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Day 10[]

I feel defeated. Brian went and I figured he would. Worst case happened and all three of those bitches stayed, and my booski Matt left..-sigh- Chris and I are gonna stick together and try to get Andrew back..but Iost hope at this point. I'm hoping they don't try to throw the challenge or something. Damn do I hope we tribe swap, I can't deal with this.


I...I can't believe this. Even think about it makes me want to cry again..Matt, I'm so glad to have met you and you seriously went to bat for me the entire time. You were my ride or die, and I appreciate you risking your game to protect me <3 it makes me sad to know you're gone, and I'm going to be right after you..but thank you for being an awesome ride or die, and an awesome friend. Ily Matt, nothing less. ☺


It's been HELL IN SAN MARCOS, at least for the past 24 hours.

I was awake all night because I was studying for my exam, so despite being awake for some odd 30 hours, I can definitely say I've had a long night.

Firstly, I will openly admit to stalling Hannah and Brian with the excuse that Nathaniel wasn't online. Luckily it's a Monday, so he immediately had to go to school, but I was able to type him a quick summary of everything that happened, and being twinsies, we were on the same page on what to do.

Now the rest of my morning I was commuting to school, and writing my exam so I wasn't online for a while, but wow did I miss alot.

Brian rank into the tribal chat, and OPENLY CAMPAIGNED TO GET ME OUT. Was he not begging me to vote out Rhi just last night? and now suddenly he's begging Rhi to vote me out instead. He says it's because I lied to him, and although there was a 85% I was going to vote him out, I wasn't going to tell him that? This is a game buddy, and I don't regret not trusting him.

Now I'm not very confrontational, but I'm not gonna let him think he can walk all over me in the public chat, so I go off. I call him out on his hypocritical statements. Calling me a flip-flopper? BITCH THAT IS YOU. NOT ME.

I felt bad after, especially since he just got voted off and it was basically salt in the wound, and I basically became Hannah's number 1 target as well, but I don't blame myself.

Brian said I wasn't online enough, but Nathaniel being offline enough is what saved him, because he didn't have to deal with all that.

Anyways it's done, it's over, I survived the craziest vote I've been a part of, and I'm excited to move forward with this wonderful group of people, who I can finally, openly trust! It was a dark night, but the European morning via Nathaniel and Rhi have provided me the opportunity to continue!


Finally that clusterfuck of a round is over, I feel bad for Brian but he turned to a straight mess towards the end of that, not to mention Hannah kinda fucked Herself over if we end up going back to tribal considering she showed she was willing to do pretty much anything to save Brian and that didn't set well with a lot of people, especially Nick/Rhi considering they were the people she was kinda throwing under the bus, so I'm afraid they may target her if we're to lose again, but if that's the case I'll see what I can do but I can't risk sacrificing my game like she did for Brian, that wasn't smart on any level. On another note, I'm really ready for a swap, assuming we're following Tokelau format, one comes after this round, so I need to prepare to be a bit more social than I've gotten used to on this tribe with Sim being asleep most of the time, Nathaniel being in a different time zone, and Rhi & Nick working constantly, but Hannah and I talk regardless, I just need to establish bonds very quickly and show i can be an asset in challenges, but not show off my challenge ability too much because if we do swap next round we'll probably only stay there for 3 rounds, again that's just me assuming shit from Tokelau, but we'll find out soon enough! :~)


Now that the eye candy from Catarina has been voted out, there’s no reason for me to hold back when it comes to going after them. My main goal is still getting to the end and winning, of course, but I’ll make sure that they won’t be there to try and take that away from me.

As for the challenge, my vision is not 20/20, so I hope I don’t screw things up for my tribe. I personally need that clue so I could find the idol and take on bigger risks.


Asdfghjkl WHAT A DAY.

Turns out Ryan and I share a birthday so there's no way I can vote out that kind of bond. So after everyone turned out to be massive liars we decided to vote Malik because fuck the alliance, and whadaya know, Matt and Chris lied again and voted for me, shocker. Which btw was the dumbest thing they could've ever done, if they wanted me out they should've told me to vote Andrew or something so that it wasn't a tie because rip Matt, enjoy watching me from the viewers lounge. The other two beautiful humans drew a rock for me so I'm now playing for them to win. I feel kinda bad that I like destroyed the tribe but they were pretty quick to try and vote me out lmao so whatever. It's an honour to have been labelled a snake.


