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Day 35[]

Wow it's day 35, I've made it all the way to the damn finale. I'm extremely proud of myself for making it this far and passing my previous placement. This season has been a fucking rollercoaster from start and I'm sure it'll continue until it's over. At this point in the game, I'm pretty sure I'm a lock for FTC because people may think they can beat me, which honestly may be true. I do however, think that I do have some locked jury votes, which will help me out in the long run. My jury management has been pretty on point so far, I don't think anyone has really been pissed off at me during their departure, except Malik. I do think people think they can beat me, but I don't think people know exactly how big of a threat I am for taking the whole thing.


Day 36[]

The Warrior has risen. He has been standing on the edge for a long time now, but he has not fallen yet. Many have tried to attack him, but he has slayed them all, pushed them over the edge like they intended to do with him. Since he lost his first group, and found another, the life of the Warrior has been in danger. Upon uniting the groups, the Warrior wore the Armour of Invincibility, but he lost it, and has since then lived on the edge. A mighty shield saved his life once, and he used another to shield his partner. He had, with the help of the partner’s incredible ability of foresight, slayed all enemies that dared come too close, but now he was out of weapons. His enemies had powerful weapons, yet the Warrior hadn’t given up, for mere hands can be a powerful thing if used correctly. He has cooperated with fantastic human beings - some former fallen ones, such as himself, and some being new adventurers, now hardened into stone cold fighters.

The Warrior’s toughest battle lies ahead. If he wins, he shall be the survivor, the one allowed to leave the barren wastelands. If not, he shall once more fade into oblivion, albeit this time with legends heard of him - his name would be known. Six remain. Five more foes. One being his partner, willing to sacrifise his own life for that of the Warrior. No matter the outcome, the Warrior had succeeded. His legacy would move on. He would live on in the survivor leaving the battlefield, and his soul would be able to rest in peace, with his body frozen in time, in the graveyard of the dead and forgotten...


This twist is fucking bullshit. Even if I had won it, it's just way too much power. I don't care how exciting it is, the only reason people would have reason to enjoy this is because Claudia benefits from it lmao.

Real Survivor would never interfere so heavily with the game, but whatever. I'm so mentally drained, and Nick is probably going home.

I've done everything to make sure Shea wouldn't quit, that he'd let Nathaniel go, and that I would be sitting up there with Shea/Nick which at this point is the best shot at winning, but nope. This could've worked out perfectly, I wanted Nathaniel gone but Shea wouldn't allow it, and now I'm getting the chance but Tacana is stupid.

Tacana is literally voting Nick out to spite us. They're mad that we didn't vote Nathaniel before, so now they want to hand him the win! What the fuck? I have no idea what's going through their heads, or why Claudia/Chris still insist on being a team this late into the game, when they'd easily win if they were sitting up there without each other, but oh well.

I'm just annoyed, this confessional probably sounds like me being a whiny bitter bitch but honestly, fuck this entire situation and this extra ass twist!


Day 37[]

Wow, I'm pissed. I was so close to winning that immunity, and I'm afraid that was our last chance because Nathaniel will almost certainly win final immunity tomorrow. This is all Chris' fault, and it's blowing up in his face as Nat wants to take him out.

However me and Nick decided that despite his incredible stupidity, we're going to give Chris the chance to beat Nathaniel tomorrow, and take out the jury threat, Claudia! Yeah, she'd make an easy 4th placement but that means there's nobody left to challenge Nathaniel.

I don't exactly feel comfortable going against either Nathaniel or Chris, although I'd definitely choose the latter, but Claudia beats everyone left, so she has to go.

The end is so close I can taste it, I just hope I can prove to the jury that I actually deserve to be here, although my biggest fear is the collective jury votes me and Nick have splitting up to allow whichever 3rd party is there to collect all the ""Quetzal"" votes whether it be their appreciation for ""the Beast"", or their former ally Chris! I guess we'll have to wait and see how it turns out.


Day 38[]

Making rites of passage is huge, and although this seemed very far away, I sort of knew that people underestimated my possible performance in front of a jury, so me and Nick assumed we would be brought here, but I'm going to use that to my advantage, because the perception of my game has been so low key that I was not a threat on freaking finale night!!

Anyways the trials are interesting. Aside from the flash game for me, I have confidence in everything. That was the flash game that took me out of Kerala so war flashbacks!! I think I've made a really pretty buff that pays a good tribute to Dan Kay, and the Yaknad tribe. The prison game is a mess, and although I want to signal to Nick that we should try and help each other out to make it a 2 way tie, I feel like everyone's gonna sell out and it's gonna be a 4 way tie so that challenge choice was interesting. Scateggories is fun, I tried to find a lot of foreign objects for it.

I have faith that I have a CHANCE in final immunity, and it depends on my buff.



