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Day 21[]

holy shit isaac really is a terrible player. Sora's been telling me he's not been very smart and it's clear by the vote. He actually managed to go from having the votes split against him and mikey to being voted off 4-1, when he could've actually just been like "look im on the bottom save me" and he didnt. He's a stupid ass and im glad he's gone. 1 less person I know i'm not going to get on my side come a merge is out of the game, and I couldn't be happier. As long as Kim, Danielle, Sora, Yannick and I stay in and merge together i think we can pull some strings and get the majority.


i havent made a confessional for so long, BUT I FUCKING MADE MERGE AND I HONESTLY CANNOT BELIEVE ANY OF THIS


Merge fuck yea


Omg i guess right . 12 is good numer and i merge ))))) amazing

I think chris and hunter have a not good relation . So they will fight against each other . Therefore , i wont be threat . I can go very far in the game . I can flip . I can blind side . It 's amazing when chris and hunter is target now . However , i should care about Hunter because he had the idol of atafu CHAOS TSN 's coming..........................................................................................................................


Yaaaahhh.. I did it.. Merged.!!! It's time to open every conversations, but seem there's 2 or 3 main alliances was formed then some did not come even to say hi. I like options and will open for all offers, but out there, they seems solid which what they have so far.. OK. 1st Tribal council on merge will speak it out.. And I'm eager to see what's next.. Everybody is talking about idols, Chris now again preparing a guess list to us.. OK, I might try and see if any luck..


We merged yay!! And I'm still here, thanks god!!! Pre- merge was weird ,though, and now all my fears from the very begining of this game are more alive than ever,but before I get to that ,I want to start off by saying that:OMG, It hadn't been more that 15 min and Chris came out from the darkness targeting Hunter saying he has an Idol ;-; He's outspoken,tho ..and mins later, Hunter came to me saying he wants to work with,I agreed of course but he cannot make it at the end unsure emoticon . He seemed be willing to work with Sora, and this one agreed....I'll say they must have had an alliance already....Yup!!! There I get to my fear, I haven't forgotten the fact when I say here that both Trent and Austin ( Rest in peace) had crosstribal alliances unsure emoticon Trent was with chris and Austin with Sora and Hunter, and obviusly there're more involved and I was never included, otherwise.. We have the Kim's and TSN's thing I haven't forgotten that neither lol, and Sora told me that TSN told Kim about the Idol I have" What a surprise" unsure emoticon. Haha. My gameplay on pre-merge wasn't the harder and potent but that's what I wanted,tho,Voting Isaac was defnitly the right decision.I'll have to manage my way to the end , and there will be lots of stones on it. *crossed fingers*


Chris is getting on my last nerves and I need to not lose myself because that is exactly what he wants. I know I dont have the idol, I know hte exact guess and it wasnt there. I know Chris has it but no one will believe me because they would rather believe someone with lose pussy lips. For now I need to socialize with these people I dont know and not let them get on Chris's side. I know Jakey and Scott will be with me and I hope Danielle doesn't fall to the black hole of Chris. To be honest some player that's never been on a tribe with me will win this season. I will talk to you later once I scope out people's alliances and bonds.


mergeeeeeee hooray im probs gone soon bc i dont care enough to keep my mouth shut, i enjoy calling out hunter and watching him try to argue w/ me bc he's rly bad at it. But um anyways im also probs gonna lose considering no one in my alliance is doing shit, specifically sora who has the connections so he needs to step the fuck up otherwise i'll have to come in i guess


We Merged! My second time merging and it still feels great and I'm in it to win it. I'll do everything in my best power to make it until the end, if I can get in the majority for these first few votes I should be good, I hope. Pretty much every tribal I've been too so far I've had to vote out people I like, hopefully it's not always that case, I guess we'll see.


Day 22[]

highkey i want chris and hunter both gone bc theyre annoying as fuck


I'm screaming! I think I have a small shot of winning immunity but still a shot, I think Danielle has the biggest chance of winning immunity though, however if I get my way Kim will be going this first tribal, I did that math in my head and I figure the best way to do this is, I have to keep New Toloa and Old Lunata somewhat together so I have my own vote, TSN, Julian, Sora, Blaine, and then if I decide to stick with Scott and Hunter that'll be 7+ and that should be enough to take out Kim, while keeping Chris vs. Hunter that is.


