Day 13[edit | edit source]

I feel like the moment I lose a Reward challenge, everyone is gonna go bananas.

Honestly, I can't wait to go to tribal council the first time and have people ignore me and be like *whips idol out* cya bitches and I would not be surprised if that vote was unanimous - 1


I dunno but i think this made me and alex bonded more. I mean this is a game but sometimes you can actually find real people that you can relate to.


Day 14[edit | edit source]

Trivia about me: I'm the only one whose been immune every single round and this is the first round im voting so i gotta take a stand lmao


Oh how I love being safe, praise my team, Besides James who is fucking useless and said he would submit and didn't.... goodbye


well this is fun

I'm hearing that rayton is supposedly running this house right now..... I'm not having that... smile emoticon Thank god I have idols, right? You got one coming right there whenever we meet at tribal Rayton tongue emoticon


I might can't cast a vote but i think i can flip this things over

Wtf rayton


Day 15[edit | edit source]

so immunity challenge was a massive flop on my part, and generally for my team. Yannick approached me yesterday to vote Trang out, which I initially agreed to, but then Jay approached me about a potential alliance between Yannick, Rayton, and Aaron. Apparently they're trying to shove out the girls first because they feel threatened or something, which would make sense with Gerda's elimination from last week - and it's especially important to note that she DID call Rayton out in tribe chat before she left (this moment will be known as "Gerda-gate" from here on out). I always got a weird feeling from Rayton, ever since the beginning of the season, and honestly that entire group of three guys seems sus as fuck to me. Anyway, here's to being safe tonight. Hopefully Jay, Clairie, and are making the right call.


I'm so ready for whenever I lose and Rayton does too

My plan is to say that I got super busy and they can all just vote me out And then whip my idol out and vote Rayton out, it would be so priceless lahgskagsdlasdrt I'm not gonna have someone dictate this game and act like they are running this shit, you ain't messing with me and I'm not gonna fuck around and just get rid of you Jay said Rayton is kind of mysygonistic...... and quite frankly.... I believe it LMFAO


Looks like Rayton has control.......

looks like I have to idol someone out.... smile emoticon


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