i didnt even know it was possible to beat this game


me when felix told me you can get a higher score by NOT killing the boss and just playing until you die. bitch.......the fuck.........i am so mad that goes against literally every aspect of anything ever ugh this game is stupid, at least felix will probably win and not fuck up my nominating me and tyler


Last week really hasn't been the best for me, considering I lost an ally with Dani leaving, but for some odd reason, the very people I've been wanting out for the past 3-4 weeks (Eva and Tyler) have now dragged me into an alliance with them, Marco and Nick like ???? I'll roll with it for now, I don't really wanna take a shot at them right now anyway. Oh, also I won HoH which is kinda cool. My main target this week is Conor and I'll probably put him up along with Jared. Conor proposing to me that I should put him up if I wanna get the least amount of blood on my hands is really fucking great aswell, cause I don't even think he realizes I actually want him out, but more power to him.


At least this week I Basically fully expected to be nommed. It's a risk, but I volunteered to be nommed, and if I do end up surviving this week I think I've gained a lot of trust with certain people, and I need some allies in this game LMAO


Marco was the first to tell me the DPOV was found and it's genuinely terrifying knowing it's out there because with the game I play I know that if I get backdoored with that thing I'm FUCKED so I either have to hope it's used soon or hope that someone finds it but in the mean time I'll have to FLY under the radar and hope more information surfaces. I wouldn't be surprised if Marco has it though


Wait wtf it's not even a diamond power of veto it's just a regular one BYE


so Felix wants Conor out more than Jared. Fine by me, I want to keep Jared around too! Boo is also in favor of this so yay. I also! managed to talk to Evan and we actually talked about non-game stuff and it was cool and pretty fun. we discussed our bizarre sleeping patterns that lead both of us to be awake after 3 AM which is cool. So overall this round has been fun for me. Not too much meaty stuff to confess about, but I'm happy with it :v


Felix just dropped a bombshell on me, and he told me that he found the hidden PoV. And I’m like...shook. First of all, he claims I’m the only one he’s told. Do I believe that? Not really. But still, this is huge, and I promised I would not snitch on this. It is a truth universally acknowledged that snitches get stitches. I hope that this shared knowledge of the hidden PoV can hopefully forge some trust between Felix and I that will be beneficial for both of our games down the road.


I've been campaigning to everyone and they've been giving me sorta vague responses when saying they'll keep me but hopefully at least half of them do because I've been trying to make it look like I'm not mad at Felix just incase there's a tie.


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