Day 23[]

Tonight is wow :))))) amazing . Now , the vote is 6-6 . And 1 person flip , you done . I really want to flip and CHAOS TSN will appear . However , i like Jake so much and i dont want to vote him out

I dont know what should I do tonight upset emoticon


We merged and there's a plan to take out Chris. Obviously, I couldn't pass up the chance and after finding out that Chris lied to me about the target being Jake, I think he had it coming. But if Chris pulls out another miracle out of his butt like Jesus, then ooops. I also lied to Sora about voting for Scott, so hopefully he forgives me D: But then again he lied about voting for Scott at Danny's boot #Blanny so I guess we're even now. smile emoticon


Literally me right now, I'm pulling my bloody blade outta Isaac and getting ready to strike again. Me when I'm emotional wreck right now, this might be fun for them to deal with an emotional key swing vote :))))

Melanie Martinez - Pity Party (Official Video)


my alliance is a fucking mess, danielle is out at a salon, yannick idk somethings wrong with him and he needed surgery? idk, kim is only on late at night bc she lives in vietnam and sora is a fucking dumb bitch and doesnt respond to me, and tommy is an emotional mess and may flip because he was killed in some scream queens roleplay. I'm trapped in an alliance of delinquents including myself and all i have to defend myself is an idol which will be used this tribal probs, if sora fucking responds !


Alright!!! I have a lot of things to say:

-Hunter just won Imnunity, nobody can kick him out. -Danielle doesn't even check my"Hi messeges" .I sent it sinces wednesday. - Chris is paranoid , I undestand that. -TSN told Kim about the fricking Idol ( I said this already) - I heard... Jake's and Scott's name were around from Chris's side. - I've talked to Scott and Blaine... Chris wanted to get my vote.. unsure emoticon Just realized that didn't work that well.. - I've forgotten about Tommy... there are definitly more threats than him by far... -There's the thing I found out about Sora and Tommy working on both sides Chris's and Hunter's thanks to Kim...Let's see who they voted after results. - KIM!! Ok.... I'm really impressed. I've really talked to her a lot. IF she's doing what she's telling me, then, she's a contender,tho. I was scared of her following Chris's rules to be honest, but she said she's voting him out, which I'll comfirm and well.. she's a threat for me too, she wants me to join her and TSN.. I agreed to her but not 100%. I think we can play really good together but I'm not willing to play an Idol to increases her possobilities to win, If that is the point. frown emoticon. i think she's really nice and cool but let's see, we are kinda sharing thoughts. - I am scared of Chris playing an Idol. Kim says "she's flipping" but she's not the only vote I am worry of... I want Chris gone to benefit MY game. He's threat as Hunter and lot of people that are playing deadly without saying nothing. I'm writing Chris's name down , wanna see if he uses an Idol and see what happens I'm scared if it is me going despiting the fact that Kim or someone else "could" have told him about my Idol.


Ok now , majority vote Chris , and chris with his alliance vote Scott . If I and Kim flip , it will be amazing blind side . Because Chris hate Hunter so much and he same as Abi ( real svv ) . I want to save him in this game . 1, i like Abi ^^ 2, i want to see Chris and Hunter fight each other However , hey Chris , you didnt talk to me anything ! If you need my vote , at least you should talk to me " hey tsn , i need your vote " . You didnt ! Fuck you ! I want to blind side and save you but you dont want Bye !


everything i've assumed with where people r is correct, hunter, tsn, jake, scott, julian r together, they think they have sora and tommy as well. Blaine is a delusional nutjob who has a personal vendetta against me and refuses to see the light and is running and telling people, WHO ARENT INCLUDING HIM IN THE ALLIANCE, that im gunning for jake, so he's just a dumbass. I'm 100% sure i have six people with me, it's just about who the other six r voting and using my idol accordingly


Wow.. 1st vote on merge is always the most important vote to know where r u and who w you or whether you in the right side of majority or not.. But seems majority is not really means to me as I can see there're no really majority until the votes are read..

