Day 1Edit

I'm liking my tribe!! I'm clicking with Rhys the most so far, but everyone seems cool. Lowkey hoping we just win every challenge so I don't gotta worry about shit!!


I'm shook at this Panama/Micronesia twist.

We're split into four tribes divided on gender and status in 703. The people on my tribe are Tate, Rhys, Joey, and Jon. I'm trying to get close with Tate and Rhys, I could bond with Tate over being a part of tumblr, and Rhys seems like he's cool. Jon has yet to send me a request so if we lose I want him to go first. However, it's going to be me leaving first because I am going to suck at this. I like skype way more than facebook or discord.

I'm sad that I'm not on a tribe with people I know like Dana, Torsa, or Christine. Dana is like my best friend, Torsa was my very first host ever, and I like Christine she and I can work together well since we were able to make it to a F3 together. My only worry is what she would think of post-game stuff and my jury speech. I think she doesn't care, but that's something that will be in the back of my mind.

I am worried. I don't know how to do anything and it pisses me off. I want to come off as dumb and naive, because then I can be the goat again! ^.^ It's easy for me to be a goat.


first XDDD


hello it is i torsa and i finally made it to the facebook org woohoo

i'm pretty nervous about this game, i'm not gonna lie because i have irl priorities to attend to (I have an SAT this saturday, i have to study for my permit soon and finish my summer homework because i start school in about 2 1/2 weeks but i have a lot to do for my reading assignment) and i'm scared i'm gonna suck at balancing out this with my real life. i'm doing this game for eric bc he didn't make it in LMFAO but i doubt i will make it far, the ORG seems far more competitive than tumblr games lol and i hate being cutthroat bc i despise it when people get upset with me :( but i guess i gotta do what i gotta do!!! i hope not too many people stan/support me bc i'll feel bad if i let them down hiodhsg

dana and i have been getting along real well and ting ting and i have a mutual friend outside the game that we can talk about so hopefully i'll already have majority in my tribe - i love planning ahead and suffering (((:

anyways torsa out i can go on forever but i am so tired lmaoo


IT'S DAY ONE EVERYONE! I'm so excited to play!

So I was late to the party because I had church right when the season started. I thought I would miss a lot because of it, but no one had said anything in the tribe chat when I got back, which is I guess a good thing since that means I didn't miss anything (maybe)!

I'm glad the tribes are small because then it would be easier to be able to get to talk to everyone through PM's. Honestly, so far, I love everyone on the tribe and I just want us to win immunity all the time so we don't have to vote anyone out! Though, of course, if in the event we DO have to go to tribal, I wouldn't want to go, so I've got to secure a good standing with all my tribemates.

I guess it would be reasonable to state my standings with everyone on the tribe right now, initial reactions and thoughts and stuff like that. Ally: We haven't talked at all previously and I've never played any games with her, but she seems really cool and quirky, I've seen her around as being a good player! I think I've talked to her the most at this current time though, and she's expressed wanting to work with me, so that's great. Christine: I haven't talked to her before this game as well, but I think I've played with her on BBUK3. She seems really nice as well, I talked to her a bit, but not much. Tata: I've seen her around and she seems interesting. Other than that, we haven't talked or played any games prior to this. She's cool though! I talked to her a little. Violet: I've talked to her before and played in Kerala with her. I've forgotten the entirety of Kerala as a season, but I hope we were on good terms asdfd she's nice and cool! I should talk to her more.

Overall, all these girls are super cool and I'm not very good at talking but I guess that's what I need to focus on, since the challenge isn't out yet. Though, I don't want to be a bother to them or seem like I'm being too forward. Ahh, I hope I can find the balancing point.




Nvm Jared replied!! Anyways I love this cast, I can see tons of people I can align with if I make it to the swap. As for the anal tribe, I'm ecstatic to see my boy Toby here and if we go to tribal we will proooobably be working together, hopefully none of the other three can sense we're already close :O. Jared seems okay, I heard he can be inactive at times but we'll see. Mikey hosted me one time and I liked him well enough there and I have no idea what to make of Jake yet.


Confessional: So going from a house to an island is a big jump but I don't mind it all, I'm just happy that I get another shot at a game. I like my tribe as of now, I get along with all of them I think. I don't have any solid alliances yet but I'm not going to freak out yet, I'm just gonna hope they naturally come instead of forcing them or waiting too late to make them. My only goal right now at the start of this game is to win to redeem myself from BB3 so I'm just going to pace myself and try my best.


It's been 23 seasons from the last time I'm here, but it's good to finally see new faces, or finally interact with the ones I knew but never talk to (perhaps due to the ""generation gap"" shall I say), and I saw this as a good chance to come back!

