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Day 23[]

YAAASSS!! I DID IT!! ☺ Now I just gotta slay the merge. ;)


It might have taken me until day 23 to realize this but tbh Linus can get it... Like ANY DAY... ANY. DAMN.



So coming in to this merge I think I'm in a decent position. During the anarchy portion of the game my big

strategy was to not attach myself to the major alliances in the eyes of the tribe, however to attach myself to individuals within each major alliance so that when tribes and or merge came up I would be able to join with whoever had the numbers. How I did this was I made an attempt to avoid tribals when possible. For example, the advantage of not having to make a major decision that get me being labeled being with a certain alliance was worth not getting some dinky item at the auction, and when I wasn't at tribal I did my best to treat people as though I was behind them on the vote had I been there. When I did go to tribal I encouraged making the easy boot. For example, during the Patrick vote Dani was pushing very heavily to vote out CJ, but I knew that would split the tribe and make me enemies, where as voting out Patrick would allow me to continue on with everyone still as a potential ally. So, going into tribes I had become very close with Posie, Zak and to a lesser extent PJ, so I could get into that group if I needed (Although riskier because I knew Andy was running it and he made it very clear he was weary of me), and if I ended up on a tribe with a majority of people from the other side, I was actually directly in that alliance and would likely last until at least the merge. I knew at the merge I could act like I was still with anyone. I simply had to tell people that Josh said he was with Ty and Lexus so I had no choice but to vote out AJ and try to play ball and I could get back in with Posie and Zak should that side have ""won the tribal stage"" per se. Or, if not I can keep running with the alliance Im ""officially"" in and go for some time with them. Now. I think the next vote or two should be simple, I know Dani wants Josephine, which I'd rather not happen obviously since Posie is my best friend in the game, but has much as it sucks I gotta do what I gotta do, and quite frankly she is a good player who I know will cut me if it means saving her ass, and she has withheld info from me before, as well as I think she has more friends than I once thought which leaves her options if she sneaks by one or two rounds. Now the other option is looking like possibly PJ, which I also have mixed feelings about. I feel like PJ feels very cornered in the game and I could actually keep him loyal to me even after a boot out, possibly even loyal to the point where he would risk his own game since he just doesn't have the bonds with anyone else in the majority. Atm I feel like the people I'm most weary of are CJ who I think can go utr until our alliance starts to turn on itself, and is smart enough to keep going, and Jessica, simply because I feel like she will flip the table the second she gets the chance, and that's bad news bears for me, I prefer to be the one who flips things ""IF"" necessary. I'm also a bit scared of Tyler, because I know Brian is closer to him than he is to me as made apparent by the fact that he told Tyler he had the idol almost instantly, but only told me when he felt I guess maybe pressured into it or something since I shared my idol knowledge with him (That knowledge being, someone, not me, has the Alor one), and I think if he had to Ty would definitely turn the script against me if the numbers were there for him and he thought I was a threat, which he definitely could. My plan for now is to try and stick close to Dani because she has this stigma of ""Well if Dani gets to the end she obviously wins"", but I don't think if I asked anyone why they could give a good reason honestly. I figure people are going to perceive her as a much much larger threat than she actually is, so for that I can use her as a shield, and although I'd rather sit next to some other people at the end, I think I could argue my case honestly. Dani is so reactionary I can use that as an arguement against her. She will just hate people for almost no reason thus cutting any chance of her working with them, even if they want to work with her. I could make the arguement that coming into this merge I have set myself up in such a way that I feel I could work with literally anyone, but Dani has no chance with PJ, no chance with Posie (even though I don't think Josephine even dislikes her :/ ), and apparently shes been on/off feuding with Jess. Plus I think Dani is someone who would have moral qualms with blindsiding someone who has been loyal to her. My focus I think is try and get closer with Brian and Josh if possible, Brian has shown he will be honest with me if he feels like Im being with him, he really isn't a great liar, and Joshua, although on the outside of the alliance right now if the group starts to eat itself alive, than he will be a huge swing vote.


Day 24[]

I'm... ugh... I'm just so emotionally drained and some of these people seem so trustworthy. I don't wanna

feel threatened, but I'm scared. So, so scared. Linus, Ty, and Dani know I have an idol. That's supposed to be my final 4 deal... but... ughhh... who knows? Lex is #5, but I'd love to have her higher up. I just never know where her heads at. #6 and #7 are Jess and Josh. Trusted with some info, but not all of it. And then we have dumbass #1 PJ bc he's getting smarter, but he's still going to be an easy pick with me having the Savu idol and Ty having the anarchy one, meaning he doesn't have one. Josephine and CJ, crusty bitches #1 and #2... they are huge targets. Like B Y E. PJ will probably be first simply bc he's the easiest target, but... *shrugs* Who knows?


