Day 37Edit

We are getting near the end of the game and so far I don't think I have done enough to prove myself as the sole survivor. That is about to change. I don't think I can beat Natalie at the end, so I will have to get her out soon, but for now I'm not going to do that. Right now the vote is split between Sean and Pete. Now I don't really want to vote for any of them. I trust Sean a lot, but Pete gave me his idol at the last tribal council. This tribal I am just going to vote for who I want out and see what happens.


Day 38Edit

Not being able to vote at the last tribal council actually turned out to help me. I was planning on getting rid of Pete and Natalie next and now that is half done and I didn't have to get my hands dirty. The Final Immunity Challenge will be a huge turning point in the game though. If Natalie wins she will walk out of this game with the title of Sole Survivor, however if she loses then she will be going home and my chances of winning will increase tenfold. I recently started an alliance with Alvin, and although it may be late in the game, this new alliance can still get the job done, which is to get rid of Natalie. This whole game really comes down to the final immunity challenge. Whoever wins will have the best chances of winning the game regardless of who they go up against in the end.


My decision to send the vote to a tiebreaker was for two reasons. One: Jordan promised me his vote if he lost the challenge, and two if Jordan does win I think he will be easier to beat in the final tribal council. Although I voted for him I actually want Alvin to win the challenge. If Jordan wins then I won't get his vote and Alvin has told me he will try to convince the jury to not vote for me. It is a big risk but if it works it will brnefit me greatly.


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