Day 26Edit

So Evie left. I didn't want it to happen but once Richie posted his reply to Tribal, I had little hope Will would end up going so Evie is the next best thing. It sucks but now Joan, Richie and Martin are so blind by loyalty for Will saving Richie over Jack that they would rather have 7th, 6th, and 5th. I want to try and make a fucking move and go home for attempting to make a move against Will and Wes than just stay the course and end up getting 4th. Here goes nothing.

Will basically confirmed he tried to throw my vote. I had a strong feeling he tried and he told me 'I just told you Tyler because we thought you would tell him' now it's 'Throw your vote again'. Dude admitted to a lie and it just gives me more reason to boot him from the game

At the auction, Will won the chance to send someone away from the auction and he chose Austin. I do think Will is getting a little comfortable in this game and it showed at the auction. He needs to have a little taste of humble pie


I am ecstatic to still be here, I took out that pest and I got first place so I gave the clue to Austin I hope everything goes well with finding that idol. Anyway so now im here with Evie and she is worse at challenges than me so its pretty much a free pass through this next duel I hope. Evie is nice and all but its good to have her here so I can use her terrible challenge proformence to get myself further. Bless her heart.


Day 27Edit

Well that last tribal sure was doozy. I could have actually seen myself going home if Tyler played his idol on the right person. But I think it did mend things a little between Joe and I and also Joe and the rest of Shika. Right now though I would have to say Wes, Lucas, and I look like the biggest targets for everyone. Good news is though everyone else is preoccupied making different enemies. Richie has his beef with Austin and now it seems Joe and Joan are starting to butt heads. That’s great news for me because it distracts people from seeing me as “the ringleader” that needs to be taken care of. I’m feeling pretty confident though now and it’s all thanks to the oh so great survivor auction. I managed to buy three items that were all perfect. First I stopped Austin from even participating and he knows he deserves it for voting me. I also got a HII clue for the merged idol. Finally I found a legit immunity idol! Not only that but the other bus loners got great things as well. Wes got a double vote and Lucas got the ability to null two votes. Together we are putting together a nice bag of tricks. The best part of all this is watching Austin start to scramble. After the vote he apologized for everything he did. I said no need to apologize, he’s just playing the game. I just happen to be playing it better.


There has literally been no discussion on this vote. Will briefly mentioned splitting the vote - but if that were truly the plan then we would have had to be a lot more organised about that by now. Instead there has been nothing since an early discussion on splitting.

Time to get to the bottom of this so I can decide if it's time to release the idol ;-; it's just too soon

it's my only leverage in the game. and no one knows about it - altho maybe they speculate. But once it's gone I'm basically guaranteed the next boot. The longer I can stay off RI the higher my chances to return. I plan to be completely loyal to The Pizza Party alliance (who the fuck named that) so it would kinda hurt for them to turn on me in favour of Austin or Joan…


I had plans regarding voting out Will before the immunity challenge, I even talked about doing so with Austin and Joe. Although, right now (even though it's actually stupid) I won't do it. True, he's a threat, but he's loyal to the old bus loners alliances that I made - also he keeps the target off my back, for now - FOR NOW. Although, I'm pretty sure after talking with Joan - he will be voting Will - if he ends up getting voted out, it's k. The plan is to split the vote 3-4 (Tyler, Austin) I was ment to vote Ty, but I'll vote Austin - since I falsely hinted him and Joe about voting Tyler and idoling Will out.

Richie has to finally relax about the game - every vote he's always frustrated to the max, even now when it's pretty obvious that he's not the target. CHI11 and hopefully he gives me his hidden immunity idol clue after TC results.


Well Damn, I thought I really had this. Shit! Oh well at least I got my idol clue thanks to Jack. Hope he keeps it up if I ever survived the votes that is. Now for the votes. Joe show something to me that makes me interesting, in the auction Joe won to look at a survivor contestant voting history, he pick Tyler and what I saw SHOCKED ME. Tyler voted me last tribal, even then he voted Evie when it was supposed to be Max when he was out. Now I'm kind of considering taking him out next, but I'm not sure what he do with the idol, play on himself or play on one of Okami. It's always the quiet ones. Got my eye on you, u basterd


This tribe is just fail at getting it done in one vote.. I've been to 6 tribal and 3 of them have required revotes >_>'

