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Day 25[]

Wow. These guys are DUMB if they thought I would waste the idol like that. See ya Jake. We get back and Andrei has his jimmies rustled as expected. This should be a fun three days


Fuck you Jake, fuck you Andrei, and most importantly fuck you Zane. I thought we had a good thing going but the fact that you were willing to throw it all away because you just didn't like one specific person speaks volumes. This alliance was a sham and I now know where you stand. If we can rebuild this relationship then ok, but I know I can't fully trust you.


Fuck this. My new strategy is to be beta AF until Final Six and then go apeshit and kill all my opposition


Okay so last tribal went terribly wrong frown emoticon I kinda think Grace betrayed the dream team but the others suspect Zane. Anyway, we now have an alliance of 4, which is minority, but Ivan has some extras so I think we might be able to turn this around. Casey agreed to work with us (at least I hope she did) and Andrei is also still with us. So we are voting Will and Ivan is using his Mask of Restrict on one of the others so I hope it's gonna be okay colonthree emoticon Zane told me to vote Tom, because apparently Tom is gonna vote for me, but if Zane votes Tom I don't think there is any chance I will be going tonight so yea.. fingers crossed? kiki emoticon


Day 26[]

Andrei...oh Andrei. I don't like Andrei, I never have liked Andrei, and I never will like Andrei. He's digging a grave, and I'm absolutely fine with that


I've had some time to cool down after tribal results were posted, in which is was nearly voted out omfg. It's obvious that Jake, Andrei, and Minke all voted for me. I suspected that Zane voted for me as well and after he came up to me all pissy that I wasn't being honest with him, he revealed that he was one of the people that voted for me. Like dude, I was one vote away from being sent home and you're the one that's pissed? That last vote came down to either being Casey or Grace. But Casey has no connections (that I know of) to those other people so it had to be Grace, especially since I've heard that she had connections with Jake and Andrei. I just want to survive this next vote and hopefully this Light Pearl I got from the auction will make it so that they don't target me again


Day 27[]

Sigh, I was set on Andrei then Grace said that Zane was starting with her so I said fine lets get rid of Zane. But whatever. I'm the blame of shit. They can all have their little friendly fucking orgasm by the fire. I could fucking care less for TRYING TO PLAY THE GAME. Everyone gets butthurt EVERYONE. Every single vote.


Whooo. So it's been awhile since I've done a confessional.Last vote ended the way we hoped it would, though not in the way we wanted it too. The 6-5 vote showed that not everyone we thought were with us actually are with us. Tom and Ivan are close and I don't feel like either of them flipped. Trace is good I think, Blaine is obviously solid, So it ultimately came down to Zane, Grace and Casey. Two of those three are most likely the flippers (or whatever you want to call them).Zane we know flipped. He admitted as much to Blaine, so it's between Casey and Grace. Grace has been with Trace and me since Day 1. But she has close relationships with basically every Qala member. So while it would hurt if she was the traitor, it wouldn't shock me terribly. Casey at this point is a wild card. When I talk to her I don't know what she's feeling. I just can't get a solid read on her, which worries me. So at this point I honestly have no clue who voted for who. And that really fucking sucks. rip





lmao so Ivan restricted me and then voted Will so if Will gets out I'm going for Ivan's ass. Considering he probably planned this out and tricked me into it then go him. He's not going to win in the long run though. Also apparently Tom voted Minke idk


Update: this was like 95% Ivan's plan all along and if he actually thinks that I didn't realize it he's 95% stupid


Dang it. Grace doesn't want to target Trace cause she gave him her word since Day One. Grace, admitting that makes me cry and weary. She wants me to target Will or Zane with the outsiders. And I really don't want to target Will cause... uhmm... he's a nice guy.Now, I have Casey who will spy on Trace and Will. Grace will watch my back. Thomas still thinks I am his number 1. And I am pulling troops composed of the outsiders Minke, Andrei and Casey.I hope this social play is enough for me to not be targeted despite the Auction shopping spree


I continue to create chaos behind the scenes.

So I suggested to Grace that we should both act like we hate and don't trust each other. In a way, we can infiltrate both alliances.

So I started a chat with the minority - Minke, Casey and Andrei. Leaving Zane and Grace which are the "suspected flippers".

Grace then has a chat with Trace, Will and Blaine leaving me out since "she doesn't trust me".

Thomas threw a little tantrums at me, "Why Did You Tell Will I Told You The Idol Clue".. and I was like, I haven't even been speaking that much to Will. He then realized it was Grace.

Thomas vs Zane in the tribe chat. Then it became Thomas vs Grace.

Now, Grace hates Thomas. And Thomas wants to vote out Grace next. Who's in the middle? Me. I am now in charge of making sure everything will still go according to the plan because Grace and I NEED Thomas. As long as he is around, chaos continues and Grace and I can dodge the bullet.

However, Thomas disliking Grace now, is a big step ahead for me than Grace. He already realized he is not well liked. If it comes to the end, he would surely choose me over Grace. And I need that security.

This is going to be another Blindside!

Votes should be MINKE, THOMAS, ZANE, ZANE, ZANE, ZANE, WILL, WILL, WILL, WILL.. But I negate one vote - ultimately sending my Rockstar buddy, Will to the jury. This sucks, Will is a great guy. But he has stronger bonds with people than me. Nonetheless, this is Survivor. I send my friends home.


Me and Zane made a deal if we are still here that Grace would go next. So I'm probably going to vote Minke. I don't know anymore. These people all get butthurt over the most little things it's crazy.