"Between Two Cities"
Season The Genius II
Episode Number 10/11
Episode Chronology
Previous How Much is Enough?
Next Onitama

Between Two Cities is the penultimate episode of The Genius II.

Main MatchEdit

Between Two Cities In Between Two Cities, both players will work with their opponents to build two different cities.

Player City Values Tiebreaker Second Tiebreaker
69 & 64 4 Shops 4 Factories
64 & 64 -
69 & 64 4 Shops 3 Factories

As the only players without Tokens of Life, Rob and Tom attended the Death Match.

Death MatchEdit

Mystery Sign. In Mystery Sign, players must find the answers to problems to earn points.

Competitor Score Result
TG2TomTom 4 Advanced
TG2RobRob -2 Eliminated


  • This is the first Main Match to be decided by a tiebreaker.
    • This is also the first Main Match to be decided by a double tiebreaker.
  • This is the first Death Match to be determined by forfeiture.
    • This is the second match overall to be determined by forfeiture, the first being 'Ricochet Robots.'
    • Both were forfeited to the eventual winner of the season.

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