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Day 1[]

First of all, I realized that I have never played with anybody from my tribe before, so that's a good thing. Secondly, looking at the entire cast, I found out that I have never played with anybody in the season at all, a little worried, but you know, if they don't know your style of game play, they won't be targeting you.

I really like Shea, not just because he's gay, but because he's just pleasant to talk to. I hope this is not just the honeymoon phase of an alliance because I think if we work together, and not self-destruct, we will be a formidable duo.

Btw, when I saw the cast and I saw Jalen, I was like, crap, I'm doomed. But then, I realized that Jalen isn't the Jaylen whom I feel hates me for no reason. (I was going to apply for Kerala, but when i saw him, I thought maybe my 703 debut could wait a little longer). 😉


So I'm back!!!! It's been over a year since I first played on 703 and I'm so happy I got this opportunity to return and prove myself, I fucked up and could've easily avoided it in Tokelau and could've gone a lot further, so I'm hoping to redeem myself completely this game, ultimately, I'm here to win. First thing's first, I see a LOT of familiar faces on this tribe of mine, Nick, my former "rival" if you will, whom I have played about 5 games with, luckily we are on good terms now so I could definitely see working with him. Then we have Hannah, and it's obvious to I'm pretty sure anyone who was in the community at least 6 months ago Hannah and I used to be very very close, then I quit the org for a while and when I came back our group that always talked kinda split up but recently we have been talking a lot, so I do want to work with Hannah, but that has gotten me in trouble before so I am being COMPLETELY open minded to anything right now, as much as I love Hannah, I don't want to fuck my second chance up. Then there's Brian, Brian and I used to be fairly close then I left the community and we kinda stopped talking, I think he's a good guy at heart and I'd definitely consider working with him. Another person I think I do want to work with is Sim, Sim has played a total of 2 orgs And he was #ROBBED in both, so he told me earlier he wants to work with me so I let him know I'm interested in working with him as well, so I'm very happy with that and hopefully we can be close this season! Then there's Rhi & Nathaniel, I've not really talked to either of them much but I remember Rhi removing me for posting harambe memes when they were popular so hopefully she doesn't still hate me for that lol, but Hannah is trying to make an alliance with Nathaniel and myself saying that Nathaniel is nice and stuff and I'm sure Nathaniel is nice but I don't wanna jump straight into alliances, I know this is a hella long confessional but I'm kinda just spilling ALL my thoughts here, but that's it for now!


ME WHEN 4 people from 703 BB2 are here ....


Forming an alliance early in the game is a double-edged sword. If you don’t ask people to work with you, they would think it’s suspicious and vote you out. If you ask people to work with you, they would think that you’re being too pushy and too strategic early on and vote you out. I’m not going to wait around too because usually, when you just sit there and wait around, you become a target. The biggest question I should answer now is: What style of gameplay should I use in order to make it to the merge? I don’t even know.


Although it hasn't even been 24 hours, I can say I have a good feeling about these returnees. I still have to touch base with Sim and Rhi, but I've talked to Hannah, Austin, Nick, and Nathaniel, and they all are pretty cool people. I researched into each of them, and I think all will be good and fine for a bit. I hope we win early on because us sticking together would be hella cool.

Oh, but I'm pretty sure my bond with Hannah is going to be used against me at some point and that sucks. And then I'm gonna try and use those Viti roots with Austin bc I loved playing with him that first time...



San Marcos Confessional Day 1


The Warrior rose up. Flashes of past memories and missed opportunities flew before his eyes. A bell, no, a Belle, a mysterious location he’d never gotten to visit… A trail, one he’d never reached… People he’d never gotten to meet, all because he was stabbed in the back. A gemstone, one that was alive, someone that would forever be, and the last one, someone that left before they truly came. The Warrior had been asleep for a very long time now. Frozen through the ages, dreaming about things in a neverending stream of thoughts. He had lost the battle of the north. He knew that much. However, he was back now, and he would not waste his second chance. As he began walking through the wastelands, he noticed people everywhere. Other fighters, doomed to an eternal rest after their losses. Only a few could walk out alive, as the sole survivors, and now the Warrior was on a quest to become one of them, to be able to leave, to not end up as a moveless body, unable to move, forever living in dreams of sorrow and pain. The Warrior continued his path towards the battlefield, the location he were to spend 39 days in - or so he hoped. On his way, he noticed other fallen fighters, others just like him, people that had awoken from their sleep and wanted to have their second chances. The Warrior recognised all of them, had seen them in his dreams. He had even interacted with a few of them before. Blonde hair flowing in the wind; one he knew well. A dark hand moving from a frozen block of ice; one whose journey he had once followed in his dreams, walking through a cold maze. A cap, picked up by a man he’d heard legends of, and was eager to fight against. A faint smell of cake, coming from one he had seen, but did not know much about. A hooded figure; the bro he’d heard about, one he had high expectations on. And finally, the last one; a man, infamous yet famous, divided into his core by juxtaposed opposites. They all travelled to the battlefield, to fight against fourteen new adventurers, all excited to battle, and gain the eternal glory that came with winning. If only they knew how tough it would be, they never would’ve come here. The Warrior knew that, yet he had returned. He was awake, and ready to fight for his freedom, ready to do whatever it took to walk out alive from the doomed wastelands. It was time. He was ready. The battle begun.


