These people are acting like Rhi is fucking dead. No she just lost the game. And soon you're all gonna lose too. I'm worried about Jamie though. She needs to go fast.


LOL. Fuck Austin and Eddie wanting to keep Rhiannon. I'm a big fan of not giving shady people what they want. This was more a big middle finger to them rather then to Rhi, she probably doesn't like me at this point but I love her. Besides I made good with Ali and Jaylen this week and caused shit to open up with Jake versus Austin and Hannah. I can't believe we managed to get that tie vote, whew spicy.


So I'm not winning HoH smile emoticon

(added onto that oops) but I PRAY someone from the alliance pulls it out the bag.


I've only been invited to 2 alliances and each time they've been broken up the following round. Choosing between tom and will is gonna be tough they're both great guys and strong competitors. Plus I really wanted to evict Jake. He's a DAW...desperate attention whore...and I have to say I sometimes enjoy when Eddie bashes on him lol also I hope the viewers lounge is shocked that Hannah didn't put me up at all in her reign as HOH. It was the right move smoothing things over with her and I think my relationship with Eddie helped me there too


Things are looking bleak for ol' Willy over here. I just basically threatened Hannah during the last vote and then just my luck, she wins the next HoH. In other bad news, my position in the house is pretty clear. It is not necessarily a bad position, Tom is shielding me, but it makes it hard to work on any side I want to. I'm pretty much locked into a path right now, at least for the near future. Speaking of which, I am sure as hell not somebody's goat. I'm working with Tom because it is the best option. Tom and I are too similar which is why we make great rivals for each other over the months/years. What that means though is that if people are looking at Tom as a threat, I am right behind if not BESIDE him on the threat scale. That means I need Tom in for as long as I can so that way I don't move up in the pecking order. I am not working with Tom because I am blind, I am working with Tom because we both have the same goals and we both need each other to stay in the game to spread the heat. It will take a miracle though for both of us to survive this round and STILL have move to go next round


I never expected the house to turn so darksided within the first half of the game. I feel like the house is already split. I know where some peoples loyalties lye. I think I have a pretty good idea of what I want to do this week. I can't believe I won HOH I'm so happy!!! All you need to know is. Tom is the target.


Oh. MY. God. I can NOT deal with this week of Hannah being HOH if the current events are ANY indication of how the week will go. For all we know she will end up wasting her HOH on evicting ALI(perfect example of why I wanted him gone over Rhi, he is officially the block goat) Honestly if she is this brain fucked over ONE conversation with Tom, then I am SCARED for her future in this game. The girl is sweet as pie, super kind, but when it comes to games... I see now why people are never surprised when she doesn't make it passed the 2nd tribal council ever.


Hannah, I love you, but you have royally fucked up. I thought that her winning HOH would be a good thing for us, but she just didn't do the right thing. Why the fuck did she think it makes since to keep a strong alliance of three over two people that are house targets. It makes no sense. I'm considering her apart of that alliance and if I win next week, she's going up. It's actually ridiculous how oblivious some people are. Why make an alliance then break it up? That makes no type of sense at all. It shows where her loyalties lie. I would've rather had Ali win, because he would pick from both sides and I could at least pull something off. Not with people that refuse to make the moves. I'm pulling together Ry and Will after this vote and I'm gonna start picking bitches off. I'm tired of sitting back.


im not gonna win but i cant be bothered to do that RETCHED game when i dont need to


Those are weak ass scores ugh if I could have had a free VETO if I played this week. I pray to god Hannah backdoors Tom instead of me. I've kissed too much ass this week to go home. Tom's my best ally but like, if it's between one of us then send his ass packing.


Me at this house right now.


Confessional: Jamie's an idiot. Tried explaining an idea to her and she just isnt getting it. Every ORG ive watched her in or played with, she doesnt make sense and makes terrible moves. It boggles my mind.

Honestly, that whole side of the house is irritating. Hannah is Jamie's lil dumb minion every ORG they play together and I'm astounding Hannah hasnt realized that it's not working out for her. I've watched Jamie use her as a lil pawn until Hannah flops out in 3 consecutive ORGs. And what's worse is Austin is Hannah's lil puppy. He's the slave of a slave. Eddie is just Eddie, but he's the only one with the balls to say anything to my face without needing the courage of a PoV win. Hannah couldn't even be straight with me as HoH. No reason to lie, she has all the power.


If Tom goes then he 100% brought it upon himself, and I will not miss him. If he doesn't go then :/


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