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Day 37[]

It seems like just any regular day in Siem Reap for me to fail a challenge. It's utterly frustrating to constantly fail in these things. I hate coming off as weak and I'm so used to succeeding at things that I just can't help but be like, "Damn dude, you suck at this." So it's certainly an ego crusher.

Anyways, obviously, Charley and Hannah want to finish off Pailin and vote out Jake and make it to the final 3. Seems like a great deal to take right? Well here's why it's not. First of all, it's a final 2. If you're not in a tight final 2, you better hope you win immunity, which, as you've seen, I'm not very good at. Secondly, everyone wants to sit next to Hannah at the end. Hannah's not exactly a threat to win this game so people want to take her to the end for an easy win. So put the fact that Charley will beat me in immunity challenges and the fact that Hannah is a more appealing F2 opponent than I am together and that's kinda why I'm panicking right now. So here's what I'm thinking. What if I make myself the most appealing F2 opponent, not necessarily as a goat but just because the other person is such an obvious threat compared to me? If I vote with Jake against Hannah and force a tie and Jake wins, I'm now in a final 3 with Jake, Charley and myself. If Charley wins immunity like I expect she will, there is no way she'd be crazy enough to take Jake over me since Jake has the Pailins rooting for him. If Jake ends up winning, then he takes me, both out of loyalty and because Charley would be more likely to get the Kandal vote. I feel that with this move I could be setting myself up for either a final 2 with a decent shot at winning. Or it could not work and my game goes up in flames. Seems like a decent pay off right?


if Hannah loses this challenge I'm pretty sure im fucked. The jury loves Jake, and they love Nathan, I don't think I can beat either. I won't give up, I'm great with juries in ftc, but I'm going in at a disadvantage. Hopefully, if it comes to it, they'll see I fought more than Nathan or Jake, I didn't just passively ride through the game.

But hopefully my girl Hannah survives. It's funny how we went from her fucking me over in the Amber vote, to possible final two. But I hope I can beat her, or the guys if it comes to it. I've fought too hard to lose in ftc.


Day 38[]

Tbh I don't think I can beat Charley or Nathan. Doesn't matter what I do I'm pretty sure they'll win. Charley 110% for sure. I wish I played a better game socially (talking to Andy & Stephane more) but overall I tried my best the whole game and so I'll be win with whatever place I get in. All 3 of us deserve to win so best of luck to us I guess


Day 39[]

Where da fuck do the people in this ORG get their personalitites from?? Fucking Ocean State Job Lot? These people on the jury are fucking absurd. Like get a fucking sense of humor and sense of excitement for the game. If I was with these people in person I'd literally be checking their pulse everyone 10 minutes cause theyre all fucking wet blankets, minus Stephane. He and I have kind of been like trying to stir shit up to be fun, but no one is having it. ANyway, I think I've oficially become the Randy Bailey of 703 survivor