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Day 16[]

THATS RIGHT I FUCKING DID THAT! I may be a cheerleader but I'll split you RIGHT OUT OF THE GAME. do NOT mess with Gubbles! Now Kyle is crawling back to me trying to reinstate our alliance like....wtf, NO. This isn't "Fool me once shame on you", its fool me once get the fuck out.


Eve definitely has got to be steaming after Wendy took out her right hand man. I'll bet you they want to throw the challenge. This is gonna be rough. I need just a few more rounds to make jury so I can add to my previous STD speech. If I don't make it, I will infect myself with chlamydia...and die.



703 Survivor Chaos - Day 16

– Aras

Rupert blessed me today everyone. He is the only Survivor I have met in real life and today I found out he was the Axupa idol!! I now know where THREE idols are in this game. Very few people even know about one. I once made a sloppy trio of Axupa 2.0 (Aras/Me/Bradley) and 48 hours later that alliance has an absurd three idols! Part of me wants to just message the chat and say "yoo there are three flipping idols in this chat right now boys" but it could be messy. I don't plan on telling anyone about mine, which could break trust ultimately, but I saw too many people's games end in Bali over revealing an idol.

Bradley legit only told me, and Aras told Alex and Wendy, meaning he didn't tell Luca, Elias or Jake. Elias and Luca are people I want super far in this game with me, so the fact they were left out of Aras's idol snatch might be enough to flip them on him since the trust isn't there. This wouldn't be for so long, though, and to be honest I don't know if I have it in me to betray Aras.

I can say right now with absolute certainty that I am never writing Bradley's name down in this game. I never knew where we stood cause he would leave me on read and be short sometimes (super cool dude though) but once I see that man coming to me and me alone about counter alliances and idols, I KNOW its real. You do you Bradley, refuse to acknowledge me lol, but just know were F2 :) Nobody knows that we are close either, which will help for idol plays. Lets see if I can keep avoiding tribal until the merge :)


Day 17[]

So I've come to a peace with my Game so far. I've realized there are big competition beasts like Aras, big strategists like David, but for me, I have my clammy fingers in everyones Tomato soup. I'm working the social angle, and right now, I have a strong social connection with everyone besides Mikey, and to an extent Nic. Im hoping my social game can keep me in, but it wont work forever. Being in a great position I'd say Im the king of my tribe atm, and I wanna team up with the other two kings. Aras, the king of comps, and David, the king of strategy. I'd definitely like to go deep with them


Day 18[]

So oop I haven't made a confessional in forever lmao! This swap rlly has fucking sucked and Wendy fucked us over hard by not telling me they were voting Matt! I'm about to stage an idol play which will make Wendy and I appear as not aligned and get Gabe out of this game. I just need Eve to pass me the idol and I rlly hope this works.


I am PISSED! The second I step it up, the rest of my team steps it down. If all the information I've gathered is true, Brad and myself are both swing votes. I don't see Kyle being able to offer anything that can improve my game, but, you never know. I'd like to remain loyal to my buds Wendy and Brad.