Finally, one ORG I have been meaning to play for a long time. I am so so so excited. I haven't played Big Brother in a long time so I am a little rusty BUT I'm sure I can get into the hang of things again quickly. The cast is really iconic so I am going to give a rundown of my opinions on each person. Alex, someone I worked with closely on another ORG, was my initial person to align with. I feel there is already trust there and we'd actually talked a few weeks prior to this season so I am glad he is here. Domonique is someone I've always wanted to play with and she's such an icon. She seems mature, level-headed and loyal; but fierce against the people who she's not working with and that's someone I want to work with. We've already discussed a "girls" alliance but we'd have to wait and see. Emma seems chill but I am not sure whether I could trust her. Erin is super messy, I already know, but she'll be an ally to me and potentially a shield so I am going to keep her close. She's cool and already has trust issues with Natalie so that's something I can also use at some point. I heard from Alex that Grant is very dry but I am going to make my own impression when I've spoken to him. Nathan is someone I want to work with but once again, I am not sure if I can trust him. A very likeable guy but he got me out in Last Stand BUT hopefully we can have a fresh start. I need to clear anything with him to make sure that past ORGs stay where they belong; in the past. Trent is someone I worked with before so I know that he is loyal but it's just a case of who is he closer too. The rest I've either heard of or don't know so today is really about make those personal, social bonds and getting to know everyone. I need to set myself up as a social player rather than a physical one.


So this my first game in what a year and a half? I'm excited as hell and hopefully I do well! I see Bryce here and we auto clicked up because we were aligned in Siwa. I love Alex from SI and Alietta already like me and her click honestly! Everyone seems nice so far, I just have to see how things pan out. For now I'm gonna do this social game thing and see what happens


Wooo bb5 day 1! This cast is super intimidating honestly I'm really scared to initiate a conversation with half of them. Usually the first confessional is where people would outline their long term strategy and honestly I have no idea what mine is going to be yet. For the first week though, I'm just gonna try talking to everyone and hope that whoever wins HoH talks to two people less than they did with me. Hopefully the first eviction won't cause as big of a divide at did in bb4. But holy crap my social game is so transparent and fake I won't be surprised if I got nommed just because of that lmao


EVERYONE IS SO NICE and I’m just like haha what do I do I do not know any of these people but everyone has been really sweet and we’ve been chatting it up. I haven’t really talked to like Natalie or Kristen or Erin, a few more too. I just am not good at initiating conversations but we’ll see how it goes. The Temptation twist I’m like ehhhhhhh because I’m unknown so there’s no way I can use it to my advantage lol that’s so snakey but it’s hard at the beginning! Like I said WE WILL SEE, I’m excited and optimistic.


Wow so I'm actually here, can't believe I signed up for this shit but nothing's gonna stop me from doing this now lmao

My reactions at the cast reveal were so mixed, I was shook, I was lowkey scared, I was partially just like "...gurl", but hey, I saw the potential of this being a pretty fucking fun season (I hope)

Immediately Alietta strikes a F2 deal with me lolol because we are like friends and I think I'll just go with it, we lowkey tried it in Archetypes but failed miserably rip and so far Ali is the person that talks to me the most, so I see a great potential in it working! We kinda share opinions on most people, so we could probably jive together quite well.

I was shook at Jake Everts, he's an icon and I think he's gonna be fun as fuck to be with, dunno how he is gonna qualify as an ally though but we shall see...

I talked to Domonique a little and knowing her reputation I see no way that I can not align myself with her, she's someone who can be a really good asset to an alliance and if you miss out on it you are pretty much a fucking idiot, so hopefully I can get in well with her (Hey I mean, we already had a few talks about life bc we have not spoken in like a long ass time since Skye) and then we can see how it goes :)

Other than that, I had small conversations with Nathan, Aromal, Kristen & Hannah (omg she already seems like a lot of fun lmao, I think she might be new because I haven't seen her around before?), really really lowkey convos with Emma/Trent and.. I think that's it?

There's people like Jason who I kinda forget about because he doesn't involve himself in the main house chat, nor have we spoken a single word and Grant, who I'm not on good terms with going into this game to begin with, but he hasn't spoken to me either so... I guess I don't need to feel bad about it.