I want to win this challenge because I need the clue, but since it’s only for reward, I think that my tribe mates wouldn’t put too much effort into it. I mean, I really can’t force them to work too hard for something that would only benefit any one of us, and if I do, I know that they’re going to hold it against me.


The tribals last night were totally crazy. Tacana was divided and went to rocks and Matt, who I'm told is a giant threat, drew the short straw. Drawing rocks is a risk I'd never take in this game, especially premerge, but he did it and he paid the penalties.

Tacana being so divided really causes issues for the whole ""Newbies Alliance"" that all of Quetzal preaches. They're not as unified as we are and that hurts any chances of unification between the newbie tribes.

Catarina is unified, but not in the way I'd like it to be. When Brian went 6-1 I was pretty upset. There went my 1 positive preexisting tie to the returnee tribe.

Then. twist of all twists, There wasn't a swap and we have a reward-only challenge. They got some shit planned for us...

Right now the chances of finding the idol for me are slim. I'm looking around and I just don't get it. Behind a picture in the forums? That doesn't make sense. You can't put something behind a picture. We're hoping the 3rd clue gives it away.


So we went to rocks last night and i'm still fuckin shook but equally happy bc Matt is gone :')

he made yesterday's tribal so messy from my pov. He kept throwing out different names and telling me & Andrew different/opposite shit and it annoyed me. I was floundering all day trying to figure out if i was actually the target and whether i need to use the idol or not & on who bc i'm NOT tryna play this incorrectly lol

At the start of the day I was deadset on taking out Matt even if it meant using my idol. Legit no fucks to give; he tried to play me & I wasn't having it. Somehow Andrew, Claudia, & I wound up voting for Malik lol and I'm still confused on how that happened. Claudia was under the impression Matt/Chris were gonna flip on Malik but like.... I knew that was never gonna happen. But Claudia sent her vote in first and it was too up in the air for me & Andrew to vote Matt together and like we'd know for sure we at least had 3 on Malik

I was so shocked to see that those 3 voted for Claudia tho like 0-o tf lol. I thought they trusted her but from what they wrote on the parchments that was def not the case. Something fishy must've gone down but at this point idec it's in the past.

I lowkey made a fool of myself especially to Malik yesterday lol because when there was like 20 mins to deadline I resorted to believing Matt/Chris voted Malik and I still didn't want him to go really, so I campaigned to him hardbody to vote Matt with me and Andrew lol. Literally we almost did which is the funny thing fjashdjkf Malik is a good ass liar, real talk. If he had tried to assure me he voted Matt one more time we probably would have ended up in a 3-2-1 with Claudia leaving kfasjdkljf but luckily that was avoided

I'm a slut for rocks and I'm living for us making it happen so early in the season, and also for the fact that the game finally had an interesting tribal

Yesterday lowkey played out so perfectly even though the lead-up was messy as hell on my part lol. I was shook when the lottery or w.e made me & Andrew safe first so it came down to Matt/Chris fjlkjsdlkjf #karma

The target bounced from the 3 targetting me/Andrew to me targetting Matt to the vote somehow flipping onto Malik 0-o and then for those 3 to flip it onto Claudia bc they wanted to throw a curveball i guess lmao? Regardless it was iconic and I'm so grateful to have made it thru with my homies and my idol still safe in pocket

..............actually i just remembered i handed my idol to Claudia before the rock draw because I didnt want to go home with it fjaksdfk lmao I have to get that back from her rip awkward


Well we just drew fucking rocks at the final 18 and I think it was all my fault oops. The plan started to vote out Ryan which was fine because I thought he was a shit stirrer, which he is but whatever. Then he tell me about the idol he has so I think ok fine well let him play his idol and then we can idol out Matt. I let Chris in on the plan because I think I can trust him. I can't trust him obviously so Malik/Chris/Matt all vote Claudia to avoid the idol. I still wanted to make nice with everyone and make a unanimous vote to make sure we're all happy and together. Chris and Matt both agreed to vote Malik which was fine, but Obviously Malik was tighter with them than I thought.