Day 2[]

And so it begins... We've all kind of did our little introductions and stuff and right away I'm already paranoid. I don't know if it was because it's late, but I noticed people stopped talking to me last night. I immediately assumed that an alliance was forming but I'm probably jumping to conclusions. Elmo is pretty cool, he's from Finland! I think we have a challenge today and nobody has approached me about numbers or alliances or anything so that's a little sketchy. I don't know, I think I just have a bad case of paranoia.


It's Day 2 and I'm really enjoying my tribe. Everyone has talked to me and they all seem really nice, I know Jenna from TS and we're pretty close. Renz has been wanting to create a ""Rainbow Alliance"" of Me, Cameron, Jenna and himself since we're all homosexual. It's a little early, but having a solid 4 doesn't hurt.

Idk how my tribe sees me after my little comment on the challenge. I have done choir for 6 years of my life and would have done the singing, but it's just kind of against me to sing a song that promotes abuse against women. I'm just not that way. They changed the song to probably my favorite song since my 2nd year of middle school and i jumped for it. TLC has been a huge inspiration for me and I am so excited to sing Creep.

I hope I do well, because if I lose to someone on the other tribe singing I'll have a total Adore Delano meltdown.


I didn't know what I expected a returnee tribe to be like...but I definitely feel like this one's just like a newbies tribe. Perhaps it's because I don't really know anyone besides Austin but I'm going through that getting to know people phase.

me and Austin hit it off instantly, which was to be expected. He's very social, and I'm kinda getting tired talking to him but he's really sweet haha.

I love Rhi. We've literally exchanged what 2 words? but she's definitely someone I wanna work with. Same goes for Nick.

I've also talked to Nathan and besides Austin he's the only one I've really talked game to. And he plays the French horn!! I shall only align with the most sophisticated aristocrats.

As for Hannah and Brian, I have not made any attempt to talk to them because I'm already juggling a bunch of people, but I'll definitely try to reach out to them before the challenge ends. I was waiting for them to approach me, but I'm also worried that some of these people might know each other and feel secure enough in that.

So yeah. It's been casual. Business casual.


The communication we have in the tribe is great, I just hope we can pull this challenge off and take the first spot because I really want to get a hold of that Hidden Immunity Idol.

I’m starting to feel more comfortable with everyone in my tribe. I think I can definitely make something work with Cameron, and Shea. We’re planning to create a 4-5 people alliance, but as much as possible, we don’t want to alienate anyone.

As of now, the people that I am most comfortable working with are Cameron and Shea. I want to work with Elmo because I have been talking to him a lot, and based on that, I feel like we have established some form of trust. Shea wants to work with Jenna, I think, because when I suggested that FOUR is the magic number, he said Cameron and Jenna are gay too, and that’s when I came up with the idea of a rainbow alliance. It’s not currently happening yet, because I don’t know how the others feel about each other. Cameron, on the other hand, wants to work with Brandon and Shea, but he said he’s not sure if the latter will be down for an alliance. We just have to many options right now, and I think it’s a good idea to keep it under wraps in the meantime so as to not make anyone feel alienated.


So it's day 2 and I'm already starting to make some bonds that I feel pretty good with, last night I came up to nick and I was like listen I know people are probably gonna assume Hannah and I are just really close and aren't gonna be broken up but I want you to know I'm up for anything, so then Nick told me he was wanting to talk to me too and said he wanted to work together so I'm honestly feeling really great about that, also I've been talking to Sim a lot and I really like him! Ideally I would like to get something going between me nick and sim pretty soon, and Hannah and Brian have also been like "I have your back" so that makes me feel alright but those are just words, actions prove loyalty, not words. Nathaniel and Rhi I haven't gotten much chance to talk to unfortunately bc Rhi hasn't been on much and I'm pretty sure it's because work, and Nathaniel is in a different time zone so our times don't exactly match up much, I'm really excited to see who wins this immunity though and I honestly won't care if we get second as long as we don't lose because I'm not looking to be first boot!!



