Day 9[edit | edit source]

So, Ryan's gone and I had no clue it was gonna happen. I threw a vote onto Lukas because I didn't wanna vote Brian (what the rest of the tribe wanted) and then suddenly I check results and Ryan (as well as myself) has been blindsided. I'm so annoyed - he was our biggest challenge asset and a great person, so hopefully in the future I can avenge him and get my revenge on the people who screwed him over.


I'm sad Ryan is gone. I would feel a lot safer if he was still here honestly, but I'm so happy that I was placed on Okak WHEW!!! Anyway, I think I'm in a good spot over here and I decided to tell Dennis and Bjorn about the idol because Bjorn was getting close to figuring it out. Sora feels left out in the tribe because Dennis gives him one word answers so he feels like a target and plus there are rumors NJ is actually Norbert posing as his sister. I feel like my challenge performance is enough to keep me out of the line of fire for now and my alliances should keep me safe for some time. I think most everyone thinks I'm with them, however I need to establish personal relationships with Nathaniel and NJ and strengthen the bond I have with Ryan. I have pretty strong bonds with Jack, Dennis and Sora and Bjorn is super cool so we get along perfectly, but I need to reinforce them in order to stay out of people's way for a while and If my name comes up, they could direct the target away from me.


Yikes! I survived that vote. Had a very odd vibe going into it, but feeling good coming out of it. Apparently, according to Szymon, BOTH Ryan and Brian were targeting me. This now prompts me to now target Brian if we lose again, and I think he would be an easy vote-off too, given his little communication. Brian will soon be facing a fate worse than death... being voted out! But in all seriousness I really hope we start winning challenges.


Where the fuck is Jamie??? Like she's been inactive for a lot of the game but has been under Szymon's wing, allowing her to be safe. From what I heard she's a good player and a cool person, and she hasn't crossed me so far in this game despite my numerous suggestions to vote her out. But her and Szymon's relationship is very concerning! One day I'll definitely look into splitting them, but as for now my main target on my hit list is Brian.


Ok, so laying low for the first few rounds is kinda boring, im 99% sure theres a majority alliance which does not include me. I've tried talking to almost everyone on the tribe but I just get mixed signals from everyone and it just makes me feel uneasy. I need to do something to secure my position on the tribe, whether that be get in a big alliance or just sheep one until merge and better my place. I just gotta find a way to survive


Day 10[edit | edit source]

Ugh! Hopefully Okak can't come back from here, with 62 minutes to go they'd have to get around 7 a minute to catch up, which seems very unfeasible...


It would be a huge relief if we see this out, and I've posted like 666 photos - don't mean to sound up myself but I impressed myself by doing that. It was 6 hours of solid uploading photos.


I have come to the sudden realization that I am really bad at looking for hidden immunity idols. I reached this epiphany after my fourth incorrect idol guess. Let's see how long this streak will reach, shall we?


this search for the idol is also taking my sanity away from me


Day 11[edit | edit source]

We lost our first challange, we can finally vote :D Right now it looks like this is gonna be an easy vote. Our Alliance is all good with voting Sora. Because we really need Ryan in challanges and NJ seems more clueless which would make her more loyal to our tribe when we merge. we need that! Also I took a big risk by telling Jack that I want to make a final 2 deal with him. I hope that wasnt a big mistake but I feel good about it.

P.S. 80% of the things Nathaniel says is XD. Its crazy how often he does that and he doesnt talk much after that lol. He's not really a social player.


Welp, I had a gut feeling our winning streak was over and I knew I had to get ready, I know my names been tossed around and I've really been confiding in Tyler how badly I want to stay but I can sorta sense the majority alliance I've been talking to him about includes him. Hopefully I can get the target on NJ tonight and make sure it isn't me going home. I just have to channel my inner Tracy and get them to vote off NJ instead of me.


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