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"Burn Down The Majority"
Season Survivor: Antarctica
Episode Number 7/14
Episode Chronology
Previous My Resident Double Agent
Next I'm Gonna Fucking Fade Away

Burn Down The Majority is the seventh episode of Survivor: Antarctica.


Reward/Immunity Challenge: The Song Game. In this challenge, you will be given a video with 21 songs! These might be from openings from series, or from general overall songs. Your job is to identify them correctly!

Winners: Krill.

Tribal Council[]

Tribal Council 7: Ferrar[]

Tribal Council 7:
John (4 votes)
Josh, JR, Mihai, & Uli
Josh (3 votes)
Andrew, John, & Shiloh

Voting Confessionals[]

This is for excluding me. This is for being is in soooo many alliances. This is stop to you from being too powerful at the merge. Goodbye, I won't miss you


Jesus I've never experienced paranoia at such a high level. There's too many what ifs and possibilities with all the shady bitches lurking in the shadows. Hope I slip away this one time... because this tribal has been nothing but messy


I feel so bad for voting Josh. He was really nice to me but... I'm playing to win. It's me, John and Andrew.


bye, bitch. Hope to never see you again.


Final Words[]

Initially we ended up going for Uli, since he was targeting Andrew. Shiloh was fine with that, so we definitely had that 4-3 majority! But, after a while we realized that Josh likely had either the double vote or the cancel a vote from the auction, so that, coupled with his challenge performance, made us change our plan and vote for him instead. I felt pretty set!

Until...results came out. Of course, #blindside, I get voted out 4-3. Blindside for two reasons, (1) I thought Andrew was getting votes that night, not myself, and (2) I thought we had solidified the 4 person majority. Apparently not. Shiloh wouldn't've voted for me, and neither would Andrew have, so of course Mihai flipped. I honestly don't know why he did, I might just be salty but I think it's a ridiculously stupid move on his part. Krill has less of a majority now, but if Shiloh stays with Krill then Krill still has the majority and a new target that they can't trust, Mihai. Getting me out will only make Shiloh, Andrew, Ci'ere, Ivan, and Chrissa mad, or at least I hope it will. And, even if Ferrar sticks together, they'll just vote him out later. I don't see how this will end well for him.

Oh well, I had a lot of fun, even if I didn't make jury, which sucks. I can watch all these people flop from the VL now and give sassy commentary or excited YASSSSS's when stuff happens, so that's fun. I think everyone seemed to like me, so at least I was voted out because I was a threat and not because people were annoyed by me. I hate it when people don't like me, especially in ORGs, because I always try to be as nice as possible to everyone, so I'm hoping it's that I was a threat, lol.

So, that's it. Adios! ❤




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