Ellie and I haven't talked at all yet either, I have a feeling her and Emma may align because Emma loved her in Bali (I didn't really pay much attention during her boot rip) so it's possible something could happen there, I have no idea what she's like, Alietta already said "She was bland as fuck" lmao, supposedly she ignored her or something, but I can't make myself a picture yet because I haven't personally spoken to her yet..

Now the personal part is mostly done, onto the twist...

God for fucks sake, I am not here for the Den of Temptation, it's gonna be a fuckfest of powers, if everyone accepts their temptation and unless I can actively be involved, which frankly I don't think I am popular enough for that, all I can do is just sit there and let fuckall happen, I'm kinda worried, but it means I have to analyze who could get something going with the VL and act accordingly (aka kiss their asses to make sure they don't use their powers against me, I am a snake) - We should see how this goes lol...

I'll probably aim for the first HOH, because that could be crucial to make connections in the first week, I'm not gonna handle it like "pretend I didn't talk to these people because I have a different plan", I'm GONNA HANDLE IT LIKE "Bitch you have the AUDACITY to speak to me AFTER I won HOH trying to kiss my ass? baiiii" - aka everyone who talked to me by now is probably gonna be safe and unless the others get going I know what to do going into week 1 :- )


The Den of Temptation is announced and I have mixed feelings on this. Obviously, it makes the game a lot more interesting and is a fun twist but has it's benefits and disadvantages. It's certainly going to cause a lot more paranoia than usual but this highlights to me that I need to adapt to the twist, keep up my social game so nothing affects me and hope that I get something good out of it. In terms of whether the VL will vote for me; I don't think they will but anything can happen.


I love this game so much. People are so nice so far and I’m just enjoying playing even though there hasn’t been much comps the game itself is playing. HOH is starting so I’m excited to see how it goes!


God the socializing part is getting absolutely excruciating. None of these people except for like Nathan, Jake and Grant seems like they're interested in talking to me and I'm sure i'm coming across as super forced. Also Alietta asked me what orgs I've played and I mentioned Sichuan and she was like "you're that aromal from sichuan??" AS IF THERE'S ANOTHER PERSON WHO PLAYS ORGS WITH THAT NAME LOL. I like her but thought that was funny. As for the comp I hope anyone except Ellie or Kristen wins because they're the 2 people I have had 0 contact with.


I decided that I was going to go for the first Head of Household. I knew it was a risk but I wanted to prove that if you win the first HOH, you can still win the game. I wanted to use the first HOH smartly to gain alliance members and secure a strong alliance. Right now, I am officially working with Alex and Domonique. Now that the first HOH announced is this infection thing, I have less of a chance to win but there's still that chance. Hopefully me, Alex or Domonique get it.


I wanted to win the first Head of Household but now the Den of Temptation changes everything. I was tempted with immunity until jury. Originally, I was considering not accepting because I thought the whole house would find out and I don't want them thinking, if I make it to the end, that I went pre-jury immune. When I found out that no one will find out unless I win HOH (because my punishment is I am not allowed to be HOH pre-jury) or get nominated I had to accept. My goal is to not get nominated or win HOH so that I can go pre-jury without being nominated and still prove that this immunity didn't help me out so no one can use it against me in case I make the finals. I am honestly so shocked the VL voted me for this temptation and I will forever be grateful. It was a nice surprise. When I got eliminated from the HOH, there were five people left and I was happy with any of them winning. I privately talked to a few of them and made them think I really wanted them to be HOH to make them feel special and like they can trust me. Hopefully, this first week will be an easy week and I caqn still have some influence. My hopes is for Hannah to win because she's really cool and I still think I'll have to control over who goes. She's new to ORG's and if I offer my support and guidance, she is going to want to trust me and come to me when she struggles or finds out something. This is a way to secure an ally and friend.


Omg what a comp. I felt on edge throughout the whole thing. I figured Dom would infect me because we haven’t talked at all which was cool, I didn’t want HOH but I also didn’t want to be in the position of having to choose HOH but it’s okay- Jake said he’s not mad and Emma is super grateful and she said I’m safe so that’s good! I’m glad that the comp is over and I can breathe for a second. ILY BIG BROTHER


I won HOH!!! I thought i would just float through but now i am like really exicted about this game. This HOH will be easy ill probably put up kristen and ellie if they dont start messaging me but i am using this HOH to put me in a very good spot for this game i really dont want to float but at the same time i just cant put up two strong people like dom and alex up and expect them to not come for my ass.


Whew! What a wild start!

