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Fuck Nick


The fight with lush Andy and Nick confirmed that Andy has his hands in so many different pots... his broken ass hands... anyway between the side I like and the other side, he's mostly with Will & I.

Before Jamie left she said how I need to watch out for Andy because he's playing all sides and as well work with Nick because he's alone. She could be saying that because she'd like to see Nick go far, she also said if I made the end I might have her jury vote. Talking to her this week was so interesting. She also said Hannah, Ali, and Eddie are targeting me now. I would hope they'd go for Will first because I have a great relationship with Hannah/Ali. I've been so fake with them by offering them deals. So if they come for me idc. We're almost at final 6 where I can compete in VETO every week and if they think I'm a threat then when I get to the end I can remind them.


Why does Hannah think it's a good idea to throw me under the bus to Will? Like sis you're making it so hard for me to be fake to you


Well after the fight with Andy and Ali and losing the HOH I'm really feeling unsafe. And to make things worse Will of all people won the damn HOH. I immediately went to him and like sold my soul to him so I'm really hoping he sticks to his word and that I stay off the block this week.


I'm always up for a good feud in the house. I like milking those for all they are worth and it seems one is definitely heating up with Nick and Andy. Both want me to nom the other after their fight. Which is the perfect reason NOT to nom either of them. Little feuds like this occupy their minds. It means I can count on them to do one thing for me if needed which is go after the other. If only I was actually near Andy in real life. I would just get him drunk and be like, yeah that Nick guy, what a jerk. Give him a piece of your mind. Hopefully he fuels it himself.

In other news, I've been thinking about the next couple steps. I think a lot of things rest on how the HoH's will be handed off and who gets picked for PoV's. Right now, I think Ry is the only one who can beat me when it comes down to flash games. He needs to go. However, I can only put him up and hopefully get him out when I am 100% sure it will work. If I try and fail, that is a powerful enemy to have. I would do it this week, but he has too good of a chance to win a PoV. I need him in and I need him to have my back. Mainly just to win the next HoH. Next week is the last time (minus any buybacks) that a legit backdoor can happen. I need Ry to win so that will not happen to me. AND with him still in, if someone else wins, they would have to put both of us up as the biggest threats since if only one of us is up, we could both be saved by the other winning the PoV. Once no more legit backdoors can happen though, it is the final stretch and I don't need that shield anymore. I will count on myself to protect myself with PoVs. I know this confessional probably seemed like word vomit, but I feel like the need to just put my thought process down even if it makes no sense. I think like this all the time and it at least makes sense to me so that is what we are going with.


so of course Will won HOH. Surprise surprise. I'm Lowkey kinda sad we didn't get to do the singing competition even if I do highkey suck at singing. Nick took it a bit overboard but I still like Nick & he's one of my allies. TBH right now I'm closest with Eddie. I really want Ry gone but I doubt that will happen. It's probably gonna be me on the block. I think I should stir up some drama not sure yet tho. We'll see. Anyway. Is Jaylen even playing? Because if so his social game sucks