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Day 34[]

Final 5... Everytime I hear that, it makes me feel shocked that I'm still here. All those past times were me going premerge, I still can't believe I actually broke my curse.

Anyways, the remaining three Tharros (including myself) are pretty tight and we're majority over the two remaining Zamas: Danielle and Carson.

Hoping that either of them don't have an idol or hell, win this final reward challenge, I think we can take em' out pretty easy.

Aside the point, I definitely can't imagine myself winning this competition. To be honest, I feel like I'm Nadine's goat right now, but really I'm trying to stay safe as much as possible.

Winning would be nice, I suppose, but I'd be fine I lost, I'd proud of my placement either way.


Day 36[]

Well, if there's no idol in play and my boys Keaton and Ben are still loyal to me, I think I should be able to make it to F4 alive. Danielle and Carson are trying to get them to flip on me, but I have faith in whatever my boys decide to do that and is to save me. I remind them that I've been with them, that everyone deserves a chance to win, and that I can stop Danielle from winning F4 immunity.

Once I make it to F4, I just need to tryhard whatever challenges there are so I can make F3 and hopefully win the whole thing.