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Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty
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Survivor Gameplay
Description A twist that divides the castaways by the characteristic they are most associated with.
Appearance(s) Skye Islands

Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty is a game-changing twist in Survivor.


The groupings of these tribes, each comprised of 7 to 8 castaways, reflect the distinguishing qualities that people bring to the game and test whether there is any truth to the pre-conceived notion that that certain characteristics will help you win the game of Survivor.


In Skye Islands, the 24 returnees were split into three tribes to begin the game: Kilbride (brawn tribe), Torrin (brains tribe) and Dunan (beauty tribe).

In Byzantium, the 21 contestants were similarly split into three tribes to begin the game: Chalcedon (brawn tribe), Trebizond (brains tribe), and Edessa (beauty tribe).


  • Both beauty tribes so far have been pink.


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