I will probably have no idea regarding my performance here, but I will always strive to give my best in whatever seasons I commit. Maybe I should just say that, I have to finish what I start. No matter where I ended up (hopefully better than Australia), I also hope that I perform better than the last time I did in Australia. Exactly three years ago.

I'm back, ladies and gentleman! (Well, maybe if I made it to the Finals later on, and if we implement Jury Debate... *parliamentary mode on*)


Holy cow I just realized that in this second season I played here, both of them are Battle of the Sexes (two-parts, because the other part is Rookies v. Veterans). Iconic.


Damn day 1 of Bora Bora and Sumbawa is like night and day. Sumbawa was popping right off the gate, with everyone talking to everyone, the main chat getting like 1000 messages(which tbf was mostly due to Anarchy) and alliances/friendships forming right away. Bora Bora, at least the Anal tribe, has gotten off to a slow start, with Jared/Jake/Mikey mostly busy and barely any socializing happening. I'm shy so I'm happy with the slow pace but its still weird. I am trying to socialize with everyone though! Its just that an hour break between each message makes the conversation kinda awkward.


Day 2Edit has been two days here in Bora Bora. No one really has talked strategically, or if they have, not to me. So this first challenge is super crucial. I have to go so hard to just make sure even if we lose people see me as a strong competitor.

I've been talking and getting to know my tribe and it's just pretty chill. The only one I haven't talked to at all yet is Jake, which hopefully is the same for the rest of the tribe. I need a super easy target that's not me!

Aromal, Jared, and Toby are all cool people and I'm glad they're on my tribe. I really hope that we do align, though that will be problematic on a tribe of 5. It's really starting to feel like Mongolia all over again, which is uneasy. An alliance of all but one person in a small tribe, more than two tribes from the start of the game. I don't want to go out the same way I did: irrelevant mid-merge juror. So I have to win this challenge.

This season is definitely gonna be super crazy, but hopefully it's controllable. I'm gonna try to be more calm and collected throughout this game, and just use some smooth talking and a good head on my shoulders to make it through.

Here's to a hopefully good season!


So , I'm super stoked to be here. In past games I've played I've been somewhat passive. Played more socially and physically. So , I'm going to try and play a little more aggressive and hopefully it doesn't bite me in the ass.

The tribes of 5 scare me to be honest. There is little room to fuck up , and that scares me. So Lets hope i don't have to go to tribal anytime soon.


The challenge has been here for a while and my tribe's been so quiet. I've been trying to talk in the tribe chat and make it more lively as well as compare scores and stuff, but it's been difficult. Don't get me wrong, I love them and they're probably just busy! It's only the first challenge as well, but everyone seems to like one another, so it would be difficult to have to go to tribal. I don't want to be pushy and bossy and make them more inclined to vote me out either! I'm just trying really hard to get a good score right now. I'm probably just overthinking things, ahhh


I'm pretty nervous starting the season in a tribe of 5, but I feel like I have Aromal already on my side who I'm already getting to know, jared is pretty active and I have past connections with Toby, if we lose I'm going after Michael solely because we haven't spoken yet, this time I'm here to play, and I want to fucking run this game


Idk how my hands feel like after playing this for numerous times consecutively asdfghjkl but... sharks are love, sharks are life... Miami, Sydney, I forgot the other one - Miami is the best af

But meanwhile, I have to say that, I just hope that this tribe is solid with this challenge since I knew we got the same average score of between 1.5-1.6 mil so far (idk if there are any more change to this data), and moreover, we should just strike those planes along lol (behind the scene: a friend and I were accidentally in a ""game-party"" since no one attended the selection we held, so he played Counter Strike while I played Miami Shark... this is captivating)

Man, I'm speechless in the end of the day :v


Attention: You have to drive all the planes down to gain all the points. Omg what did I refer to.


No, I just don't wanna injure my fingers...


Aside of afraid having my fingers injured, I also didn't get to my intended 2mil (yep, as a revenge of I couldn't make this number when it was the final Roadblock of TAR 1 here)... whoa. Okay.

"Ever tried. Ever failed. Try again." (blargh I forgot the whole quote later please lol I'll repost this one)


When my shark didn't even bite my plane, I always wondered, "Dear shark, why don't you just hijack that friggin' plane? There were none recorded in history where sharks hijack a plane, right? Or, the boats/cruise ships/whatever water transportation are, but I'd say it'll be extremely magnanimous IF... these sharks hijack buses or cars... well I'm amazed with the plane also." *cackles*

NEXT (no I'm not gonna do storytelling's "tag team" here)


Zakriah is a man stealing bitch and that's the tea! But for real, this is my first facebook game and I'm dumb so Idk what is goin on. LUCKILY, in what I assume was an attempt to separate me from my bb Rob, who is one of my good friends from Tumblr orgs, I've been put on a tribe with Torsa and Ting Ting, who also both play on tumblr. Torsa hosted me in my first game, so she's my #1 bitch right now. Ting Ting and I didn't know each other, but know some mutual people so like... it hasn't been hard to decide to work with her. I think i'll try to pull the three of us together when we inevitably lose. And you're probably like "Omg Dana be more optimistic! You're so good at challenges, especially flash games!!!"... but @ viewers... VANNE DOES NOT OWN A COMPUTER AND CAN'T SUBMIT FOR IMMUNITY. So catch me throwing lewks and shade at the first tribal council of the season ladies!


