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Nathan is evicted as planned and then Alex and Hannah v Trent occurs. I am hoping that this makes them two look like bigger targets over myself and can shield me. I am not getting involved in that conflict (I was drunk anyway lmao) in hopes that I am not targeted over the likes of them. I was originally planning on gunning for this HOH but Alex looks like he's going to get this one, but maybe I should throw it to him. He's planning on nominating Domonique and Emma then backdooring Trent. If he wins, I will warn Domonique before nominations and this is going to start a little feud between Alex/Domonique. I can't be making the move to take out Alex so having Domonique do it for me would be useful. There's no doubt in my mind that Bryce, Emma or Trent will get this upcoming temptation because of their position.


Wow, so a lot happened, since I last confessed lmao, so it's about time! (I got thrown off by this shitty "Trivia All Night except the hosts didn't stay up all night" challenge so I didn't get to do shit rip)

-Before HOH-

So Nathan got evicted, praise the lord jesus christ, BUT on his way out he spilled some T-E-A, which really exposed a few things. Firstly, Jake being extremely close to him, which makes me think he would've evicted Erin in a tie situation aka Jake isn't even fucking trustworthy and the fact that he snatched HOH after Hannah won was most likely intentional too. In other words, Jake is done and once it makes sense to strike at him, I will.

Trent has once again unnecessarily lied, saying he wasn't campaigning for Nathan to stay and then ended up as one of the votes to evict Erin, so honestly I couldn't hold myself back anymore and called his whack ass out in public, if you lie about this many things and continously deny in private, I see no other solution for you. This ended up resulting in a Trent vs. Hannah showdown as well, which made me cackle skadgjsdg

A side note about that argument, Trent called me rude and then proceeded to tell me to shut up during the course of the argument, as he would say himself, NOT CUTE TRENT.

It annoys me that Trent is lying left and right and thinking it's actually working in his favor, but not with me, I'm gonna make sure that he gets evicted under my HOH and there's no backing down lmao..

- During/After but mostly during HOH -

I'm going to save the deets on the competition, because it really annoyed the hell out of me and I felt like hardly anyone was really trying besides me, so I stayed up and exhausted myself for nothing, but WHO CARES BECAUSE I'M NOW HOH MOTHERFUCKERS.

Anyways, during the course of the competition, there were two particularly interesting conversations, that I've had.

First of all, I realized that Natalie is someone that me, as well as other allies of mine actually quite get along with and since she was involved in that drama and this is a CLEAR numbers game, I saw no other way but to make it clear to her, that I had grown interest in working with her, so as I took the lead in the HOH I messaged her and we talked a little about the game, I expressed my interest in working with her (we ended up having like a 3 hour Messenger Call about her life LMAO) and I think that I may have done a decent job.

I think that Garbage is pretty much done, Jake has proven to be untrustworthy, Alietta/Hannah don't trust Erin for some reason (I like her and I want to keep working with her) and there are better relationships formed with people like Grant & Natalie, whom I hope to form something official with eventually.

The other interesting conversation was, big surprise, the big man Trenton himself, not to mention after I answered a few questions right and took the lead in the challenge - which could have just been a funny coincidence and he just wasn't around before - but yeah, he slipped in my PMs to start his bullshit artist act, telling me everything that I may have been interested in hearing (and then I started to spew some bullshit to him, to make him think that I am actually somewhat interested aka talk fake shit about the old Garbage) and once he seemed to be pleased with the result, he stopped talking again. Big surprise. He must think that he once again weaseled his way out of the hot waters this week, but nah, there is absolutely no way, that I'm gonna let this opportunity pass by without attempting to take a strike at Trent, not today.

Nomination wise, it's 99% gonna be Emma/Domonique, with the 1% being my openness to other suggestions or the possibility, that people can fuck up and go crazy mad, but at this stage neither of them have had substantial game conversations with me and I would hope that they'd understand why they got nominated. None of them are my target, but there's still a possibility they could come for me as a result so idk kjagsdg, I'm willing to take the risk anyway, because this is Big Brother for fucks sake, and playing it safe gets you nowhere except late jury or a jury goat lmao


Alex wins Head of Household and it's a good position. I am safe for the week. I had a conversation with Dom and she said she might use her DPOV to take a big target out (and I am guessing she means Hannah) because she thinks she's going to be safe from nominations for a while. Well girllll, she's in for a surprise when Alex nominates her and Emma. To be honest, I don't want Dom wasting her DPOV this week so I did try prevent it happening. If I was Alex, I wouldn't bother backdooring Trent. Get two big targets up there because if he is picked for veto and wins, boy your targets are not going home. Now, I can use Dom to take out either Alex or Hannah because if I make that move myself I'm going to look shady as hell. Dom wants to work with Trent/Emma/Bryce and I'm like girl I can't. Now Alex's plan B is to target Jake and I'm like yeah boy make yourself a bigger threat. If Alex was smart, he would nominate Trent/Emma straight up so that he's not making an enemy in Dom. Now, Dom will be after him because she's a girl I imagine wanting to get revenge and wherever Dom goes, Nat goes. So many unnecessary people you are putting against you? Dumb.


Trent don’t be a liar and your game will go far. Jake maybe make your own decisions and nominate people who actually deserve it - oh and don’t lie but that’s all anyone can do in this game. Bryce I don’t even have anything for you but THERE IS NO ALLIANCE... Erin for being an ally you did a real good job of telling me I was being nominated. I trust Grant, Alex and Alietta but for how long. Alex “fake” talks about us to Trent but I believe every joke has some truth and belief behind it so my trust is inching away from him. Alietta idk I trust you but sometimes you say things that I’m like um what. At least Grant isn’t shady!



BB5 CF WEEK 5 lmao



BB5 Week 5 I hate myself


I apologize in advance for this highly depressive blurb

You know there are moments where you ask yourself if it was really worth doing something, if it was really worth just doing something so personally inappropriate without thinking over it multiple times, I don't even know if it's gonna be worth it going out of this game win or lose, knowing that I hurt someone as much as I hurt Jake, like it sincerely just sucks and I can say this as much as I want, I don't think that it's gonna get fixed just like that.. smh like I'm probably just a really shitty human being when it comes to these kinda games...

Just based on that statement alone, the only word I can find for NOT asking Jake about what he did, for NOT backing up Garbage and making me think he was gonna slide me eventually in an attempt to play both sides, to NOT make him assure me that we were good is plain and simple: S-T-U-P-I-D-I-T-Y (english lesson included you are welcome) like god there is so much REGRET looking back, why the fuck would I not do these things out of respect for someone I really do like, it's really just shitty and I would hate myself if I watched me right now, what the fuck is wrong with me


do I sacrifice my game for being a good person and casting a vote that probably means nothing or



BB5 Week 5 CalmBeforeTheStorm