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Days 7-8[]

Yayyyyyy, Switch, *throws confetti in the air* Sucks tyhat the numbers are not equal *sniffle* Darn you [insertothertribenamehere] Anyhoo, we'll see what we can doo.


Oh my god holy shitwhat whattheshit nigga holy fuckballs hoist me up a fucking tree because i cant believe my eyeballz. I WAS GOING HOME, I EVEN SELFVOTED BECAUSE FUCK ME SIDEWAYS. AND JUST. JESSIE. JUST JESSIE. SAVED ME, THANKYOU JESSIE, YOU ARE THE BEST, PRAISE THE LIGHT YOUNG WIZARD -Big Seraph Bitch


Can Atsimo like leave already -.-



Day 9[]

Perry wants to vote Kevin out which is ridiculous, and then me so I need to get Perry out. I voted for Ted at tribal, but luckily there are things called revotes and I can change my vote then. James will follow me without a doubt, and hopefully our plan is set in stone and he (Perry) gets burned in the lava below.


Ted's trying to bullshit me, but i wasn't born yesterday.