Day 7[edit | edit source]

LIKE OMFFFFFFFFG ERICA NO U'is A QWEEN ;_; Anyways.... Blah blah blah..... Challenge.... Blah blah blah .... We have to win or I go home .... Blah blah blah ..... This artifact is a pain in the ass >_>


Day 8[edit | edit source]

Today I really brought it to the challenge, I did the best out of everyone in the challenge, hopefully that shows I'm deducted to my tribe and they take it in a good way and want to keep me around. I just keep waiting for merge and jury to inch closer an closer, i seriously wanna avoid tribals at all cost bc these artifact clues are bogus and give me a headache but everyone else seems to be doing somewhat well with them. I could really careless who gets the artifact as long as I don't go to tribal until merge, if we do go to tribal prepare for war....


Oh my goodness, we are so f*cking awesome! Third Immunity win in a row! And the girls are dropping down lower... and lower... and lower... til there ain't anymore. Also, apparently someone found the first artifact without telling me. So they're gonna pay.


Day 9[edit | edit source]

Well, Luke tells me that he believes we're gonna lose tonight. Definitely something I don't wanna hear heading into something like this. Now, I'll admit, I did get a rather crummy score compared to everyone else. I mean, it was only a score of twelve! But when you compare it to Luke's fifteen, it's not that bad. And what we've seen with Red and Miguel? Yeah, I have a pretty good score! But with people like Tommy and Cody, I believe, they've racked up scores up in the upper twenties and thirties! My goodness, dude! That's insane! And exactly what I want. Remember my strategy of me wanting to lay low? You know, fly a bit under-the-radar without going completely under? I still want to be apart of this game without making myself invisible, nor a liability, and I must say, I think I'm doing a great job so far! Just need to keep it up. It looks like Eddie may be getting some heat for this for being rather inactive--he totally rushed a challenge submission not too long ago. Maybe, in the event that we could go to Tribal, I could try to exploit this and get him out, rather someone like me. Hell, anyone but me!


I'm so happy we won the challenge, it honestly is so great avoiding tribal like phew! This group chat on the other hand, STFU THERE IS PM FOR A REASON


Wow, a revote already, shocking! Let's hope for rocks XD


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