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Get ready for a huge confessional from the end of last week. Erin winning veto pretty much secured Alex's fate. I knew Bryce and Emma were going to keep me. I was unsure on Erin because I know she was closer to Alex. However, Erin considered using the veto on Alex and I was thinking damn, is this girl crazy?! Alex needed to go that week because he is the biggest jury threat of the game. I messaged Erin privately and I reminded her that she had earned her place to be here, she's made it this far and it's hard to do in an ORG like this; why waste that? You deserve it. And, that's not me lying to her. She earned her place to stay. She ended up saving herself and she knew deep down that's what she wanted. I knew I'd be safe if it was 1-1 or 2-0 but part of me really wanted 2-0 since I I've had no votes against me. I just mentioned to Erin it would be pointless and unnecessary to vote against me I've been told I'm being kept and Alex is going home. I think Alex gave up anyway and just wanted to leave so asked her to vote him out. On the way out, Alex called me out for telling him he's going home and it sounded although he was suggesting I was being cocky. I said "Damn, I think you might be going home". What do you want me to do, lie through my teeth and tell you that you have a shot to stay when you don't?. Me and Alex were honest to each other about not being completely loyal to each other and he told me Natalie told him about Bad Bitches and ther Anyway, the F4 battle began.

It was me v Erin v Emma. I thought I have a pretty good shot at this. Not going to lie, I did consider throwing Head of Household because I was desperate to be in control by having the POV and choosing who to evict. However, I realised that there's no chance I can throw a HOH competition this far into the game. I lost HOH to Erin because Holly King fucked up my life with her 27th birthday. I honestly felt so defeated. Compared to everyone else, they were like super good at competitions. I was decent and had thrown a lot but I knew some of those comps I threw I wouldn't of won anyway. I knew that winning this veto was the most important competition for me thus far. Emma said she'd evict Bryce but relying on that would be stupid. I started revising statistics, making colour-coded sheets so it was easy to read. I thought it would be either statistic based or a flash game. If I revised statistics and it wasn't right, then I didn't mind because I think those statistics would help me in the final HOH. I was so ready and pumped for the veto. I wanted this bad. I ended up winning and I was on the verge of tears. I finally did it. I won two competitions when I needed to this season and there's only one more to go.

When I won veto, I knew I would most probably be evicting Bryce but I did want to hear pleas and it was only fair to be open minded. Emma was my final 2 but, I started to realise that people may be voting on loyalties this season and she'd probably be more difficult to beat against Erin. Erin I think has had major drama and her head has been all over the place in terms of playing personally. I think I can beat her in the end. Bryce, however, is too much of a physical threat to take to F3. He confirmed some of my earlier suspicions like him and Alex working together (which I knew about from Alex not nominating Bryce on his HOH when I told him to) and him and Domonique working together (she'd said on one of his early HOH reigns that she can talk to Bryce, and at that point Bryce talked to no one so they must have been working together). I also found out some new information such as Natalie making a F3 with him and Dom. Bryce said he'd take me to F2 but I can't rely on someone taking me to the end; I want that last HOH. And, we all know if Bryce plays on Erin's heart strings she would have a chance of evicting me over him at the final stage. Bryce has an ability to survive and I would rather remove him from the scene because I think I have a stronger chance of being taken to the end by Erin/Emma than by him and Erin. They've had a close connection and I know how good Bryce's campaigning skills are now and that sealed his fate. I want to win that last HOH and removing him will give be a better chance.