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Day 22[]

Should've done this conf earlier, but whatever.

So, the last tribal gave me some thoughts about Tucker and everyone else. So, basically Tucker and I conversed, I successfully flipped on Thekkady 5 and awaited results. I was really shocked to find out that EVERYONE ELSE did this as well, so did Periyar. Unanimous blindside! 10-1! And now I'm really starting to question - is it because Tucker is a great manipulator or because everyone else are damn pieces of sheep? I believe it's the latter. Several people messaged me with simple "Who's the vote?", no further questions asked, and the last blindside of Vik was also unanimous. Maybe I should consider this for advancing my own game. I'm not saying I'll go Cuba from main ORG on this, but there's definitely some people who are too smart to be categorised as "sheep", and I'll have to question if I need them or not. But hey, maybe I'm underestimating those people. So far I'm led to believe I'm right on this one tho.


Ok so i told kon that tucker told me that violet woukdve and probbaly vite him out soon and kon told tucker. Mate. Dont leak my leaks dude lmfao.

Me mssging to kon biyt the vites:

" what about jacob?" Idk man weve been close since day 1

Jake told me he said the same thing abiut asa lmfao.

Hinestky this voting wikm be a mess. And this time round i did t directly influence who was vote dout.

With vik i pushed ob him to save nic and for doultan i spread the vote after he pushed on nic so hard. This time i decided to go with the flow. Next tribal i hooe violet wins.

Kon is getting cocky though . Like he is like "ok im fine with this vote but kets get anna next tribal!!" As if that him vitibg with him here is a must for me to vite w.e he wants. This voting wilm be a mess is a i can say lmfao. Jacob/assa man idk who will leave anymore.

Kon also told jacob that i mentioned his name (while he was in exile bsvdhdsh) and thats pretty annyoying. Man cant trust him with any info lmfao.

Cat is a great ally but a strrong player same with jake. Cat wants nic iut at some point but i feel im like closer to him thw. Anyone is to him so i can use that. Jake cat and i woukd be a very strong duo. We coukd eaisly make it into f3 together but id definatley loose to the bith of them. That is nit how i roll lmfao.

Tucker is fine but he has way too much oresence and keasership. Voting him out before f6 will be impossible!! But at least im goid with him so its ok.

That girk's alliance wont last. Especially if asa goes home today.

Violet hasnt said much and doesnttalk lost cause bye bye jks i bet she has heard by now i want her out. W.e

Jacib man hr is a sweet dude but has no oresence and ni game and isnt loyal to me exclusivley so has no benefit.

Asa/anna are probably s yhing and bith woukd be close with tucker idk lfmao

Althiugh everyine talks about merge and shit its still very much tribal lines.

Ok im tired zzzzz


So I jake told me that all the people I were talking to also said they might get my out. I hope not.


Day 23[]

THE CRACK has been found.

Getting Vikram out was kinda easy because the Thekkady's didn't trust him to be around to help them as a number. But freaking Daulton tried to get Nicolai out (because to be fair, Nicolai is an annoying 14 year old), and all hell broke loose. And the Periyars were on point sticking together and blending in, and the Meme alliance with Julia and Tucker and Jake targetted Daulton quickly even though Jake was close with him. And we had another unanimous. The relationships however are getting tangled and I think that old tribal lines are not going to be important for a long time.


So I have been having a veeeery close ally since day 1. Tucker has been my boy. We have a nice flirting which is kinda one sided on his side. But that boy is my go to the end. However, I keep getting this feeling that he is playing me. I know he knows Anna from another game and Anna and Asa kinda seem like a very close couple which is weird. And I am getting closer to Catherine and Jake. Julia is great but she is also a very manipulative player. Violet and I I think we have patched some things up so I think we will be good for now. Nicolai on the other hand, he is kinda weird to communicate. But, we seem to be in good terms. In general, I have positioned myself in a position where the Thekkady's see me as the person who was on the bottom at Periyar and would be willing to flip, while the over-communicative Tucker is the obvious threat. I was going for that initially so I am feeling confident about my survival for 2-3more tribals.