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"Between Two Cities"
Season The Genius II
Episode Number 10/11
Episode Chronology
Previous How Much is Enough?
Next Onitama

Between Two Cities is the penultimate episode of The Genius II.

Main Match[]

Between Two Cities In Between Two Cities, both players will work with their opponents to build two different cities.

Player City Values Tiebreaker Second Tiebreaker
69 & 64 4 Shops 4 Factories
64 & 64 -
69 & 64 4 Shops 3 Factories

As the only players without Tokens of Life, Rob and Tom attended the Death Match.

Death Match[]

Mystery Sign. In Mystery Sign, players must find the answers to problems to earn points.

Competitor Score Result
TG2Tom.pngTom 4 Advanced
TG2Rob.pngRob -2 Eliminated


  • This is the first Main Match to be decided by a tiebreaker.
    • This is also the first Main Match to be decided by a double tiebreaker.
  • This is the first Death Match to be determined by forfeiture.
    • This is the second match overall to be determined by forfeiture, the first being 'Ricochet Robots.'
    • Both were forfeited to the eventual winner of the season.

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