San Marcos Final Confessional-1


I'm honestly so over being told that I'm going to lose this game by almost all parties. That's their only argument, and it's not gonna work. I know what I've done in this game, and it's been UTR but I will reveal all in Final Tribal, and if they're not completely bitter, they'll listen.

Everyone assumes Nathaniel is some power force, but aside from his idol plays which was definitely not just him, he hasn't really held a lot of power. I'm sick of winners being decided by big moves, since when was that the objective of the game? Sorry I didn't care to make unnecessary moves to make myself a threat when laying low gave me and Nick virtually all the power from Final 7 or so until now.

If Chris wanted Nathaniel out so badly he should've voted him out when he had the chance, but he instead took out Shea because he assumed we wouldn't consider him a threat, but when his entire alliance is on the jury, and despite the fact that he's been in the majority for a majority of this game, he's considered an underdog, and I know all of Claudia's moves will be credited to him.

I wouldn't be in a game if I weren't here to play it, but I believe I've played it well, I don't mean to gloat but why does someone have to be considered a threat for surviving the 'chopping block'? Wouldn't it have been smarter/easier to not put yourself on the chopping block to begin with.

Sorry, I just needed to vent, and explain some of the reasoning behind this last minute decision, which may be controversial, but it's been well thought out, in my opinion.


Day 39[]

I'm honestly overwhelmed. I'm so proud to be here, and I do believe that any of us deserves to win, although I'm biased towards myself and Nick of course.

I won't be mad if any of the other 2 win, and I think I've butchered this jury management a bit. Only regarding the whole Jenna vote out, but it's mainly because I didn't reiterated it properly, and it made it seem like it was solely Nick's decision, so I hope it doesn't come back to bite me.

Just a quick rundown,

Chris - What the actual fuck? It honestly hurts to have someone be so cruel after spending a month playing with them, and I have no idea he was harbouring such animosity. I didn't even know how to react but I kept my cool because it's not worth it.

Claudia - Such a sweetheart. I do regret not getting to know her, but we were NEVER on the same side, so it wouldn't have worked out but I look forward to it in the future.

Shea - Got what was coming. We all know he avoided quitting because he wanted to be able to cast a vote for Nathaniel lol.

Jenna - ugh, so conflicting! I understand Jenna's frustration with me, and I shouldn't have compared her to Jefra LMFAO but I hope she can look past that and appreciate the answer I gave her.

Austin - I love Austin, and I'm so sad his time was cut short, and I really fought for his vote so I hope I got it.

Renz - Very intellectual, which I knew but not to the extents of his jury question, which felt like a damn PAPER. I honestly put a lot of effort into his questions but he had a really big bias towards Nathaniel, so we'll see.

Brandon - The biggest shock for me. I can't believe I have any sort of cheerleader after being so targeted in this FTC, and it just feels so amazing for someone else to back me up and reiterate exactly what I'm trying to say. He made me feel really good, like good enough that I won't have a panic attack if I lose now.

Elmo - Literal angel sent from heaven. Can do no wrong, however his vote is very unpredictable.

Malik - Surprisingly pleasant. I'm glad he wasn't mad, because I'm already freaking out about Chris, but he did admit to being so anti-Catarina that it wouldn't have made sense to keep him.

Rhi - Loves her. I felt like she was already voting Nick, but I gave it my best shot at her game.

so yeah, I think Nick might have this, if it was between me/him, but I haven't given up hope. It's been a crazy ride, and I'll be grateful either way, although I'm hoping to at least get a few votes thrown my way!


A gust of wind. A saving grace. The Warrior still lives. All eager adventurers, gone. Three revived remain, one will live. The final stand is here. The Warrior has his greatest challenge ahead. The fallen ones surround them, choose who to attack - the Warrior is hurt, is failing. Only one can survive, and the Warrior falls down, down to the ground. The other two are fallen too, and all the other fallen ones go at them. The Warrior feels his life leave him, hears screams from the other two. He was so close, but alas, his journey has now, too, ended, and into oblivion he falls, becomes frozen in time once again...


It's honestly so crazy to think about that a year ago from tomorrow is my anniversary of being voted out of Socotra. Now I'm here playing for a second time on day 39 and might actually win. I feel like my final tribal council performance was honestly amazing and blew the jury away based on their speeches. I'm just really so proud of myself for making it this far, I really didn't think I would be able to do it. I had so many odds stacked against me in this game and I had everyone calling me a goat, but now look at me! I feel like everyone really underestimated me, especially Nathaniel. I'm really glad that no matter what happens tonight I can walk away knowing I made some new friends. Sim was my buddy throughout this entire game, we've literally been together since like day 3 and now we're both here together on day 39. It's also crazy how all three finalists are vets, which is a first for 703. All three of us did a great job making this season fucking insane and all three of us should be proud. I'm really happy with the way I played, regardless if I win or not.