My blowout with Joe today was really frustrating. He raised a number of things that I'm already kinda sensitive about in this game. The main one is that, this season, I'm not a leader. I'm not leading the charge. I can easily be perceived as a sheep by a large portion of this tribe. It's frustrating because I know how much effort I'm putting into the bonds that I'm literally forging since the merge and these bonds are literally the only reason I'm still here/haven't wasted an idol. I arrived in a merge tribe with basically just Martin and a bunch of unpredictable lying scum kids and then a few normals (wes and will, and sorta lucas...) I gravitate to people like that because I don't like surprises and I just know people like Austin and Joe are the kind of people with the mentality of "lets just vote off the strongest person" until eventually you have a final 4 of the biggest losers ever. Not this season! Not on my watch! However, Joe said if I don't make this big move now, for my game, then no jury would ever respect me. That's a scary thing to realise - if that's his perception it is bound to be other people's as well. But I don't see it that way - trouble is, a jury is unlikely to be convinced of that at FTC (if i make it there) so unless I can somehow show them I'm in control of things between here and the end then I'm going to be labelled a sheep. If I'm a sheep, then what the fuck is Martin? OMG he's my lamb Looking at the end game at this point in time (something i've yet to really do) I know I need to get there with martin and maybe Lucas. Joan plays under the radar/useless so well that he would actually slaughter me at FTC. Against his actual intentions his strategy actually makes me MORE scared of him XD Knowing that I have to vote out Will eventually is horrible because he's super awesome. Wes I don't mind because he never talks to me. I can tell he's a great guy and fun - but he's pretty reserved with me and I feel like in our Pizza alliance he is the least invested in it. I feel like he has something going on with Austin, and even Joan. It makes me nervous.... Had Will been immune this vote and it was Wes caught in the tie. I would be tempted to take him out. But not Will Not yet. We only just got talking since after max left. He's my merge friend


Day 28Edit

Now is finally the time to tackle the problem we’ve been dancing around. Tyler and his idol need to go and everyone just wants to sit around and wait for something to happen. I believe everyone is on board this time and I’m sure his idol will be flushed. Only issue is that I may have to as well. Joe and Joan have been shaky allies at best and I know Joan has thrown the idea around to get me out. With this being the time to make our move, it is the time they will most likely make theirs as well. Lucas has the double vote negator which would be perfect in a time like this, but he is hesitant to play it. He thinks if we play it right we can dodge Tyler’s idol but it is my neck on the line and I don’t want to leave anything to chance. If he doesn’t play his negator then I’m going to have to play my idol but either way another Zaru is going home.


It's like the clouds are parting and the sun is shining down upon me. Joan came to me and said 'I'm sick of being a vote for Shika, I want them gone.' Joan even said Martin and Richie are on board so (as long as they're telling the truth) we just need to keep Will blinded to the truth and have him believe it's Tyler or Austin going. If things go as planned, Tyler, me, Austin, Richie, Martin and Joan all vote Will while Will and Wes vote Tyler. I have no idea who Lucas will vote for but hopefully he votes with us. No matter what happens at Tribal, the results will be shocking for a few people


JOAN! SMH! JUST...SMH! Hopefully Will goes on the revote


The Joan thing is kinda funny. I know he believed 100% that Will was going home - regardless of his vote - so I'm guessing he is continuing to down play himself like he's been doing since the merge to try and crawl to the end. So it's funny that by purposefully self voting he actually saved Will


I'm going be so mad if I go home because of joan's self vote. He was supposed to vote for will


I legit spend hours planning Will's boot and forget to vote



Like i get that in Survivor big threats need to go. But right now my definition of 'threat' is clearly very different to Joes. People who want to vote me out, and will willingly do so are threats to me. Austin, Joe and Tyler. Will may plan to take me out at some point, sure. I get that. That's fine. This strategy I have to stick with him isn't going to win me the game but it will keep me around long enough to change up my strategy later when it's the right time for ME to make a move. That's how I feel. But I can't tell Joe that or he can just run and tell Will. It's just frustrating that he is unwilling to see past what makes sense to him.


Joe wants me to vote Will - I would of done some scrambling, cuz drawing rocks sucks, buuut noooo - obviously I had to get a fever in the last moment... This kind of shit happens too much to me in this org. Maybe I'll still do something - IF MY FUCKING PAINFULL EYES LET ME.


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