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Medallion Of Truth.jpgMedallion of Truth
Survivor Gameplay
Description A series of items with their own individual powers
Appearance(s) Australia


Artifacts are a collection of twists, making their debut in Survivor: Australia.

Social Necklace[]

The person that wins this bracelet will have the chance to control somebody else's vote in Tribal Council. When played before Tribal Results, the person who played will choose someone in Tribal Council area, and will negate their vote, AND, in the process, will get to vote in replacement of that negated vote, essentially controlling somebody else's vote.

Sword Of Death[]

Disqualifies someone of your choosing from the immunity challenge.

Shield Of Deception[]

This item gives you the power to switch your challenge score with someone else's. It must be used BEFORE challenge results come out.

Double Vote Idol[]

you have two votes to cast, can be for two different people or 2 for one person.

Dark Pearl[]

The Dark Pearl is an Artifact that penalizes the holder 1 vote the next time he/she is not immune from the vote. This artifact is activated at the first tribal counil that the holder isn't immune, but can also be cancelled by the use of a Hidden Immunity Idol. Also, it is not passable, and is carried through a revote.

Light Pearl[]

The Light Pearl is an Artifact that negates 1 vote from the user, if the user is to recieve at least one vote at Tribal Council. It is activated the first time the user receives a vote at Tribal Council, and is not passable. If the idol is used while holding the Light Pearl and the castaway received vote(s), the Light Pearl's effect would be wasted as the idol is used, negating all votes.

List of People who have owned an Artifact[]

Survivor: Australia[]

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