Day 28Edit

Haha! It worked! Those idiots would never vote out someone who asks for it, That was a piece of cake!


Now all i gotta do is win this immunity, and fly under the radar.


Day 29Edit

No Confessionals Were Made This Day

Day 30Edit

The first tribal council came and went just fine. My target went home and I was all ready to go back to camp when it was revealed that there would be another tribal council straight away. The second tribal council came as a shock, but I still have a plan for it. I want James' alliance gone sooner rather than later. At this point it is Boo, Pete, Natalie and myself against Alvin, Ometepe, Sean and James with Jo sitting in the middle. If we vote out Jo now then the next tribal council will end with a 4-4 deadlock and either Boo will flip or we will go to rocks. I want to avoid both outcomes, which means getting James out now. The only variable in this plan is Jo. I have no idea where her loyalties lie so convincing her to vote out James may be tough. I guess all I can do is talk to her and hope she flips.


Well, It's been a fun season, But these biscuitdicks dont want me. So fuck em, I is kind, I is smart, I is important.And i will return for another season. Because i is a boss ass bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch.




I feel uneasy about this vote tonight, if either James or I go home, I will feel like a moron.


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