So far I’ve talked to everyone except for jason, ellie, and kristen. Kristen and Ellie never seem to be on, and Jason knocked me out first of the competition so I have no desire to speak to him for the time being. That being said he is immune, so maybe I’ll have to. Phooey.

By the way, if I make it sound like I’m bothered to have been knocked out in the first HoH, I’m really not. Nobody really wants to be the first one. However, i think Emma is setting herself up for a great week. Not only will she be walking herself into a couple alliances, but she’ll have a relatively easy week ahead of her with Ellie failing to show up at all. That is, of course, ellie shows up randomly and beasts the pov, or emma doesn’t nom her at all, which, why would she not??? We’ll have to see


Can I just start off this by saying how much I fucking love talking to Hannah already?!?!?! omg she's awesome to talk to and I learned a lot about her personal background, it's really interesting to hear what her personal history is like and uh.. SHE'S WORKING TO SAVE UP MONEY FOR HER S-I-S-T-E-R-S BIRTHDAY?! girl that's like so fucking nice, when will your faves ever?

ok whew... I hope I can work with her going further in the game because she seems great and I talk to her the most besides Alietta so far!

I've been trying to like touch base with certain people but I think I'm doing a pitiful job, I've only been sorta successful with Ali/Hannah/Domonique, I'm having my attempts with Jake/Nathan/Trent sorta and that's kind of it for now, I don't think I'm doing exceptionally well with a track of 6/15 people.

That being said, I'm trying to rekindle with Emma who I kinda haven't spoken to much, but we're friends so I think we both were kinda just like "eh" about it lmao, but seeing as we are good friends I am not gonna pass on the opportunity to work with a good friend, AND, just as fate wants it, she just won first HOH too. I believe and hope that I'm safe with her, cause yikes first boot would be disgusting lmao



Also lmao @ Jason being almost non-existent but still being safe Week 1 because he was around at the right time to volunteer, good on him, but sucks if he was a nomination consideration and someone will go up in his spot lolol, maybe his activity will grow, idk anything about his life to judge about him not being around, I HAVE NOT APPROACHED HIM MYSELF SO IT MIGHT BE MY FAULT WE DIDNT TALK? Who the fuck knows...

I just know I gotta step my pussy up and get some social relationships going over the next few days!


Kind of shook by the HOH win. I think me and emma are ok, but we havent spoken that much yet. Hopefully i get to chill this week.


Emma wins HoH and I think that is one of the better scenarios out there. I wanted this HoH for myself BUT half of the people in the game decided to chicken out and use I took out Aromal because he was the person out of everyone left who I felt would put me up given the chance.

Besides that, I'm getting along with most everyone. The only person I have in mind to target right now is Grant. When I talk to him, I get the impression that he just tries to shrug me off. I'll send 3 easy open ended messages and he'll just say "I gotcha!". People seem to be wanting to take this game slow so I feel like there haven't really been any solid alliances formed just yet. As of now I'm a free agent looking for anybody who wants to team together but I'll just let it form naturally.


So Emma won HoH and I am completely at a loss about what I have to say to her now lmao. Do I go for the hardcore "dont save me im never gonna vote for you" pitch or the subtle more manipulative "Hey first hoh is super tough im glad I dont have it but i think it might be more easier this season because Elle and Kristen are inactive >.> " or just say congratulations and completely ignore her after that? I'm leaning towards option B at this point but Emma is experienced enough to see through that stuff


I think I accidentally told the HOH that I’m coming for the less active people when she’s honestly one of the less active people oops


Good evening good evening I’m just a little bored waiting for things to happen. Alietta lightly talked about an alliance with Emma which I can dig, I’m just seeing how the time passes. I’ll probably talk to Emma more tomorrow and see how things go. Right now I think I’m in a good spot but I know I need to play a more social game and actually initiate conversation... these confessionals sound like my own little diary 😂... I hope I don’t look back and think wow hannah ur stupid😂 no no I won’t. Everyone is still cool I’ve haven’t really experienced any shadiness in week one but who would do that... xoxo hannah


Emma wins Head of Household and I feel safe. I was advising Hannah to do what she wants and then she told me that she is giving Emma the HOH. Emma messaged me privately informing me Hannah told her she's giving her HOH. Throughout the challenge, I was letting Emma know that I wanted her to become the HOH. Emma told me she is probably going to nominate Ellie and Kristen. My target for this week is going to be Ellie. She's inactive and I don't think she'll participate to the season much. However Kristen on the other hand I think is someone who has fire in her and would want revenge. I feel she'd be good to keep around to start a little rivalry between her and Emma and therefore keep me away from any conflict or being targeted. Emma will be an ally of mine but she isn't someone I am going to have too close. That's if these two end up going on the block together.


