Day 36[edit | edit source]

i guess she wants sean since she's not really talking to him

and just blame sean for not talking to her at FTC

well #psychologist Rocks *looks at Tyler


Emma's final words really leaves a mark i surprised ...FUCK YEAH ...telling i have no chance in winning and i'm Dragged ...
  • Romantic wink at Emma .... Girl ..almost all tribal we have a uninimous vote and i'm pretty much of an idiot if i see myself sitting with you
reason makes me sit with someone who is likable before in an org i got a reputation of a love starved boyfriend with jenn since we worked together and i dont want that to happen again

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another thing what happened to me in rome that i was accused of lying sorry emily i just aligned myself with the right perso sorry i dont wanna do a meltdown in public i wanna remain mysterious ..i want to vote for me because they believe in me


omg yay :33 I found the idol! That was statistically really unlikely, but I'm glad I found it anyway xD. I just found my ticket to the final 4! No longer will I be forced to depend on Tetris for my life >_>.

Regardless, I will try my very best at the immunity challenge, because if I don't, Sean will win and then I can't vote him out. Sean needs to leave because he is my biggest competition to win the remaining immunity challenges, which will be crucial in getting me to the final tribal council.


Ok so Sean tells me his score isn't even close to mine (even though I told him my score was 45k) which gives me comfort: unless he's lying, he probably won't beat me.

If Sean doesn't win immunity, it'll simply be a matter of turning Norbert on Sean, possibly pulling out the idol, and maybe flipping Ian or Jordan. If Sean leaves this round, I'm confident I can win the remaining challenges.


Ok I have two choices. Assuming nobody votes for me and has their vote negated, 4 votes are counting tonight.

I could either have everyone vote Norbert/Ian and send them home, or I could have Sean and Norbert vote for different people (e.g. one vote Ian, one vote Norbert) and blindside Jordan. As tempting as that 2nd option is, I think it's safest if I just go with the flow and vote out Norbert. I think I can beat anyone left at final tribal council, so I just need to get myself to Day 39. So, I'm really sorry Norbert: you weren't the plan, but unfortunately I fucked up turning in my immunity score and Sean got really lucky. Bai Felicia.


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