Jenna and I are competing in the endurance part of the immunity challenge today. And let me tell you, this is a lot more complicated than I thought. If we went for 12 hours I'd be fine but the whole 24 hour thing is just now setting in. We're in first place right now, but it's not like we can sleep because the other team will catch up to us. UGH! Maybe I should've just sang about twenty seconds of loneliness :D


This endurance challenge is actual hell...I don't understand why I would volunteer myself to do this? It's simple, but I have a final due tomorrow that I'm just starting now because of this mess. I'm a little nervous we might lose this challenge but I'm feeling pretty secure in my tribe. So far I've had Brian, Austin, Hannah, Rhi and Sim all tell me they want to work with me. So honestly even if we do go to tribal, I'm sure I'll be able to survive.


Yes! I believe that Jenna and I have won the endurance part of the challenge. We definitely endured the most I think. Catarina seems to have given up and Tacana is way too damn far behind. Haha! The lack of sleep paid off! I just hope Quetzal was able to win the other parts of the challenge. Do you know how pissed I'd be if we lost the whole thing?


So i figure I should give a confessional or something or whatever. After not being added to te chat on the first night I've been running my ass ragged to not be the person who becomes expendable. I think I did great at my part of the challenge and I think I've made enough connections to at least see me through the next few days.

Chris is from my hometown, an extremely small extremely close hometown. I don't think alot of people will recognize that us both being from the same place is a as huge a connection as it is. He's told me he won't write my name and I've told him the same. We actually used to live accross the street from each other so it's super wierd. But he's like 10 years younger than me so I've never talked to him or anything but still. So keeping that in mind I've attempted to keep him out of the rest of my strategy talk. If I attempt to go to the end with him I don't want it to be obvious, so I haven't mentioned to anyone else that I want to be associated with him. Chris also chose who is doing what for the challenge and specifically chose Grant to do the dancing thing even though he said he didn't want to. Grant ""couldn't find"" a webcam to finish it so if we lost it's basically on Chris that we lost. Matt told me how unfair it was that Grant had to do that even though he didn't want to... so I jumped on the bandwagon and said that Grant/Matt/Me should stick together and pull in Malik who is obviously the most active. If things go the way I want we will vote out Claudia who isn't in the same time zone as anyone and I'm hoping won't be able to defend herself if things start falling on her. If I can work this out correctly I want to vote out Claudia for fucking up endurance and we don't have to vote anyone else out until we swap in what I'm assuming will be three TCs from now. Sorry for the super long confessional I'm tired now and I'm going to take a nap bye.


YESS! I like my tribe tbh. I hadn't heard much from Ryan or Claudia at all. Grant I still don't really trust after what happened in TBORG BB3, but it is what it is. Andrew, I think he's really cool, he's so interesting to hear. Chris is actually very nice, and I like him. And Matt OMFG him and Chris are my faves, but Matt is my all time gave <3<3 I love him, he's a mess like me and he has my back like I have his <3<3 good luck hoes ;*


Day 3[]

We won reward and immunity! I’m really proud that most people did their part in the challenge, and hopefully we can keep it up because I really want that hidden immunity idol!

The clue to the hidden immunity idol is very vague at the moment so getting another one would be great.

Things quickly change in this game. With the immunity on our tribe, there is no reason to actually finalize an alliance, yet. There’s plenty of time to analyze everyone on my tribe, and I want to be able to work with the people who actually do WORK. I like people who give it their all, in fact, I hate lazy people so much that sometimes, it would be better to lose to get rid of them than give them a free ride.

That’s it for now. We got our day off, except, ya know, we’ll probably be on the hunt for the hidden immunity idol.