Emma nominates Ellie and Kristen as planned. Ellie seems to be the target and I agree with that. I let Kristen know that I didn't want her on the block and that she has my vote to stay even though she's probably staying anyway. Letting her know this early and the constant reminder that I will be voting to keep her if she remains on the block hopefully establishes some sort of trust between us, even though I am not really keen on working closely with her. After Ellie hopefully leaves, I have a few targets in mind; Jason, Bryce, Aromal and Grant. It really rubs me the wrong way when people can't keep their social game up with people considering that's a key aspect to the game. The fact that the conversations don't really involve game shows me that these people have no interest in getting to know me therefore are useless to me. It makes it more difficult that I can't win Head of Household but I definitely want to have these people leave at this point. Things can change instantly but right now I want these people gone.


EMMAS NOMINATIONS ARE PRETTY EXPECTED WHICH IS COOL, SAFETY FOR PRETTY MUCH EVERYONE PLAYING... I think I’m pretty solid right now, I’m gonna try to talk more so I can set myself up in a good place for next week...


I secured a trio with Emma and Hannah. Hannah is probably my closest ally right now, alongside Alex, and Emma is someone I trust but only to an extent. Then I have an alliance with Alex, who wants to work with Emma/Hannah but doesn't know I already have an official alliance with them. It's interesting hearing Emma tell me Alex has said good things about me to her (without him knowing) and then have Alex come to me and say he planted seeds with Emma. This is the kind of game I want to play. I want people to trust me enough to want to tell me information so I can then use information as a weapon if I need to turn people against someone or save myself. I also have an alliance with Domonique, Erin and Jake. Domonique is a little quiet and I am not sure I have a good read on her yet but I think she's going to at least be loyal to me for a while, Erin is super messy and she's one of those people you either love or hate but I love her, and Jake has a flamboyant personality, which I love, with his humor and one liners. Natalie is someone else I've established some sort of relationship with. I want to keep my social game up but if people aren't going to message me back (Nathan/Trent no shade just tea) then why should I bother giving them any game-related deals? The answer is: I shouldn't. To hear from Hannah that Trent has had conversations with her and he hasn't even bothered to open my "Morning" message then that shows me a lot. If you're not with me with me, then you are against me. Even though I don't need to target or act on it now, I will remember this moment further on in the game and know not to trust you fully. Also, it pisses me off that some people, such as Aromal, only speak to me when they need to aka apologizing for eliminating me from the Head of Household and ignore me for the rest. Week 1 is key for creating personal bonds with people and getting to know them but half this cast is dumb and think they can just sit back and chill. Well, I'll tell you now; they can re-think that one.


Well now I’m in an alliance with Alietta and Emma which is great! It’s small but strong, very promising to me. It’s been pretty quiet and boring which I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing...


Maybe its just me but damn this game is moving slowly and its negatively affecting my game I thinkk. The only people I've been consistently talking to are Nathan and Jake and I'm barely active in the main chat smh


Does anyone in two (potential)!alliances last long 😬 I can’t have my loyalties spread around the game, IM NOT PAUL.. wish me luck... not my ideal strategy but we’ll see how this goes


Alrighteaaa, it seems like since my last confessional, my social game has kind of significantly improved?

I now have more valuable conversations with Jake, Natalie (whom I started to talk to after my VL towards her and I was kind of unreasonably an ass about it when I really should've just approached her to begin with because we get along well as of now), Alietta obviously, Hannah and Domonique to an extent. I kinda have on and off conversations with Erin, Emma & Nathan, Trent had just messaged me TODAY concerned that people don't talk (which he isn't wrong, a lot of people are dry as fuck at talking in this game), so it's possible that we may start talking regularly too, so I think I am not doing too terrible socially, which I'm totally fine with, cause I didn't come here to be an early chop.

