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Day 19[]

Well, just when you thought you had a boring ass season...

We threw some votes in a blender mixed the mup and got a fabulous Blindside Cocktail

  1. highfive


Some shit is about to go down tonight at tribal. That's all I've got to say on that.


Day 20[]

Day 21[]

I didn't actually expect her to give it to me when I don't see myself going but I guess to keep them happy I will play that on myself


So.. considering that nobody knows I have that second idol from the labyrinth, I might as well try out if that one is decoy too, because there are 5 votes on Aaron and I doubt he has anything

If he does, oh well, it's obvious that I'm a "I dont even care" player LMFAO no risk no fun


I like that Jay calls people stupid for wanting to work with him when it's probably the stupidest thing to believe that I am actually genuinely working with him with the intention of going to the end with the no sausage alliance

I'll just sip the tea and wait until he gets knocked out at final 5 when I whip sarah's idol out to get her out with it Sorry bout it unsure emoticon But yeah I'm still taking him to the final 3 if it is one because no one seems to like him at all lol