Auxiliary Tribe
Survivor Gameplay
Description A new tribe being introduced to the game in the premerge phase
Appearance(s) Resurrection
An Auxiliary Tribe is an additional tribe introduced to the game, often during a Tribe Swap, in the premerge portion of a season.


Survivor: ResurrectionEdit

On Day 10, Bizet was introduced to the game during the first tribe swap, spreading the remaining twenty castaways over four tribes. Bizet lasted until the merge.

Survivor: HallasanEdit

On Day 4, Donnaeko was introduced to the game at the first tribe swap, splitting the fifteen castaways into three tribes of five each. Donnaeko lasted until the merge.

Survivor: TibetEdit

On Day 11, Lhotse was introduced to the game as a third tribe at the swap, spreading the fifteen remaining players across three tribes of five. Lhotse lasted until the merge.

Survivor: EgyptEdit

On Day 10, Horus was revealed as a third tribe at the swap, splitting the fifteen remaining castaways into three tribes of five each. Horus was dissolved on Day 17 prior to the mutiny.


  • Two of the four auxiliary tribes so far have been purple.
  • Three of the four swaps involving auxiliary tribes have split fifteen castaways across three tribes of five each.
    • Bizet is the only auxiliary tribe revealed during a swap to be the fourth premerge tribe of the season, instead of the third.

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