Erin approached me about a possible alliance not long ago, consisting of myself, her, Hannah & Nathan, who she considers to be "the most active" in the chat. I like this idea, but at the same time, there are people who I would love to see included in this, such as Jake & Alietta (my f2 obv), but I can't push it hard, cause it would show my cards early lol. I had subtly mentioned though that Jake talks a decent amount in the house chat, so Erin impulsively asked if we should include him and I just said yes, but that she should ask the others first (bc duh, an alliance where not everyone is informed about people being added can't work out)

I definitely am gonna tell Alietta about this EVENTUALLY, I want to include her, but if I don't succeed I don't want it to be out there too quickly, because that would open a lot of room for error and it could all blow up in my face right off the gate. I'll have her back nevertheless, even if I don't instant-share information. I hope this doesn't cause a break in trust D:

POV RESULTS CAME IN AND KRISTEN DIDN'T SUBMIT AND I AM HOLLERING! I don't think she is a bad chick at all but the PETTY SIDE OF ME IS LIKE "I'M GONNA GET HER BACK FOR ELIMINATING ME FROM THAT HOH HAHAHA", I'm totally gonna push the possibility of her leaving this week, and if I succeed, I'm gonna have a good laugh over it. Sorry Kristen, I'm sure you're cool, but you triggered my pettiness and there's no coming back from that.


I am actually god smacked that Kristen hasn't submitted. There is no excuse. Even if you had something going on in real-life, I am sure you could inform the hosts in a message that could be typed less than 1 minute that you can't submit; especially when you've been active. On top of that, the POV could of taken you a minute at most and you're telling me Kristen that you didn't have a spare minute in the 24 hours you had to do this challenge? You sure had a minute to ignore my good luck message though, didn't you? I am here to play against the best players, not play with people who are not here to play. Ellie, who has been MIA, even submitted and you couldn't? I was set on sending Ellie home BUT now I've changed my mind. I'm going to let Ellie know she has my vote to stay this week, send her wishes hoping her personal life is going okay and wish for her to be active soon. Your spot is wasted and for all these reasons (unless Bryce saves you with that veto) Kristen, I shall be sending your ass home. Hope the pregnancy goes well though.


Taking Hannah under my wing has so far been the best decision for my game. Not only do I love my conversations with her; there is trust in our relationship. She's just informed me that Erin approached her for an alliance with her, Alex, Jake and Nathan. Am I included in this alliance? Apparently not. Erin wonders why she gets voted out early in games and it's because she's messy asf. Hannah also told me she thinks the other guys know about it proves that these people aren't completely on my side; including Alex. I am going to keep this information to myself for now because I can't be nominated and have people know me and Hannah are closer than we are. Plus, even though it would be iconic, I don't want my temptation to be revealed to the house. Alex thinks he can play me at my own game but I can play him better.


Kristen WHERE ARE YOU BOOOOOO.. POV took 2 seconds...


Although this potential alliance is throwing a wrench in my game, I need to use this information to my advantage. I need to build my relationships with people like Domonique/Bryce stronger, I need to save Ellie and pull her in as ally with me and Hannah and most importantly; I need to find a way to work my way into the trust of this potential alliance so that I'm on their good move until I can get in power and make moves because when jury hits, I'll start with the head and work my way down. I need to let these people think I am clueless to this alliance and that there's no way any of them are working together, but trust me, I know. And I will never forget it. For now, all smiles and happiness.


Looks like Kristen is gonna get booted and I'm glad because she was a better choice than Ellie. Pretty boring ass eviction, but hey thats fine with me


After finding out about Erin's alliance, I decided to talk to Alex about alliances since I wasn't in a proper one to his knowledge. Alex disagreed with my opinions, saying that if his ally was in an alliance, didn't tell him but was protecting him that he'd be okay with it. I disagreed (only because I knew he was going to go into this alliance) and gave him an example of an ORG where my allies joined an alliance without me and I flipped to the other side for that reason and he suddenly said he's going to try get me into an alliance. Erin suddenly messages me asking if I am down for an alliance. My theory is that Alex pulled me into it once I told him this; and now the alliance has officially been pulled together by Erin. I didn't realise what a messy player Erin was. She overplays and wants her way; well until I'm gone, she's going to have to get used to having things mine and Hannah's way. Her creating the alliance puts her at the forefront but what's good about keeping her around is she's going to be a shield for me and Hannah. I can't see her doing too well so I want to keep her around for a long time. If I had to sacrifice people in our alliance rn, I'd start with players who are more likely to be threats down the line aka Nathan for his social game and Alex for his social/physical/mental ability. All I know right now is my main alligence is to Hannah, and I have connections with other people such as Domonique, Grant, Emma and now hopefully Ellie. Kristen needs to go. If she doesn't leave, I'll be surprised.


