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Day 34[]

Hello confessional box, it's been forever. So Julian's gone, which from a personal sense sucks. But for my game, it's amazing. I actually made it to final fucking 5. This is where you get to crunch time. I can actually see myself at the end now, maybe just maybe getting a win. There's still a bit of navigation to do though. Jake is the biggest jury threat left in the game. All the Pailins like him. Even some of the Kandals like him. He'd be the odds on favorite to win. I need Jake out, as much as I love him because I just got rid of Julian. I can't have another huge threat take my chances of winning away from me. But I have this handy dandy thing called an idol and all I know is, immunity necklace or not, I'm getting into the fucking final 4. The question is, will my allies Hannah and Charley make it? I hope so because they're the only ones I have a chance of beating at this point.

Anyways on to this immunity challenge. I love doing Brant Steeles. The little nerd in me loves running the simulations and taking down the events that happened. I don't know, it makes me giddy. And having this kind of challenge really makes it an even playing field. Everyone's on an equal footing. So maybe, I can get that sweet necklace around me this round. Sending a prayer to ya survivor gods.


I'm in the Final 5! It's amazing, I really didn't think I would make it this far!! And I've even won a challenge!! I'm here with Jake, who I really did not expect to work with. He has just been the aussie, I didn't really consider him that big of a threat, but he is very nice and could easily grab all the votes at the Final Tribal Council! Typical aussies!!! Then there's Hannah, who is probably the smallest threat right now, though if the jurors are bitter, she could very likely be the biggest threat. That said, I don't think anybody on the jury is that mad at me, I've only helped voting out a few of them, and I didn't really have much of a say there. Charley's a big threat, despite what the Touchy Subject said! I wouldn't mind her gone, but well, I wouldn't mind her in either. So yeah, kinda indifferent there.

I just recently realized how big of a threat Nathan is. It's crazy, actually. He's not that impressive in challenges, but he is amazing socially! He's so charismatic, he could sell sand in the Sahara! Or well, maybe not Sahara... He could sell sand on a rocky beach! But yeah, if he's there at the Final Tribal Council, I'm pretty sure he'll win. Overall, I think my chance of winning is decent, but not more than that. I think it'll be difficult for me to even get to the Final Tribal Council, and there I will be struggling too. I haven't made that many big moves, or done anything spectacular. Except maybe surviving that one tribal council on Pailin, that was neat. But hey, Final 5!!!!


Been a bit since I wrote one of these. But anyway, last round was hard, voting out Julian sucked. I mean I know he had to go if I wanted a chance to win, but he's honestly one of the nicest guys I've met in an org in awhile. And he handled it like a champ. (Seriously if he ain't back for an AS season I'll cut a bitch) But yeah, this vote should be straight forward. I genuinely like Jake and Jonas as people, they're super nice and friendly. However that means my bitch ass has no chance against them in the end. I feel like I might have goat status, but I'll work with that. Wouldn't that be super fuckin great if Andys little temper tantrum about me and Hannah ends up getting me to the end? Either way, I'm trying to play nice, but I'm not going to let up. It will be easier from this point though, I feel like no one will be super bitter about going home anymore because they all know they're huge threats. Or maybe I'll get sent home fifth. Either way... This is fun. I don't know how to end confessionals anymore.


No one makes any effort to talk to me until the vote so thinking that makes me a target


Day 35[]

No Confessionals Were Written On This Day.

Day 36[]

I definitely hate the feeling of not submitting for a challenge. Like I know I want to be here and I want to fight to be here but to not submit takes away an entire aspect of the game and of course gives me less of a chance to save myself. Right now the vote seems to be for Kaffe. This always seems to be a problem. I like the people I'm voting out way too much. But hey, it's a game and if they need to go for me to have the best shot at winning, then sorry Kaffe. Guess you shouldn't have flipped on Alex.