Okay, so Josephine dragging Jaylen right now is making me very pressed. Jaylen isn't a crusty bitch like

she is, so for her to think she has the right to do so... I'm sick. Josephine, your ass has a timer so sit the fuck down. I can't wait to vote you out.



SUMBAWA - Messy Confessionals 11a



I think it's very telling that all 5 returnee's are still in the game and have yet to be voted off. It shows we're

all strong competitors.


:) I hate this challenge with a burning passion.



She's gonna be cancelled soon. >:(


Day 25[]

Number 1 :S Shit I am so freaking sorry.. maybe its number 2.. I just come off as such a cunt in my

confessionals and its bad enough I have lost friends over games and still no win to show for it.. cough BANG growls!! Cough BB5 GROWLS!!! LOL... So I am sweetly in the middle of things. I do not again feel if others are feuding that I should be forced to pick sides.I adore Brian and Dani though they did do me wrong at a tribal council before but with Andy and Aromal gone.. RIP who I had wanted to work with as well I think they have my true loyalty. That does not do so well for CJ and Josephine side of things who think I am with them. This vote will likely show my true side and could dick me once again. I have an idol and a vote void which doesn't hurt lol... so lets see we will just go through everyone ... let the cuntyness begin Brian - I think Brian is a total sweetheart. We have had yet a chance to work in ORGS together, and though I get why he did what he did at the previous Tribal it is forgiven and people need to let it go.. I have. I would love to see Him I and Dani (Sorry shitty Grammer today) sitting in the finals if possible it would be lit, and none of us have slacked off one bit. CJ and I beacame friends because of Patrick .. I think that was his name EEEP basically pinning us against each other. I am glad we have and I do not want to directly cause him harm whatsoever. He sits with a double vote and there is potential there if he could chill. I am not cool with all the fucktardery in the tribe chat and I do not believe insulting hosts should ever be tollerated. He is apart of the ANTI TYLER ALLIANCE Dani Girl and I have a sorted past but I do not want that to be in effect here.. I hope she has gotten over it... we are both very emotional and stubborn as fuck. I did save her at tribal council and have been ultimately loyal and not have gone against her. Josephine .. Way to make me feel like an asshole cause I thought you were a dude... no harm I really don't care who has a penis and who doesn't cause Im happily engaged... HI DAN PLUG IN HERE... WOOT WOOT. The fight between HER and Lex was gross. I do not think I can respect her in the game but definitely always as a person. For now if she keeps making idol guesses she is useful to me. Josh - Survivor Fucking FLOP Lex - GO to FUCKING ANGER MANAGEMENT. She is technically an ally of Tyler and by proxy Brian and Dani and myself but I have no use for her mouth or her attitude. Take the time and have a fucking conversation why don't you. Only benefit is that erm you talk more then Josh.

Linus - What a sweetheart but game wise I have no idea what is going on in your head or where you stand.

That is dangerous. Notes that I need to talk to you today... PJ - Not Josh but Not Lex so somewhere just above I guess. I voted for the guy and he still wanted to work together so who am I to piss all over that tree lol. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, but at least I feel like he wouldn't be the first to come after me. Tyler - Bae you are a sneaky bag of trouble. I would love to work with you but not as closely as Brian and Dani. You started this drama fest and put me in this position. I still adore you.



SUMBAWA - Messy Confessionals 11b



Okay, so this vote is super messy. First, there's a split vote between Josephine (who would get 4 votes)

and PJ (who would get 3), but then Jess decides to let Ty know that she doesn't feel the need to go for Josephine and that we should throw all of our votes on PJ with her. At this point, I'm confused as fuck, so I go to her and Ty (the 2 people that seem to be very in charge of this vote) and I suggest that we don't split the vote, but that we all go for Josephine. Then, Ty says maybe we vote for CJ who is laying low as fuck. I'm soooo done with this whole vote, and I really think I'm about kill myself over this vote. I'm SOOOO glad I have immunity tonight, because I would be worried so much.


I literally cannot even talk in tribe chats before tribal. It's too awkward for me.

Lowkey this is also really nerve wrecking that this is only the second TC I've been vulnerable for. Let's not fuck it up.