I thought I was in such a good spot? Yeah according to Gilad that's a load of shit. Benj told him Carson and Danielle were throwing my name around, which just makes NO fucking sense. I thought they were with me man... but Gilad is gonna swing Fariha and hopefully I can get Jason when he's back from the wedding. Fuckin hell though. UGH. How does someone look at me and go "yeah, he should be the 1st person voted out of our tribe." What drugs are you on homie

–Jack O

Gilad is a motherfucking real one. Bustin out all the stops to make sure our plan goes through. And Jason is entirely on board as well. I know my thoughts have fluctuated back and forth in regards to loyalty, I'm now much higher on Gilad and much lower on Carson. I don't really trust Danielle that much either bc despite her selling me, she was mentioned by Gilad via Benj! And obv she's a helluva player, 2 wins under her belt, so something to keep an eye on for sure. But my boys (Gilad, Jerry, Jason) are who I'm finna roll with for now

–Jack O

So Danielle is grilling me on this vote for Benj, really noncommittal. That’s a huge red flag for me because if she really does want to work with me she shouldn’t have any reservations. If I can’t trust her I might be short on the numbers

–Jack O

Swallowing my pride and trying to talk to Fariha, obviously it’s from a position of potential vulnerability but hopefully it’s early enough in the game that she can look to work with me. If she’s locked on benj that makes my life WAY easier

–Jack O

GILAD IS A REAL ONE. He’s gotten benj to switch his votes to Jason. Now, I like jason. But if he’s gonna get voted over me I’m all for it. The only thing I’m worried about is Carson bc he was mentioned about possibly flipping and I did disclose info to him about gilad’s history in main org as something to watch. If he were to spill that, gilad might not be so buddy buddy with me. But hopefully Carson is with me

–Jack O

SUCCESS. Fariha is convinced majority is on Benj which secures the majority on Benj (funny how that works). She just wanted majority which is certainly sus, means there’s no real commitment but whatevs I just need her for this vote

–Jack O

This lack of game talk is a little sus since yknow... it's already day 6. The lack of alliances and stuff is kinda surprising and especially with Tyler's remark about this cast being more active than Maury-shush then it's kinda like "umm do y'all wanna work with me or naw" because the mere formalities are getting a tid bit repetitive tbh. On one hand I can keep the status quo but on the other hand I can go full Azores me on steroids and be like "HEY YOU JOIN MY MAJORITY ALLIANCE OTHERWISE YOUR FAMILY WILL DISOWN YOU AND STUFF" but you see where that got me lmao.


So apparently according to some fantastic research done by the monsieur William Lott, Gilad used to be called Skandi was like the Legend27 except on some serious pcp to enhance his villainess. Is that a word? Eh whatever. See, I'm kinda nervous of this person because you'd think you'd wanna make someone like him a meatshield but a wild villain quality appears and your ass soon ends up on the way out of tribal without a torch. Good thing he's on Zama lol. Will says he wants to meet him which is neat but you see, Will's actually a good player so he can probably provide good competition to Gilad while there's me.

Also Will's always bringing up my Himalayas game which is kinda like "umm.... ok" in my mind because he's saying I'm an all star and stuff but the thing is, that's making me feel like he's hyping me up so that he can 1. pander to egos to try to get me on his side and 2. tell others when it's later in the game "hey look this dude's a good player gotta get him out". Then again it's probably my paranoia acting up lol.

Why do I have these thoughts this early in the game? idk. Don't ask me.


I really am ratting everyone out and being crazy just because I like... barely check Facebook and forget so i just say "yes, yes. yeah."

Like... I'm gonna be 2nd boot purely because I'm being such a rat. I talk to everyone though so... hope that doesn't bite me in the ass and I'm not trying to be such a rat ugh idk.

benj wants out jason/jack jack/jason want out benj

so like... i'm gonna have to choose between 3 people i wanna work with and ugh. i feel like the odds of me being blindsided this vote are pretty great or being exposed for being a rat. it's fun i guess but like... so nervewracking and i don't wanna have to decide. ugh this sucks and i really cant wait to be exposed!!!


I don’t care that I overdid it with my score in the immunity, I needed to make completely sure that the other tribe lost so that there is a chance of their alliances breaking down. And it’s happening, I got to see it all. I thank my tribe for giving me the opportunity to read the message in a bottle, and to let me witness the other tribe become a mess as I’d have expected, what with everyone being active and nice in Zama.

From there I was able to form potential allies for swap or merge scenarios, so hopefully I can continue paving my path to the end. I truly enjoyed talking with Benj as he’s closer to my time zone and I decided to give him an extra idol clue. I heard his name is getting votes this tribal so he has to live through this! Might possibly work with some people out of Jack O, Jason, Carson and Danielle later.