Bye bye Kristen hello WEEK 2!! I’m in my Black Widows alliance with Emma and Alietta, Trash with Nathan, Alex, Jake, Erin and Alietta and have a F2 with my Q U E E N Alietta!!! Let’s doninate week 2. I’m glad Alietta trusted me enough to tell me about their temptation but it sucks about the no HOH until jury part lol. But I’m ready for Week 2 and excited to see what it brings. We are already at 14 people.


Well... it was a quiet week one to say the least. But for me, maybe the most interesting thing of all is there's still so little information readily available. No skill based comps to start judging people on. No whisperings of a big alliance. No big moves taken or shots fired, really. At least none that I'm involved in.

My suspicion is that the players in the house, unlike other Big Brother games, can essentially be grouped into two types: inactives and stealth players. There dosen't seem to be one loud or aggressive player yet. This is to be expected; while the TV series will typically feature one or several bulldozer-esque or obvious frontrunning players, ORG players will have a better strategic grasp than most players of the television show. They'll know being a frontrunner or aggressively style of play rarely leads to a win when you peak this early on.

My only worry for the next few weeks continues to be Alex, as it has been ever since I found out he was in the cast. It seems past ORG rivalries and bitterness will continue to haunt me in present day ORGs. He did eliminate me in the first HOH, and he's a reasonable threat to win this one since it's a flash game. I submitted what I think is a reasonably good score, but I doubt it'll win. If it does... well, I'll have work to do I guess. Other than him, I think I pop up in chat enough to not be considered inactive, and haven't gone on anyone else's radar.

My goals for this coming week- assuming it's not total catastrophe via Alex or I winning HOH- are just to keep integrating myself with the rest of the house and stay off people's hitlists. Maybe start CAREFULLY planting some seeds for alliances and targets. Very slowly, of course. I can't win Big Brother in week 2, but I can sure as hell lose it.

Should Alex or I win this HOH- I would give this about a 25% chance of happening- I will need to begin playing very aggressively and almost certainly lose the game. But that's the way the cookie crumbles I suppose.


Kristen leaves as planned. I didn't do too much campaigning but I definitely helped people persuade people as Erin, who wanted Ellie gone, that this was the best move without seeming too forceful. Erin is very much like me in which she can be stubborn and wants her way but it's not going to happen when I'm around. This alliance is going to help me get through the first half of the game without being nominated but won't last long because my loyalties are elsewhere. My social bonds with the rest of the house will also help me with this. My main target right now is Aromal, but it's going to be difficult to conduct without being Head of Household myself. Aromal is someone who appears online but only talks to me when he needs too and I can't guarantee he won't nominate me if he wins HOH. He is useless to my game at this point. I can't win Head of Household due to the temptation so my second best chance of having this happen is through Hannah. I'm not sure how much she speaks to Aromal but he doesn't speak to me and I'm sure I could influence her decision into getting him out if she became HOH. I am going to push for her to win this HOH for us. I told her about my temptation as a way for her to earn my trust, so the fact that I can't win HOH puts more pressure on her to win and that's what I want to play on. If she doesn't win HOH it's not too bad and I'm sure there's a way in which I could get someone I want out but making moves through other people is what I need to adapt to doing pre-jury instead of physically making the moves myself. Even though I can't win Head of Household, I still have to make it look like I've tried to win HOH for my alliances so I am going to submit a decent score.


If he wins HOH, Alex is set on targeting Grant and even though I would prefer half of the other males to go over him, I can't say that he would be a huge loss to me. However, I've talked about Aromal being my target to Alex and we agreed to get him and Grant out pre-jury. I already planted seeds of targeting Aromal with Jake and Hannah just to set the target up if he doesn't leave this week. I actually have conversations with Grant and he's a good person to talk too. Aromal gives me nothing. Bryce gives me nothing. I would prefer for them to go before Grant because I don't want any of them winning HOH pre-jury and nominating me therefore exposing my immunity secret. They might not nominate me but regardless, they're useless to me. I'll be exposed as a liar if I am nominated and will immediately find myself on the bottom. If jury starts at final 11, I just have to survive three more HOH's and then I can start going for HOH to make essential moves to get me to the end.


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