We won immunity!!! I don't give a fuck if it's second place at least we don't have to go to tribal lmao. But besides that a lot of other stuff has gone on today, I told myself going into this game that I can't play like I usually do because it usually makes me end up losing, I try too hard to make alliances and try to make them work, so I decided I would just be social, be friendly, slightly hint at possibly aligning and then let people come to me with ideas, and today that worked! Rhiannon came to me earlier saying that she would want Me/Nick/Her/Hannah to be an alliance so I said I thought that was a good idea so I talked to Hannah and she talked to nick and I guess all of us are on board now, I do think one reason Rhiannon was so fast to making an alliance is because she's very busy right now and if she couldn't find a place in the game she would probably end up getting booted for being seen as inactive, but with an alliance, there's a sort of obligation to keep her here, if that makes sense. I can only hope if this does become a thing that Hannah is loyal, because I know her and Brian are close, and she told me she always works with Nathaniel, so I'll be keeping watch over Hannah these next few days. Not to mention my new strategy worked out just a few hours ago too when I had Sim approach me asking for a Me/Nick/Him alliance plus one more if we can find one, this is also amazing for me as it gives me wiggle room if Hannah tries anything, and it gives me a chance to make a tighter bond with Nick running the tribe with him, overall I'm really pumped for these next few days.


Whew, I'm back. To be real, I'm feeling pretty unchallenged right now by these players. Ryan's not serious and he called my manga hot. Andrew's too nice, and I think he trusts me which is pretty boring. Grant's a cool guy and not as dumb as most of the others, but no social game. Malik is obviously trying to hide behind more outspoken players, but he's not even taking the initiative to speak with everyone. Claudia's probably going to do well but she's pretty much a blank slate. Maybe she's playing it safe maybe she was born without a personality, who knows! Aerials the only other person on the tribe that cares enough to talk to everyone, smart kid.

Ep. 1 Summary: Aerial has been pushing to make an alliance between Malik, Claudia and I, presumably because he has his claws into Claudia and Malik, who are both acting a little bit goaty so far. Aerial's doing that shitty thing where he doesn't want to be the one to actually make the alliance chat so fuck it, I just made that shit. Andrew's a little late to the party but it looks like he's pushing for an alliance between Malik, Grant, him, and myself. Which makes me think, wtf is Ryan doing that nobody's trying to work with him?

Anyways, Malik is probably who I'm closest too at the moment because we're inbetween two alliances (Andrews doesn't really exist at this point though), but I'm feeling real tight with just about everybody but Ryan. He's just not around. So I'm dropping hints on both sides that people are wanting Ryan to go. That should do the trick. Malik and I are going to stay true to the Aerial and Claudia alliance, but Ryan's the vote out that would keep Andrew and Grant happy and hopefully ignorant so I'm making it happen.


so hmph we lost; i'm disappointed but not all that surprised. it seemed like nobody on the tribe wanted to do the Dance part of the immunity which... like i understand lol we all shy n nerdy n shit no biggie. We were v disorganized though when deciding who did what smh. I did feel like I should've stepped up and lead the decision but I didnt want to put myself at the center of attention.

I was kind of annoyed at Malik because he was really insistent on doing the word search, and that was the part I felt most confident in doing. But I didnt want to make waves so I didnt really fight him on it too much bc i'm passive af smh. I was perfectly okay doing the endurance, but i'm mad that Malik flopped because I know I could have done a lot better.

But I can't put all the blame on him, because the only person who got us any points was Andrew lol. BUT LIKE at least Claudia & I put in a strong effort. I don't think it's right for us 3 to get votes this tribal. Chris & Matt lowkey flopped too but idk what their individual scores were so

bleh I'm unprepared for this tribal lol. I was trying to lay low i guess, and so I didn't have many individual conversations with my tribemates and i'm kind of regretting it now. I just hope everyone else is in the same boat as me and that there's not some 4person alliance i'm sitting outside of :x

I'm glad I did the endurance with Claudia bc we def bonded and it put us on good terms. I think we will be good allies moving forward. I talked to Chris some too... but then again I know for a fact he's talked to everyone else lol. Shady idk

Andrew is an icon, he really pulled thru with that singing video. Grant seems cool too. Matt has been talking to me a bit as well. Malik and I haven't spoken

Soooo I'm not quite sure what to do tonight. I'm gonna see where people are leaning and like........... make sure i'm not the vote lmao. Dunno what else to do; feeling mad complacent rn smh.

Ultimately I don't really care who goes as long as I'm safe... and as long as Claudia is safe too, tbh



his tribe is so blasé and quiet and it's making me paranoid lmao i need to chill. I'm being messy and opening my mouth to Matt and Andrew when i prob should just be quiet lmao. I learned from Matt that he doesnt talk to Andrew and that he is (most likely) allied with Malik..... I really just don't wanna put myself in the position of the tribe being 3 vs 3 if we vote out Grant. I planted a seed to Andrew not even intentionally about Matt/Malik/Chris being a possible trio ljahsfdklj like what am i doing i can't be so looselipped @jesus take the wheel