my awareness radar must be on the fritz. I know I had a bad feeling during the vote, but it probably had more to do with my ego than actually feeling like I was going to be targeted. My number one target was not the one to go, but sometimes that is ok. Seeing both Andy and Ry work hard in this HoH brought me more faith. If they truly were ok with me going, they just wouldn't have tried hard since they knew I was the other sides biggest target. Hopefully this group can go far


I am SO excited for this challenge! I feel like I have an actual shot at winning this HOH comp! I really hope I can pull this one out. If I can get HOH, I can work on getting out some of the big guns in the house. Mainly Will. Like I made a deal with him week 2 that we would have each others backs, but honestly, he is going to end up getting me out of this house I just know it, so I need to strike first.


I legit cannot catch a break. I'm gonna be the target for the 4th week out of 5 weeks. I am LIVID but I need to win PoV once again or else I'm gone. I'm legit Elissa Slater tbh.


Well despite getting into a little argument with Ry I'm not on the block I'm sure that I'm gonna be the re-nom though so I really want to win this veto and try and pull down either Eddie or Jamie so that way someone else can go up and we can send them home


Okay so I really think I have a shot at winning this veto! I'm getting LOADS of points on these locations, I'm putting lots of effort into this because I know my ass is on the line and I know that if I dont win veto and if Jamie does Nick will go up and that will SUCK for my game. So I'm really counting on myself to win this veto!

–Eddie i laughed at my own joke


I'm really trying hard for this veto, if I lose then I'm fucked and I'm definitely going home but my fate has hinged on the Veto almost every week up until now so I can definitely see myself surviving.


Jaylen is so boring why did he even sign up for this game if he's going to do nothing


So after trying at the Veto for 2 hours, I FINALLY get a score I'm content with. 24992 would've been great, but 24999 is much better and honestly if I lose then whoever gets a perfect score deserves to beat me lmao.


shit. All of my allies are getting voted out. I hope I get to play next challenge because I am gonna fight so hard. I really really want to save Jamie but I can't because I already promised Eddie & from what I've heard Eddie campaigned to save me last week. Damn I'm really sad about this. WE NEED TO START SLAYING


I'm starting to think Andy is close with Eddie. Well like I am convinced of that already, but now I'm starting to think Will is also with Eddie.


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