Day 4[edit | edit source]

can't believe they followed my idea of voting her out..

people got very hard on her on the parchemins unsure emoticon that's was uncessary i guess


I am trying to smooth things over with Alex...i think it's working...hopefully if we go again he will come to me about the vote instead of going to other people


Smokes, that was close.. I guess it proves no matter how safe you were, just like that you can be turned on and butt heads with an ally... Best of luck to the next game your in Constance


Alright so I figure it's time for a confessional. From the start a few people talked to me. Specifiacally Nathan, Marco, Kaffe, and Amber. Thus, I went ahead and said hey to Hannah and Julian. Essentially one of my biggest fears is the fact that everyone but me and Julian have played before, so it would seem easy for them to team up against us. I will not let that happen.

So me and Julian have a strong alliance now. He is working on bringing Charley with him and I seem to have a connection with Nathan. Regardless, once we have to vote someone out, I can assure you someone else's throat will be slit.


So I danced. To Lip Gloss. Yeah.

It was actually perfect for my game. It makes me favorable with my tribe yet because the other team was disqualified it doesn't make me look like a threat. As cool as it is to win... I'm really looking forward to getting blood on my hands


Jesus Christ this flash game is so so difficult. Also I need to talk to Nick and Jonas more to see if they're up for everyone's favorite forbidden A-word. But yeah back to the reward. Because of the more individual style of the reward, I think it would be smarter of me to just sandbag the reward challenges for now. In a part of the game where people are looking for any reason to get rid of someone, it's best to lay low and not do anything outstanding. If I happen to get the reward, well, a little idol clue never hurt nobody. P.S. Just a little soundtrack for the confessional:

Adele - Hello


So this ace-hole Dima comes up to me saying that he wants to work with Jake and I... interesting

Like I need to use him becasue I'm gonna need someone to keep Jake and I further in this game but I have zero loyalty to anyone but Jake I don't like the guy, but I need him to keep me around so if I gotta give BJs for Loubutons, I guess I'm Head over Heels


Constance was voted out! Over Christian who didn't help his tribe at all! I'm surprised, but I guess the fact that Christian has enough people behind him to make it through that tribal, makes him somewhat of a threat.

So my score for the reward challenge was fairly bad. I didn't have time to submit a better score, but it's alright, I'm not interested in a chance of getting some parts of an idol right now. I'm just hoping that the idol parts will end up being divided to the two tribes, so I don't have to worry about that.


We're fucked again


Day 5[edit | edit source]

Great these Birds are interesting because they in a way represent the different sides of the game. The shades represent Social, Physical and Strategic and the Purple one represents the Purple rock, never knew birds could have so much meaning


So yesterday me and Julian got to go on reward and won a piece of the idol. Honestly that could not have gone better than for me and my ally to get that. I want Amber out. I dont see her ever voting for my gameplay at Final Tribal.


So hopefully a little lie can go a long way... Glad I learned some basic HTML... hahahaha
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I didn’t win reward, which I’m fine with. I’m not that interested in an idol part right now, and just want it to be divided among the two tribes, so that it wont come into play anytime soon. It looked like nobody else was particularly interested in it either, as most of my tribemates got only decent scores. I don’t blame them, and I even talked to Nathan, who said he wasn’t that interested in the reward either.

Well, the immunity challenge is intense! The opposing tribe was ahead most of the day, as none of us on my tribe had the time to help out. We’re catching up though, and I’m confident that we’ll win this challenge! And I’m really hoping we do, because otherwise I’ll have to write down the name of one of my tribemates, and that would suck. They’re all so nice, and I would really hate to vote one of them out.


so to recap everything my tribe won the first challenge and sent Pailin to tribal where Constance was voted out 5-3. Honestly, I'm glad she was voted out. Even before the season started, she was swearing up and down that she was the best thing on Earth since sliced bread with those gross ass "body confidence videos" (which honestly looked like a desperate cry for attention to me) and she was gonna dominate and this season. And all that shit talking got her 16th place aka first boot. I'm glad her extra ass was never on my tribe tbh! But anyway, yesterday I won reward with Nick and the clues are Amazing Race style (which I think is cool) and we both got a piece of the idol. So naturally that's great for me because Nick is my alliance member! I also have been talking to everyone on my tribe and I made alliances with Nathan and Charley. So if we do go to tribal, it's at 4-4. I mean like everyone here but in order to win they have to go home right? As long as it's not me I don't give a shit honestly! Anyway the immunity challenge is today and we were behind by 6 and now we are ahead of Pailin by 3 I believe? Hopefully we can keep this streak up because I really don't want to go to tribal at all. But I feel like if we do lose, I'm in a solid spot to at least not go first but I rather not risk it.


This is going to go down to the wire, gl to Kandal, bring it.


So we're finally in the lead, who knows how that'll last since Christian sucks and never wants to do the challenge unless if benefits his sucky self and if you mention Stephenie's name he's gonna lose his shit for no reason and Dima is asleep I think so we have 3 weak tits in this challenge and Jake did as much as he could


Day 6[edit | edit source]

We're working so well with our tribe. It gives us the feeling we can beat anything. But I see a tribe swap coming soon. I'm not scared for it but it will change some things. I hope I'll be swapped with Jonas or Hannah since I feel pretty solid with them. But the thing that matters is that I'm safe tonight while one member of the other tribe will be voted off.


I hate this tribal, last time, I felt I had control of the game and now I feel like I lose all power unsure emoticon


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