Sooo then they vote for Claudia, we vote for Malik and at this point I'm so fucking blinded by rage because all they had to do was fucking tell me it was Claudia and I would have been OK with it and gone along and taken the 4th spot in that alliance and rode it like a mechanical bull to the end. Once we got a tie there was no way I could switch because if Ryan had the idol and we went to TC again sans Claudia I would have been the next one gone. Plus I'm a bitter bitch. So after the revote the survivor gods smiled on us and Matt went home. Now I want to throw this immunity challenge so I can cut Malik and we can go into a swap in a bit of a better situation.


I am so disappointed with my tribe. We came in last place because this challenge is only for reward. I honestly dislike people who don't work hard to earn their place in the game. Yes, they may be bad at challenges, but I think some of them think that being bad at challenges is a strategy. IT'S NOT!


I can't believe we lost reward by .1 LITERALLY..... like .1 Oh well everyone tried their best but losing by .1 is just so sad. Besides this game today has been awful 😂


The Quetzal idol might have already been found. Probably by Elmo, because he was the one who told me about Felix's picture which lead to the Catarina puzzle...

I have been searching through all the images for similar instances but I can't seem to find Quetzal's...

So, as I have just mentioned, it may have already been found. If that's not the case, I would assume that the hosts just forgot to add one that leads to the puzzle for the Quetzal idol.


Day 11[]

We won the reward by .1 points i'm shook?

And I got the highest score in the cast? double shookt?? tbh I didn't even worry about winning it but I guess i'm glad we did lol. Andrew was talm bout throwing immunity but like? eh I don't see the point personally. Malik & Chris are cool and i think we can mend relationships and hopefully all 5 of us can make it to the swap and work with each other no matter how we're mixed up

Overall i'm in a really good spot mentally, physically, and strategically and i'm elated lol


This live challenge couldn't come at a worse time!! Like seriously ..... time zones & busy schedules... ughhhhhh




So, we're most likely going to lose this challenge, considering I have work today & tomorrow, Hannah has dance, Rhi is always working, Nathaniel is in an odd timezone, basically this challenge is just not for us, and I'm worried about how everything may go for us, next tribal could be a very big mess and I'm not looking forward to that, idk if I'd get targeted or not but if worse comes to worst then I always have my idol that I'm not even sure is real lmao. If they want to target Hannah I REAAALLY do not want to do that but just looking back at last tribal she kinda threw herself under the bus as being untrustworthy, so Idk what to do if her name is suggested. I'm gonna discuss this with some other people just to see how they feel about it and see if I can get a plan kinda going before all this starts so I can be prepared.


So, it looks like the Rainbow Alliance will not be happening, as I started a new (and better) alliance with Brandon and Elmo. The BRElliance. These two take the challenges seriously, and are both very easy to work with so if I could go deep with them into this game, it would be amazing.

As for the challenge, it’s very testing, and I don’t know what we can actually do about time constraints to help us win the challenge. I think the BRElliance came at the right time, as I feel like the next vote is not going to be unanimous anymore…


It’s a little difficult for me to be well-behaved in the game of Survivor and I don’t know why… I’m an entirely different person outside of this game, so I feel like when I’m on game mode, the game is really taking over my system. With that, however, it would be impossible for me to become the "Darling of the Press" (or the Darling of the Hosts, if I might add) because I am always overthinking that it makes me a little despicable when it comes to even the simplest of things.


I honestly think that we're throwing it. Seriously, we do not suck this much at a challenge without actually trying to right? I hate this challenge I don't just hate how inconvenient it is, how confusing it is, and how much time or energy it takes, but I hate the fact that it's very easy to throw it. It's very easy to just not try, because as much effort as it requires, it doesn't show.

I'm scared that my tribe is throwing without me as some master plot, I don't know why I'm so paranoid but something doesn't add up. Why isn't Hannah trying? I mean if she really cared she wouldn't just not post for 12+ hours, righT?? She would be the one that would be scrambling the hardest to win. I'm scared she has an idol, and who better to vote off than me, the one who screwed her and Brian for revenge???

