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Day 27[]

So basically two of my closest allies went home back to back. Julez was given such a graceless exit that I'm going to go Disney villain on these people. I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure none of them are sitting at the end. Loren in particular. He's a nice guy, but in this game, he's an ungrateful little sneak, and if I get the chance to vote him out, I will relish in it. Linh and Fabian are just going to be collateral damage. However, I'm not going to be blunt about it. If they want to work with me, I'll be nice & sweet, I might even give them false hope. There needs to be hope there in order for me to really put the knife in good. There's going to be vengeance for Julez, and I'm not going to stop until either they're gone, or I am.


Anyways, I should explain what happened. I knew that the three of us were on the bottom again, so I knew we either had to pull someone over or use the token. At first, they wanted to get rid of Erin, which tbh, I should have done. But anyways, I switched the vote to Julez, because she was a too charming girl that was close to Bas.

I told Linh to use the token, because she didn't know if she should use it or not. We did, and used Erin's vote to take out Julez. However, Erin now acts as if she is condescending and controlling all of the votes. She says that we are going one after the other, which we probably are, and I will more then likely be first But I, unlike her, can leave saying that I played this game risky, and I am a very strategic person that will not go down without a fight. I have fought the odds, ensuring both of my allies would be safe in these last two tribals, which we shouldn't have been Considering we were former Kilimbit and in the minority I am not used to being in the minority, but I have adapted well, even though I argued with Erin and called her an old hag, oops. Anyways, I am not done yet, and I still think I can play the rest of my hand. And it doesn't help that several people form outside of the game All of which I have never heard of, told Shellie and Erin that I am very strategic? I don't even know those people, so how would they know? xD Did I ever mention how weird it is to be in the minority? In all the time I have played Survivor, I have always been in the majority, making moves, and doing decisions. But now, I have to worry about being voted out. It is a complete 360 for me, but I think I am doing okay? xD


Day 28[]

I guess I forgot to elaborate on the whole Erin/Me drama and you probably have only gotten her delusional one sided story. Anyways, she was pissed after the vote reveal and came to me, acting condescending and saying that I have done nothing this entire game but floated my ass until the final 8. I corrected her, saying that neither Fabi or Linh could have led the Kilimbit 3 alliance, since I was the one who decided in the end who went the past two tribals. Fabi and Linh wanted Shellie gone, I wanted Michelle gone. Fabi and linh wanted Erin gone, I chose Julez. I reminded her that I basically saved her life, and she said that I was untrustworthy. She said that it's sad because she only played one game before this one and won it. She then went on further to say that I won't win mine. xD The joke was on her, because I have been on Tengaged for about 5 years now, and have won several Survivor games in my time. So I confessed, saying this wasn't my very first org. I just don't like her attitude. She fails to comprehend that we are playing a game with PHYSICAL, SOCIAL, and MENTAL guidelines, none of which I think she has been doing too well. If anything, her ineptness at a social game will be her downfall. She has argued with just about everyone that has left this game maybe once or twice, not including Julez or Cheryl. It will be interesting to watch her crash and burn, but I know she will never get my jury vote.


Chances of me winning this game? Roughly .85 percent. Chances of me being voted out next? About 88 percent. The odds are not in my favor, and I kind of did it to myself. But, being in the minority, it was expected for us to some time or another, it was just a matter of when and how. #LToTheL was able to dodge two eliminations in a row, when we should have been targeted. Both of us applied to another game, which has a duo format, and I am hoping that we can continue our tight bond in other games, regardless of what happens here


Day 29[]

Oh my lawd, Linh slayed that competition. Not many people have been talking to me, which is a telling sign. I will try and do some talking, but I don't know if any of that will necessarily help my case. No idol, no advantages, no immunity, and more then likely no token. With all of that down the drain, I guess I can only hope that something breaks or changes.


Yahooooooooooo :)

"God damned broken English" is coming pacman emoticon Erin is so mean when she's call me like that :) And now if she doesn't has the idol, she'll go home. It's clearly colonthree emoticon


Day 30[]

Dear April Fool's king grant me with the much desired chambri token I would be very appreciative, thank you


I played under the rardar. When I saw the twist, I was shock, because you never know who gets the token. So my gameplay, my strategy is play for noone put my name down on their vote. Like what I said in below, you never know who gets the token, so when someone writes your name, If you are in majority, but the opposite side has the token or the idol, I aslo will go home.

I’m in a good position in this tribe, because Linh are my friend, she never write my name, but I already write her name LOL. And with originals Indingai, I’m not a huge threat with them, because JT, Erin, Shellie played very well, so I think they will kill each others soon. pacman emoticon I just stand at the middle and put the right vote. Morever, I have a good relationship with Bas, and with my second vote, I will use it as smart as I can. I’m a true player, not a goat like everyone is thinking about me. grin emoticon I will get them out one by one.


these people all play together and all want to be the captain so I just sit back and let them take each other out and stay social. I know a lot of them under estimate others but I stayed loyal to the one I needed to but don't let this make you think my mind isn't running. Their more focused on drama eliminAtion and secrets getting out then actual threats. Let me walk to final 5 with you I promise the beast will Unleash but for now play dumb. They didn't even listen to someone who knows me well! Lol


Ok so apparently Erin said to Linh that she speaks broken English due to her being Vietnamese. I know from past conversations almost everyone left in the game thinks she is "a bitch" or "horrible". But that gives me something to work with because if I manage to get her to the f3 or f2 then it will be like voting between a Lion and a three legged cat with a milky eye! She is in my ideal final tribal council and I mean it may as well end up unanimous!


Looks Like it’s between me and Loren this time.. and even if Loren is the target: if he has the token i am gone


It was a good game, and I respect everyone still left in the game. I may not respect Erin, but I know she is playing her kind of game well. However, I am rooting for Linh at this point, and hoping she does well. #LToTheL is officially destroyed frown emoticon I want to thank you guys for hosting a fun filled game and I am hoping that one day I can come back and prove that I am not a pushover, as Erin has depicted me. Anyways, I bid adieu. heart emoticon