So in the game rn the lines are being blurred between the two sides of the house. Because Johnny and Linus are gone, the other side of the house have less power, but they kept arguably their three most well connected members of the alliance, so that is tricky. So because of that I need to first and foremost be concerned about myself and myself only. I need someone on my team to win HoH to guarantee my safety. I don't want to have to fight for veto again because I don't need that kind of stress in my life.


I keep getting lost on when to actually write DR's and I've missed too much to recap but here's where I'm at now. IDEALLY, I would love love love to win HOH 10000%, HOWEVER, I'd rather have Felix win this right now to put the target bigger on his back, to keep me safe, and to get out an ideal target, because he says he'd put up Chris and Eva and for Chris to go, and since I've never talked to Chris and I know how savvy of a player he is this is most ideal for me. However Felix is talking big moves with me and I love it, so far he Nick and I are on the same page of Tyler R being the biggest threat in the game, no doubt about that, and while I agree he needs to go maybe sometime in the jury they want to get rid of him NOW. I agreed with that, and that's why I'm tossing HOH, because I'd rather have Tyler stick around and not have to deal with the pressure of having to put him up from my closest ally and instead just see him win HOH and get rid of someone I know is threatening down the road. I've gotten over 5000 on this challenge, however, Felix told me he got 3.4k, so I'm just going to keep up appearances and land close to that and hopefully have him take it and we can work on getting CHRIS out this week. ALSO SORRY FELIX WHEN YOU READ THIS I'M STILL MOST LIKELY YOU'RE #1 BUT LIKE FUCK I DON'T WANT TOO MUCH BLOOD ON MY HANDS YET


ngl kinda worried that the youtubers DO have a premade, like i try not to worry about premades bc really who gives a fuck but in big brother they can be really big. it doesn't help that everyone who isn't one sucks at challenges for the most part so if they do have one we're screwed. so imma just hope there isn't one :v blind optimism!


Felix got a pretty high score, I trust him enough to let him have the win. My hand is way to shaky for this challenge anyways


Chris has right now gotten into two public fights in the house and is the only person to have both started and gotten into the aforementioned fights. You know, part of me is even wondering if he really is deliberately starting these conflicts. And so I want him gone. I spoke with Lucas, his other drama victim, and he wants Chris gone as well. I’ve been talking the most with Evan out of everyone on this cast, and Evan is the only one who seems to have an active interest in working with me, so I think he’d be willing to help get rid of Chris too. As new HoH, Conor says Chris has never spoken to him, so I’m hoping he’ll do the smart thing and just put Chris up with a pawn and it’ll be a fun and easy eviction.


Let the grovelling begin. These are the most messages people have sent me since the start of this game.


So I was planning to do the simple thing and just put up Chris, with a pawn in Nick, to make sure Chris goes home, because he’s started every single fight this season and I know Evan and Lucas would back me up on that. But then Chris tries to fight for his life which I commend and he brings up the supposed YouTube alliance that Evan, Ally, Jared and Connor have. I decide I might as well ask Evan for the truth and he tells me that the alliance doesn’t exist, and that Chris and Dani are actually good friends, which might make sense because Dani was also telling me about the YouTube alliance not long after Chris did. And all I know is that this got a lot more complicated than I’d hoped with these accusations and alliances, real or otherwise.


I really hope this Pandora's Box thingy doesn't ruin the plans that me, Evan and Lucas have put into place to send Chris home.


Okay, after 3 weeks of relatively nonchalant gameplay, this game is about to get FUN. So, before noms and before Marco won HOH, Felix told me he was talking to Tyler about nominations and that Tyler said it would be ideal to put up 2 youtubers because there's 4 of us. At first I thought this could've been a bluff by Felix but I decided to take it in stride with just a small grain of salt, because I know Tyler's very smart and perceptive. However, when Marco won HOH I assumed all was well in the land of EVAN because I had been keeping close with Marco in recent weeks, and after his fights with Chris, he should have an easy target, and an easy pawn in Nick, who's been busy the past couple weeks and has already been a former nom. Luckily, that's the way nominations should be going now.

HOWEVER, I hit a HUGE roadblock this morning because Marco had told me he had been pressured from Eva, Dani and Chris about putting up youtubers as well, so I know for a FACT now there's a coalition against a youtube group that's half-heartedly existent AT BEST.

Luckily, I was able to use my sway at literally 7 am in the morning when I woke up to convince Marco to not nominate me outright, and to keep his noms the same, as I let him know Dani and Chris literally fucking KNOW EACH OTHER and that he's visiting her and he already knows how close Dani and Eva are. I basically let him know the pots calling the kettle black, and I was also able to distance myself from Conor to Marco because well, I AM DISTANT FROM CONOR.

So long story short, this game is about to get FUN now. I need to make sure noms stay the same, CHRIS goes, and I need to bring Ally closer to me, because I think she's been taking it a bit lax with all of her connections, but once I tell her the information I have she should know that we're not safe and that her and Jared will have to turn it up a bit in comps along with me and Felix. Conor still remains a wild card, I wouldn't mind seeing him go but if people are grouping in youtube together I may have no choice but to get close with him and make this a WAR.

Now, the games BEGIN.






Man, Conor's cheating ass got his HoH revoked and I'm safe ANYWAY! I'm honestly really happy I didn't win HoH, cause I wouldn't have known who to put up next to Chris without revealing my allegiances so good on Marco for knocking one out! Him and I have a common ally in Chris and as soon as he's out I have a good feeling no one on that opposite team would nominate me cause I believe all of them want to work with me, or at least I'd like to think I've set myself up that way, so I can safely throw those next few HoH comps. As for the veto, I don't want to win it and I just hope Marco or Jared knock it out so none of the noms change.


I'm super happy that I won POV. I thought about saving Nick but it's most likely that Ally or Evan would go up in their spots and we most likely have the votes to save him so I'm playing it safe for right now and not using it.


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