I'm paranoid, but I will stay paranoid to survive. I can't split the vote, that would automatically screw me moving forward, and more enemies is NOT what I need. I want to vote out Hannah unanimously, but one idol could fuck all that up. I don't have the best track record with idols. I've been searching for it, but with the combined challenges of time, and over a thousand forums to sort through, I've found no luck. FML.


Alright so this fucking sucks, this challenge was not in our favor since the time it was announced since Nick had finals and work, Hannah had school and dance, I had work and went in at the EXACT TIME the challenge started, Nathaniel had to sit out and he was one of the only ones who could post, Rhi was probably working, just we were an absolute mess this challenge because of real life obligations. But now to make the round even BETTER most people want to vote Hannah out because of what she did last round, if she would've just went along with the Brian vote she wouldn't have had to worry, but now I'm in a situation where it looks like most people want to vote her, and the only person we could even possibly get out is Rhi, Nathaniel seemed a little willing but I'm not sure, this just isn't looking good for Hannah and it breaks my heart because I want to play this game with her but she completely threw herself under the bus with Brian last tribal like I thought she would, I could always use my idol but i want to save it for myself, I know that's selfish but this game is meant to be played selfishly, that's how you win, so if you go tonight, I'm really sorry Hannah.


I'm really happy that Catarina is throwing this challenge, because if we went to tribal I have a feeling i'd be the one getting voted out.

I don't mean to be over paranoid and I never want to be that player that's constantly paranoid for no reason. However, I feel like I'm slowly drifting toward the bottom of my tribe. Me and Jenna are the weakest in challenges and I don't feel like the alliance of her, me and Brandon is that strong.

Not being able to help in this challenge really hurts my position in this game. I'm feeling really shitty about the game right now in general. The past few days have been kinda rough with my job and my life and this game is adding to it. I feel like because of all that I'm lacking socially and strategically, I don't think I've even tried guessing for the idol in like 3 days. To top that off, everything I say seems to silence the chat. That worries me more than anything.

My only real asset is my Charisma. I'm not that good at challenges, I'm not very strategic, and at times I can be a non-stop talker and an emotional powerhouse. If I'm not charming and people don't find me to be likable, funny or unthreatening I'm as good as gone. I'm selling personality and if my tribe isn't buying it they're gonna tell me to hit it.

I'm happy it's gonna be Catarina going to tribal and not us. I'm pretty much ready to lay down and die rn


Day 12[]

So Hannah suggests to me a majority alliance, her, me, Brian, and Nathaniel. I'm only open to this because I came into this tribe knowing that me and Nathaniel are somewhat ORG outsiders, while the rest of them are somewhat established with each other. I definitely trust Nathaniel more than Austin, who I trust 2nd.

So Hannah IMMEDIATELY forms a chat, but Nathaniel is asleep now, and I'm freaking out alone. but also Nathaniel hasn't voted yet, so at least there's that.

Hannah also says to me, ""They're gonna pick you off."" I ask her who ""they"" is and she basically says all of them, aka Nick, Austin and Rhi. I don't believe her, I have a majority alliance with these people, or at least most of them. I especially trust Austin, but I have reason to trust her and Brian because Austin was the one pushing for Brian to go. Now I tell her that I know Nick and Rhi are close, which is only the second duo that I know of besides her and Brian of course! However, I didn't know Austin and Nick were close as well.

I think about what this means, because I have constantly pushed for Rhi to be a part of this alliance, knowing not to isolate her because Nick and her are friends, but Nick has never actually bothered to agree with me. I GAVE HIM SO MANY CHANCES. Perphaps he's trying to avoid a target because of it, but I wish he would give me SOMETHING.

Anyways, I'm giving Hannah a chance and not putting all my eggs in one basket, but I HATE being a swing vote. Either way I'm going to piss some people off, but luckily Nathaniel and I are stuck in this together. We can share the blame! I'm leaning towards voting off Brian, for the simple fact that I started that other alliance, so me being the one to betray it would be a mess, and I trust Austin a lot. I've also formed a legit bond with Nick at this point, and Hannah and Brian have rarely approached me on a social level. I just need to talk to Nathaniel, and assess how close these duos really are. I have a hard time confronting anyone, and although I'm drowning in heart emojis thanks to Brian, I think I'll let both sides think they're getting what they want until tribal council is posted.