No 8, 3 and 2 of this list is me after playing Miami Shark for the last 9 hours before submitting, precisely the last 3 or 2 interrupted by a meeting (

But seriously, the cramp on my right hand made me can't sleep. Anyone can wish me a good night's sleep, or is it just my fault to strongly pressed that keyboard? Note that I couldn't stand typing this confessional with my only left using my phone...

But well. I got another way to say crap in this condition. CRAMP. Medics please.


This challenge? Demonic. Why do y'all think this is fun for anyone. I'm getting carpal tunnel and a migraine from this goddamn flash game.

We better fucking win.


Day 3Edit

Okay I am in no way shape or form surprised that our tribe lost. Vanne told me last night that he wasn't going to be able to get computer access to do the challenge - which sucks but like that would make us lose the challenge immediately (well that was my assumption and I was correct on that!) What I am surprised about is the fact that I got the highest score within my tribe for this! I usually suck ass when it comes to any sort of flash games but this is a first (I was barely the high score though lol).

Umm hopefully Ting Ting, Dana and I will make up the majority - it's my ideal majority on this tribe - and we can vote out Vanne lol because Amanda seems really cool and talking to Vanne is pretty difficult so there's that lol


I really want the idol, so to do that, I'm going to attempt to get Anau to work together, feed them completely wrong answers, and find the idol myself. I want that idol and I want it now!


Toby finally fucking comes online and we have a quick conversation which makes me a little more calm. He says the same thing in that no one else is really talking to him and hopefully that's fine because it means we're all chill.

Blessed. I think Aromal and Jared went to sleep and aren't online so hopefully we can talk tomorrow!

I weirdly feel confident? I know that's a quick way to exit the game but I do think no one feels the need to talk game yet. That will sink us when it's a swap or a merge, but hopefully it ends up in my favor.


So the cast seems like a good mix of seasoned players and newer people. The Motu tribe all has capable players with some experience behind them. Everyone knows I won Main so that puts a target on my back already. The whole tribe seems super chill so I hope we don't lose any challenges soon. I get a good vibe from John and Rob so far mostly because they have real pictures on their profiles.


I guess, my cramping (includes that confessional I made in 2am my time) paid off already. No Tribal Council for us yeay! But more time to interact. I'll see what the lines are atm.


Confessional: So my tribe came in first at the challenge which I'm very glad about because I don't have to worry about being first boot, along with that I got the highest score so I'm proud of myself for being able to achieve that. Jake suggested that we look together for the idol which I'm not too excited about because this isn't a team game and that's going to show quickly when we lose a challenge. I'm going along with it for now because I don't want to be the one to bring a negative vibe this early in the game but at the end of the day I'm playing for myself and myself only.


Lmao Jared is fucking L Y I N G when he says that he "guessed pete" for the idol clue. Which fucking pete Jared?!?!? There have been more then one to play the game!


Super pumped we won immunity because I stayed up till 4 am to do that challenge and it was worth it! The feel of the game is still SO WEIRD, people are sharing idol guesses in the tribe chat? I kinda like it?? but Im also weirded out by it. I think we should be okay for the next challenge too. Also 2 abstains in the first challenge? Floreal?? I can't see how Vanne is going to survive this, as if the abstain wasn't bad enough she's also kind of a social mess. I wouldn't be too sad to see her go, some idiot might think just because we played on Sichuan together we might be close or something.


I'm stoked we won the first challenge. I haven't really bonded closely with anyone yet. So its good I don't have to test relationships yet. Hopefully I can put my foot in the door before we have to.


So, I'm super excited to be back! Antarctica was not exactly the best season of mine, and I'm here to pursue redemption at all costs - prove that I can play Survivor and do it well, and go for broke doing it! Having four tribes is good for me, I think, as Anau is strong in challenges, so I hope that we will stay divided like this for a bit longer, might give me a little more time to be immune, and the longer I'm safe, the better.

I really like this tribe, I'm getting along well with everyone. I haven't made any firm strategic alliances or vote plans, but I think that's wise at this time - Anau is so mellow and calm that if I try to overplay my hand at this point, I'll be singled out and voted off - better to lay low, make friends, and hopefully be on good terms with everybody come a swap.


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