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Day 2[]

i hate this TWIST

how am i supposed to team with someone i've barely spoken to???????????

i'm seriously... so fucked lol


This twist is pure cruelty and everyone knows it. This is like Palau Koror 2.0


Okay so, we just

Voted off stephen and some other guy. It was an easy vote off but now were in tribes of TWO omg im so... im happy i didnt get assigned with someone im close to so now i have other people protecting me And watching out for me from other tribes so thats nice. Todays goal is to win reward I need it ! Im thirsty for an idol alsooooo i need to establish some new connections i will pm new people


Well, I think day 1 was a pretty clean sweep on the vote for us to be honest, literally everyone voted for Jacob or Stephen, and that includes Jacob and Stephen. Elias and I threw our votes at Whitney because you can honestly never be too safe with idols, I figured I'd take this opportunity to talk about the game and the duos at this point with the ten tribes of two twist.

On Pukalani we have Bradley and Elias. Bradley is open about having played other orgs like myself, and he's played on discord. He instantly recognized me because I played with his friend Roodman on Morocco and more than anything, that reminded me that I'm here to play differently than I did there, no flopping in the final six immunity challenge (especially if I get there with this big cast) and no being a douche. Elias and I threw our votes away together and obviously I trust him a great deal, he's a really cool dude but he's won Bang-A-Rang and I will always keep it in the back of my head how tight he and Luca were in that, and also how he's capable of winning this game.

Nanakuli is Eve and myself. At first I was nervous talking to Eve because we came for eachother in BBUK, but the conclusion about that was... it's honestly just BBUK lmao and we can't cry over spilled milk. I'm happy to be working with her more than I am to be working against her especially since I did have a rather nice conversation with her this morning!!

Alex and Matthias is an interesting pair because they're similar and different in many ways. Both have past experience but played on different sites, both are Europeans from small countries but in very different ones etc. Both of them are chill but if i had to pick who I'm keeping, at this point it would be Alex. We've had better conversations thus far and mine with Matthias haven't come as naturally imho.

Waikahe is Nic and Matt. I feel again with Nic I've only had a pretty superficial bond with at anarchy but he said he'd like to work together. Matt is a cool dude though, I appreciated how quickly he adapted to his fashionably late entrance to the tribe chat and he builds conversation well. I can totally tell though that like myself he enjoys the hell out of scheming and strategy. At this point I'd prefer Matt to stay.

Luapele!! (The Bali tribe LOL) I feel like David is kind of weighed down by Christina in challenge ability and he feels that but David I think will survive against Christina in any kind of head to head contest of physical or social game. Christina is a very nice and wholesome person but David is MY DUDE and I'm happy to play with him completely.

Luca and Mikey are next. Mikey imo hasn't really changed much gameplay wise since I played with him in Koror Palau which ironically also had an anarchy chat. He's always been active in the tribe chat but doesn't initiate convos in pms which makes him come across as fake, I do the opposite I believe. Luca is a really cool guy and obviously I'm aligned with him and we've got a lot in common (both love sports, both from Eastern Europe, both have an appreciation for hot women) but I am weary of him because he obviously knows what he's doing and I think he'll always be closer to Elias than me.

Ohana is Kyle and Jake. Oh man, I really like both of these guys but I can't see them having very much challenge ability which sucks. Kyle was someone I was familiar with coming in and he was THE first person to approach me about aligning in this game. Jake is also amazing and is legitimately one of the funniest people I've ever had a conversation with. I'm aligned with both and I think both can go far in this game. I'm not totally sure who I'd prefer staying in for the benefit of my game but for now I'd probably go with my alliance and save Jake.

Gabe and Wendy, similar to Kyle and Jake I really like both of them but I don't think they're challenge beasts. Gabe is an amazing friend to me and I know I can count on him but he has been a little bit inactive at the start and I cannot really see him staying over Wendy especially with the alliance I have. Which is fine, Wendy is totally cool and you have to put personal friendships aside just to further yourself sometimes.

Whitney and Rafael being together is a duo that I'm instantly going to throw out there and say that they will lose this challenge, and it's for the best too. Neither of them are that social and I really don't want Whitney staying around and potentially finding out I voted her. Rafael is a cool guy but he expressed a lot of paranoia with me at anarchy and I appreciate that he opened up to me about it. I'd whole heartedly prefer Rafael to stay but at this point i think both of them are expendable.

Last but not least we have Moana which is Erin and Emily. Erin and I have played together before on YouTube, she's hosted me before. We know the threat we pose to each other in this game but she definitely wouldn't actively go against me unless she had a reason to. Emily is great, she's probably one of the people I connected most with personally and I would totally put my head out for her to stay in the game longer, but I doubt I need to. Erin hasn't made many connections and is probably a bit focused on Last Stand as well.

There's my thoughts on everyone!!!! Here's to hoping the first challenge goes well :P


Im v surprised by what this cast think "messness" is just wait till they piss me the fuck off


Day 3[]

So everything went my way this vote, the two people we wanted gone left and I'm here for it. Sorry Stephen! Sorry Jacob! Should've been more active!


This twist is insane omf. I saw the names on the wiki but I lowkey didn't believe it bc it's so absurd. I guess anything can happen this season which is fun. I'm happy I'm with Jake. He seems nice enough and I think I could forge a bond with him.


Alright so a lot of shit happened today mostly my fault lmao. First of all, I did not realize the deadline was 12:30 am and not pm so I almost got a strike for the first challenge. Second, I've been away from orgs so long I did not realize that hosts no longer took highest scores. Luckily, we still managed to win immunity. Reading is what? Fundamental. Do it children. Also I formed an alliance with Matt today, he's an icon and I relate to him on so many levels.