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"Daybreak Werewolf"
Season The Genius II
Episode Number 2/11
Episode Chronology
Previous ID Exchange
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Daybreak Werewolf is the second episode of The Genius II.

Main Match[]

Daybreak Werewolf. The interactions between werewolves and villagers make up One Night Ultimate Werewolf. The villagers will attempt to kill the werewolves, while the werewolves will attempt to avoid being killed.

Player Identity Ability Vote
TG2Rob.pngRob Sentinel

(switched to Werewolf)

Would select a player whose card could not be looked at or changed by other players (Eddie). Sim
TG2Eddie.pngEddie Alpha Wolf (shielded) Would select a player to switch cards with the unused card. Sim
TG2Toby.pngToby Mystic Wolf

(switched to Dream Wolf)

Would look at another player's card. Sim
TG2Carson.pngCarson Witch

(switched to Insomniac)

Would look at one unused card and switch it with one player's card. Toby
TG2William.pngWilliam Troublemaker Would swap two players' cards. Toby
TG2Ben.pngBen Drunk (switched to Witch) Would switch identities with one of the unused players. Toby
TG2Eva.pngEva Revealer Would select a player whose card would be publicly revealed (Brian). Toby
TG2Nick.pngNick Tanner Would win if he died. Sim
TG2Brian.pngBrian Bodyguard Would vote for a player to have all votes negated. N/A


TG2Sim.pngSim Villager N/A Toby
TG2Konstantinos.pngKonstantinos Konstantinos N/A Toby
TG2Tom.pngTom Dream Wolf (switched to Mystic Wolf) N/A Sim
Unused Young Seer Would look at one unused roles. N/A
Investigator Could look at two other players' cards.
Insomniac (switched with Drunk) Would be notified of their card after all changes.
Werewolf (switched with Sentinel) N/A

In a vote of 6-5, Toby was killed and the members of the Village Team were declared the winners. Toby decided to send Tom to the Death Match.

Death Match[]

5:5 Game. In the 5:5 Game, players would ask three questions in an attempt to get five "Yes" and five "No" responses to each question.

Competitor Number of 5:5 Ratios Result
TG2Tom.pngTom 3 Advanced
TG2Toby.pngToby 0 Eliminated


  • This is the only episode where Eva or Carson win a Token of Life.
  • Rob, Nick, and Eddie are the only players to have not yet received a Token of Life.

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