There're Chris - Dani - Yannick - Sora - Tommy thinking they have me at 6 to vote Scott, while Blaine been told to vote Jake. And another side Hunter said he had another 6, included he, Sora, Tommy, Juliian, Jake, Scott with my suggestion that I'm willing to vote Chris if he had enough number. He said yes, but well, I cross-checked w Scott & Juliian. They both said dont heard anything from Hunter.. Wow.. He really a liar.. and seems they had another plan.. It's confusing me now but I have no way back. So then we have me, TSN, Juliian & Scott vote on Chris for sure.. The rest I really have no idea.. and it scary me now.. But I have to believe this is also good chance for them to vote out Chris w his paranoid.. Why I come w decision to vote Chris.!? Simply I'm not his goat to vote anyone been told.. Sorry, Chris.! You did underestimated me. Don't just told me who to vote.. and keep chasing me vote with your way.. Hey, I'm also playing.. Even I dont like and trust Hunter, but what you did to him is too much and too annoying. Sorry I cannot stand w that.. I need peaceful camp life and out of your shade to play my own game..


Okay so we all knew going into the merge that Chris and Hunter kinda have it for one another

not like sexually, like they wanna go back in an alley and beat eachother to death so everyone knows that this vote is gonna be hunter or chris however, hunter wins immunity so they all now wanna vote me cause of my "close allegance" to hunter and im like "okay... he doesnt talk but okay" like wtf do i do in this game besides sitting there and looking pretty to be a target its like every vote they want me out like why? i mean i could have won canada, but in all honesty theres bigger returnee threats then me and my birthday is in 2 fucking days so i wanna celebrate it and throw a huge banner in the tirbe chat and i cant do that with Chris wanting me out and his ass better not have an idol cause im not gonna go down due to idols AGAIN like idols caused my downfall in Canada, that cant be here either so basically everyone is voting Chis on my side but they dont want them to know but lets be real chris will know cause i kinda told kim and they dont trust her but i do since shes telling me its me so im keeping kim in my back pocket since no one knows im close with her except Hunter and Jake but either way, my ideal FInal 3 is Me, Jake, and Kim because its 1 from each tribe and i can say i had a ton of shit to endure while they coasted the waves a bit




My shoulder got blasted but I'm still in it to win it, motherfuckers!


So plans changed to Chris, I'm flipping Chris to Jake Hunter Scott TSN and Julian, as well as Blaine voting with me and maybe Sora. I decided to change it to this is because Chris might have the idol and if he has an idol that will go against my plans, and I need as many loyal people as I can to ally with me.


The first time I played Canada, I was only out here 11 days and didn't make the merge. So getting past day 11, beating my previous placement, and now making the merge are all part of these little baby steps and checkboxs I have this time. But anyway, now that the merge has hit I know what I need to do, I need to just solidify my bond with Julian and keep him as close as possible to me. That's step one, he's got our idol and I need it. Step two, Chris has the merge idol (which somehow is already in play) and now that needs to be gone so I can try and at least get it. But actual gamewise, I need to stay with Chris's group at the moment, just until the time is right to get rid of Chris, I don't need him winning 8 immunites in a row. So Chris is playing his idol tonight, and the one side is voting him, however the other side is voting Scott, since they think hes the least likely to have an idol, but now I think they may know there voting them because of Kim? Idk but what I do know is I have a relationship with pretty much everyone here (which Chris knows so thats a red flag) so what I need to do for right now is get rid of people who I don't have close bonds with, like Hunter Scott and TSN, those 3 need to go first. Which I kinda feel bad about bc morally Hunter should outlast Chris, however this is Survivor and not some charity, I didn't come here to play fair. I would consider going with Hunters side but, Jake keeps telling me Hunter doesn't trust me so its like, why should I work with someone who doesn't trust me, over another person who tells me everything? For now I need to think of a way to vote that can appease everyone.