So this vote is dumb as hell. Sim is coming for me because I'm guilty by association for being friends with Brian. Like ??????? Great gameplay Sim 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Let me give you a round of applause. I don't want to vote Nathaniel out but I need to do what's best for my own game & if I want to stay then unfortunately Nathaniel has to go.... which sucks because I only really 110% trust Austin & Nathaniel ....


Lord this was supposed to be such an easy round with Hannah leaving but everything is changing now. So, I stumbled upon the idol, but it turns out someone else already took it. Since it was pretty buried in the wikia, I think it's either Austin or Nathaniel. I interrogated Austin, but I don't think he has it if he does he's doing a real good job at lying. So my gut is telling me it's Nathaniel which is making me target him. This whole thing needs to be extremely tight lipped since if it gets leaked he can potentially idol me out. I'm also kinda worried about how Sim is gonna react because he's being left out of this and I really do enjoy working with him. Hopefully everything tonight goes according to plan and Nathaniel goes home.


Det här har varit en jobbig runda. Först förlorade vi belöningstävlingen med 0,1(!) poäng, och sedan kom immunitetstävlingen. Jag var den enda som kunde vara online under det mesta av tiden, men då de andra inte kunde bestämma sig för vem som skulle stå över tävlingen, gick jag och lade mig. När jag vaknade, hade ingen kommenterat något, så Nuno valde någon slumpmässigt, och jag fick stå över tävlingen. Vi förlorade, och min vidskepliga sida blec väldigt orolig, då jag i Kanada blev den sjätte personen som åkte ut, efter att min för övrigt dominanta stam förlorade en tävling jag stod över. Jag var där den andra personen i stammen som röstades ut, och vi var sex personer som besökte örådet. Jag blev även förrådd av min allians där. Jag hoppas dock att det inte är fallet ikväll. Det verkar som Hannah åker hem, och även fast Austin och jag försökte rädda henne, ville Sim och Rhi rösta på henne väldigt mycket, och Nick höll med. Hannah har försökt få oss att dra stenar för henne, men Austin och jag vågar inte riskera det. Jag hoppas verkligen att saker förändras efter detta - rösta ut Hannah är hemskt, och jag vill inte behöva göra något sådant igen på ett bra tag. Om jag överlever det här örådet har jag överkommit en stor del av min Kanada-förbannelse, och isåfall känner jag på mig att saker kommer gå bra. Om inte, så var det här inte menat att bli, och 703 kommer att hålla mig fångad i samma förbannelse för alltid...


This round felt really quiet, but I think it's only because the last round was so hectic. I felt like Hannah scrambled more for Brian than she is for herself, but I suppose she predicted that Brian was her last hope, and I guess in this case, she was right!

Hannah's a really sweet girl, and I feel bad about voting her out, she tried to approach me and we did some small talk before I fell asleep, but I had nothing to say to her. I got in trouble last time for giving Brian false hope, so I was not about to make that mistake again, but I can't actually bring myself to wave her goodbye until after the votes are read.

As nice as Hannah is, I could never trust her again, it sounds harsh but I just couldn't bring myself to. I screwed her over and voted out her closest friend, who definitely left with me on rocky terms.

Aside from that, the best part about Hannah leaving is the remaining members of Catarina. We're all very united, and I can honestly say that I love it. I've grown really close to Rhi, Austin and Nathaniel as friends, and for some reason I haven't talked to Nick much, but he is definitely part of the package. I should really detach myself from them, but I assume we're still a while away from the merge, and even then being united will be helpful until a certain point. I have no reason to betray any of these people, as they haven't betrayed me, and I'm really happy with the people I get to play with. This is why splitting the votes, as easy it would be, for me to go to my alliance and throw 2 votes towards Rhi, I would never. I wouldn't want her to go out anyways, but I legitimately trust her vote more than Austin's. That is not to imply that I don't trust Austin, it's just that his perspective on the tribal filled me with some doubt, whereas Rhi and I were kinda in the same boat. As I'm contemplating this, perhaps I should try and sleep with one eye open, even with people like Austin and Rhi. However, I can say, I have no problem telling Nathaniel everything. I've never felt like I ever had to stop myself from saying anything to him, if I were to tell you who my -closest ally- is as of right now, it's Nathaniel.

