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Day 13[]

"Wow, so my game has really picked up since my last confessional. First . . . GUESS WHO HAS AN IDOL? Ayyyyyyyyy, hopefully this doesn’t drive me crazy like it did in Battlefield, kek. I’m probably going to have to tell Catherine, which I usually don’t like to do because people knowing you have an idol turns it into a huge disadvantage in a lot of ways, but she’s going to highly suspect it when all the idol combinations don’t end up working, and then I’m over here all like “Idk, must be broken lol”. So, I’ll need to sort of mold her a bit to where she’ll believe that I’d use the idol on her if she’s in trouble -- which I would, since using the idol successfully on someone else is, like, ten times more impressive. And maybe she’d tell me if people were going to be voting for me at some point. That’s my aim with a good majority of these people, really, lol.

Along with the idol, I also have a White Pearl thing or whatever it was, meaning the first time I get votes, one of them is nullified. The deeper I get into this game, the larger of an advantage that becomes. Based on the idol deadline, I know it’s a F2 FTC, meaning if I can get to F3 without getting votes (or killing them with my idol?), I basically have a ticket into FTC so long as I don’t fuck up on the firemaking challenge, lool.

My score got messed up on the last challenge, which ended up leading me to be chosen by Periryryar to go to Exile Island along with Konstantinos. Beard Guy seemed super chill, and definitely the kind of person I want to work in this game. I think he’s probably near the very top of whatever alliance OG Periorryyar has going on, so the fact that he also expressed interest in working with me, that could potentially be a big deal. So long as he didn’t tell everyone else that as soon as he got back to his tribe. He seemed to allude to Patrick and Vik being first on the chopping block over there, so another of my allies SHOULD be safe, for now, so long as the swap doesn’t end up being super late.

InvisaSim left, voting Daulton along with Fake Japanese Girl. This was pretty much the ideal scenario for that round, so I’m fairly satisfied coming into this one. If Asa is smart, she might be trying to blindside Wal-Mart if we lose again, due to not wanting someone in the game that knows you’d be okay voting for them. But if she’s smartER, she could be trying to work in now, or likewise. In that case, it might be Nicolai getting flipped on? Or even Catherine, since she’s been kind of sucking lately.

I gave Asa reassurance before the Sim vote, telling her I wouldn’t be voting for her, and that I respected her challenge score. She gave me the same, so I’m hoping that either leads to an alliance, or at least her not trying to kill me anytime soon, kek.

I want to win this next immunity challenge. Best case scenario would be that we merge at 12, getting rid of one of the OG Thekaddy Inactives, and leaving Asa around to want Wal-Mart out, and likewise. A merge at 11, though, wouldn’t be HORRIBLE, but I know my tribe would want to throw if we won this next one, and that’d mean either Asa going, or one of my allies probably (or me even, RIP).

For now, just going to continue trying to be social with people. It seems that 82% of the conversation that goes on within my tribe recently is just game talk, so I’m looking to be the chill guy people can talk to about whatever, and not feel pressured to give information and shit. That’s something I’ve learned about ORGs - if people like you, or see use in you, they’ll just give you information for free, and you don’t even have to ask."


Day 14[]

Right now, original Periyars' are heavily outnumbered. On Periyar 2.0, we are considering throwing to keep Asa safe who is alone on the other side. Fingers crossed.


Day 15[]

"fuck having to press periyar for tribe lmfao. Anyways. My transition into periyar has been as smooth as a cock going into an ass with too much lube. weak allys being pat/jacob but meh. I feel like kon or jacob would be first to o after vik and pat.

Tucker offered a long term alliance and idk for sure how i feel about it. like i trust hed stick to it for now (probably to prove em players can do well in orgs :P) but i personaly don't see myself working too closley with him that much. I feel already he is overly controling in the tribe. he seems close with violet and kon's voice is weak compared to tucker. but i guess it doesn't hurt. He told me he had an idol. Hmmmm how much do I beleive it? not much but meh no point overthinking it for now lol. I'm not very kowldegble about idol strats im still new to idol use. So ill see how goes. But no point to be paranoid at this point.

He told me they want to throw. They can throw. Imma tryhard. if we go to tribal pat is probably out.

I should really socilaize with violet a lot more. my original tribe were mroe natural to talk to but i think ill be fine here. anyways lets see how goes ^^"