the fantastic four became the fantastic three and now it's the fantastic two ugggh (we lost rhys which was our own fault and now we lost jared)


i'm dying


I cannot believe I survived another merge tribal, this game is crazy, but myself, Toby, Asa and Aro really came together... a very unlikely combination.

I need to focus more on Tate because he is my number one ally in this game. I'm also so happy that Jared went home, next on my list is definitely Ally.


So, last round I led a blindside that hugely benefitted me, so now is the time to lie back, focus on social, and make myself less threatening. Hopefully people remember that my social game has been totally artless and my strategic game has been akin to invading Russia in the winter or fighting a land war in Asia. One round of competence hopefully shouldn't hurt my odds of survival.


Day 26[edit | edit source]

I'm really trying to be on top of these confessionals, but I'm like the WORST with these. Though, I'd have to say that this is the most confessionals I've made in a season because I am trying really hard!!

I probably don't have to talk about last tribal all that much other than I got into an alliance chat B^O!

I did pretty bad in Mastermind but I think I'll be safe. Joey won Immunity, so that's cool!

I left this tab on for at least 5 hours and then more shit happens ----

I had hoped this vote would be straightforward, voting Ally out, and it kinda was so for the first like 12 hours-ish. Torsa and I talked and thought maybe it would be better if she stayed so that it would be 4 girls 4 guys left, and then mentioned other possible things and people to vote for. At first we talked about Tate, but then mentioned Toby being a prospect because he was doing a lot.

Ally basically found out what was happening and pinned the blame on Aromal, effectively throwing him under the bus. I'm guessing since she found out she was the target she was trying to get it off of her. Also, she mentioned that I was trying to target Toby, which is bonkers because while I did talk about targeting Toby with Torsa, SHE had brought it up and probably was the one passing it around. I told Toby that I was mentioned this by Torsa, but said she probably did not start it, because I do like Torsa a lot and I don't want her to get any heat from this. Then again, it's possible that she was the one who ended up exposing me, but I still love heR

I'm unsure who to vote for, but I think my best bet for now is voting Ally... Aaaa!!


This may very well be my last confessional I make on 703 Survivor, so hurrah for possible conclusions. So how did I get here?

Last round, I brought together feuding enemies to create a new alliance that succeeding in eliminating Jared, a significant threat. But that has apparently made me too much of a threat. Really? I do one goddamn thing right after spending a season being Charlie Brown trying to kick a damn football, and I'm immediately a threat that needs to be booted? Why? What juror would vote for someone with a three round streak of not voting? But I might actually end up getting booted because of last round, so that's a Pyrrhic victory for the ages if so.

But there's hope. And when there's hope, there's fire. Ally has stirred some shit, or maybe just tried to honestly tell me about a traitor in my alliance, I don't know which and I don't really care. I'm hoping I've exposed this enough, and the ensuing chaos did exactly what I hoped it would and convinced people that Ally is a threat. Tate says he has a plan, and given I stabbed him last round, I've no idea how this is going to work.

When there's hope, there's fire. When there's fire, there's belief. And when there's belief, there's a chance.


Once AGAIN I feel like I'm about to be voted off? Our alliance is voting Ally but the only game talk I've heard from the other side is that Ally threw me under the bus to Toby yet again. Even Torsa, who's usually pretty open with me is beating around the bush and never bringing up any names. I wouldn't exactly be disappointed with finishing 9th I just thought I'd be safe for a while after the last round :/ Hopefully they vote Toby and not me


I'm still wheezing at the tribal results, I can't believe Ally just did THAT. And I'm safe?? WHAT

Now the vote is between Jake and Toby, but I think the target was meant to be Toby and Aromal. I think I'm going to vote Jake. Toby is definitely a threat so I don't know if people will vote him off, but I like him and even if he does end up going, I don't wanna write his name down. BUT I DONT WANT TO VOTE JAKE EITHER BELJGHJE


Well this is quite a pickle isnt it. I wanna vote Jake but I'm pretty sure the majority of Ally's folks are going to vote Toby so if I ended up voting Jake would he flip on me the next round? On the other hand Toby's one of my closest friends here so if I vote him would our friendship be over?? idkkkk fuck u auctions


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