Now if Hannah has an idol this whole thing will be really embarrassing, but I suppose that her somewhat reaching out to me means she doesn't? Let's hope so!


I want to leave my final words here 😂

So before I leave I wanted to say a few things ....

Austin - You've promised Brian you would try, and now you've promised me you would try to save me. LITERALLY YOU TOLD ME YOU WOULD FIGHT SO HARD FOR ME & WOULDNT GIVE UP. SO WTF HAPPENED TO THAT???? WHAT HAPPENED???? and then in the end of the day, you wuss out. Good job at playing the game, Austin! This is living proof a man can live without a brain. Hope Rhi and Nick drag you to the end.

Nick - You didn't really make much of an effort to talk to me. I messaged you first throughout this game. But you're calling the shots & running the show. So I hope you make it far.

Rhi - ily girl I wish we could've worked together. I know you tried & I explained my reasoning to you. It's just too bad it didn't work out. I guess Barney doesn't get his revenge ... 😭

Nathaniel - I'm glad you were in this game, someone sane I can talk to. I hope you do well, you're one of the most loyal people here.

Sim- You know I would really like to see things from your point of view but I can't get my head that far up my ass. You're dumb as hell, literally you started targeting me for being guilty by association with Brian?? Like okay bitch bye. I can't wait to see you get voted out. Id like to leave you with one last thought .. but I'm not sure you have anywhere to put it.

Thank you guys I had fun & good luck.

I also dragged some of the hosts for no reason other than fun. But I'm glad I got to come back & play. I'm very sad I got voted out BUT good luck Nathaniel


Alright so this is my dilemma right now, Nick comes up to me saying he thinks he knows where the idol is and tells me only him Nathaniel and myself know how to use the wiki so he thinks that Nathaniel has found it, and of course I'm not gonna just be like oh no I found it don't worry !! But ANYWAY because of this, he tells me that he wants to blindside Nathaniel since he thinks he has the idol, and this puts me in a tough spot because Nathaniel I know is pretty loyal to me and he's a nice guy, but if I do this it saves Hannah, and then on the other hand he was the only one willing at first to save Hannah and vote Rhi, so basically I'm either flipping on two people I'm pretty sure are loyal to me (Sim & Nathaniel) or voting out Hannah, and I really want Hannah to stay, but if I let this happen I'm letting Nathaniel get eliminated for basically no reason since I'm actually the one who has the idol and I'll feel bad but at the end of the day it's not me and it's not Hannah so sorry Nathaniel if nothing changes I think things are looking bad for you


Okay so nevermind @ all of the Nathaniel vote stuff Nick talked to Rhi and she wasn't on board at all, so unfortunately there's nothing I can do besides get Nathaniel to tie the vote with us and that's useless and causes unnecessary turmoil, so it's looking like rip Hannah now ):


I've been campaigning to stay, but I don't know if it's gonna work. I tried to hard to save Brian & now it's coming back to bite me. ): I don't want my second chance to be over already. I really want to be here. I'm hoping we can at least tie the vote. That would be better I guess idk. I really want to stay. & Austin literally just wants to give up. LIKE SERIOUSLY???? Austin please. I hope we can tie the vote


Since I'm getting voted out this is my second last confessional. But I'm literally getting voted out because of the Brian thing..... this is what I get .... fuck. I'm so upset. I actually cared about this hard. I campaigned as hard as I could but I guess it just wasn't good enough. 😔


Hannah is begging Nathaniel and I to tie the vote and FOR WHAT!!!! Like we tie it then the fuck what??? We go to rocks and you're safe and Nathaniel and I now have a 50/50 shot of going?? Doesn't sound very fucking appealing to me I'm sorry Hannah but just because I don't wanna throw my game out the window like you did for Brian doesn't mean I don't care about you and want you to stay, it just means I can realize that I can't save you before i fuck myself over trying to keep you, the whole reason you are where you are now is because you tried to save Brian, stop asking me to fuck myself over. I love you but this is a game and my hands are tied and this is what I think is best for my game.