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"He's Such A Stupid Little Bitch"
Season Survivor: San Marcos
Episode Number 13/15
Episode Chronology
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He's Such A Stupid Little Bitch is the thirteenth episode of Survivor: San Marcos.


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Touchy Subjects. It is very simple. You will be given a form with 15 questions in it, all of which the answer has to be a contestant in the game currently. In each question, you will answer: 1) who YOU feel is the answer to that question; 2) who you THINK the majority is going to answer. Make sure you put your confessional number as well as your name when answering the form! :D Reminder: you are not allowed to answer yourself for who you think is the answer. You can answer yourself for the consensus though, but NOT as your real answer. The winner will win reward, immunity and 1 in 7 chance of winning this game!

Winner: Claudia.

Tribal Council[]

Tribal Council 14: Yaknad[]

Tribal Council 14:
Austin (5 votes)
Nathaniel, Chris, Claudia,
Shea & Jenna
Chris (3 votes)
Nick, Sim & Austin

Voting Confessionals[]

I hope you leave man idk what's even gonna happen but I'm probably fucked


You're adorable and a sweetheart, and the Touchy Subjects didn't affect this vote. Sorry ❤


I'm so sorry. Ilysm and i hope you forgive me <3


Final Words[]

Whew!!! That was a wild ass game, I'd seriously go out on a limb to say this has been crazier than Azerbaijan, and I'm glad I got to play this season with nick on my side rather than against me. Despite the craziness of each vote, how stressful it all was, I don't regret anything, I had literally so much fun and I'm extremely glad I got the opportunity to return. Anyone who saw me play in Tokelau compared to this game could probably definitely see growth in me as a player and I'm happy to say I'm proud of the game I played, it deemed me the biggest threat to win at F8 and got me voted out so I must've been doing something right. I've made friends and even reconnected with so many people this season and I wouldn't trade my experience for anything. The ooonly thing I kinda think was a little dumb of me was getting my personal feelings involved because that made the vote harder but I don't regret that either. Thanks to anyone who's supported me in the VL and a huge thanks to the hosts as well ❤ Love you guys




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