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I am SO pumped we're merged now, cause it definitely opens up several more options for me. Nick winning is also great, because I'm definitely on great terms with him. He tells me I'm the only one he talks to which I don't really believe but I think we got a connection good enough to keep me off the block. On top of that, lo and behold, Nick suggested backdooring Ally to me, which would honestly be such a great play for me. We've kinda stopped talking after I nominated Jared which could be a sign of her being really mad at me for that or a sign of her having stopped caring. Either way, she's a huge question mark right now and I really want all these question marks out of the game as soon as possible, so I'm really gonna try to steer Nick further into the direction of making that move.


all those abstains made me happy, for the first time i placed in the top half of a challenge :v but seriously, Nick being HoH is AWESOME for me since we're aligned and I don't see him nominating me, or Felix and Tyler who are my closest allies in this game. Hopefully he makes a move against Lucas and Evan who are both physical threats that need to be taken out sooner rather than later. Even if I do like Evan he's clearly the most dangerous person here