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Day 30[]

Alright so a recap of everything that went on last tribal because it was extremely messy. Originally I wanted to flush Claudia's yaknad idol by getting us all to vote her and then the others vote Nathaniel and then she idols him out Nathaniel is then gone and so is the idol so it's a win win situation, simple enough, right? Well, word starts getting out to other people, (Jenna, Chris, Renz) so basically everyone LMAO so Chris tells Jenna what's going on then Jenna comes to me and I explain to Jenna that I wanted the idol and Nathaniel gone and Jenna says the sim and I are her number one allies then proceeds to tell Claudia Catarina is trying to flush her idol, so that was pretty frustrating. Despite all that, I told Catarina to stick to the plan and just vote Claudia but then Sim has a last minute plan to switch the vote to Renz, and get me to make Claudia waste her idol, but making Claudia /waste/ the idol was never my intention because I care about her and don't wanna make her look dumb with a useless idol play, no matter how beneficial it would've been to my game, so I told her not to play it, SOMEHOW after all of this shit, Renz ended up going in a 3-2-2-2 vote all because I wanted to flush an idol, this really was the hugest clusterfuck ive ever been involved in.


FUCK SHEA! He's such a stupid little bitch! I hate him so so much and I cannot WAIT for him to get the fuck outta here!!!


Day 31[]

So as of right now, I just want to finally get Nathaniel out, nothing special, just wanna straight up vote him out but I'm sure like the past few rounds something is bound to fuck up, I'm guessing it's gonna be a common occurrence this season so I'm already preparing myself. Shea somehow knows we've been trying to get Nathaniel out without actually doing it ourselves which actually I give him props for realizing but maybe it was blatantly obvious to everyone what we were trying to do, regardless he confronted me saying he wants to vote Nathaniel too, which I don't buy at all and is really making me suspicious bc I know him and Nathaniel are fairly close, I feel like they're hiding something but if anyone really wants to let Nathaniel past this round that is incredibly idiotic. Anyway, let's just hope this round ends up alright, and I hope I could convince Claudia to save me if I somehow am voted out.




It's been a long day. I thought it was finally time for a big Catarina blindside. It was either going to be Austin or Nathaniel. The social threat, or the physical threat.

If Nathaniel went home, me and Nick could convince Shea/Jenna to vote Austin out. If Austin went home, then we could try to get Nathaniel out for the 50th time, but we'd honestly become the Boys who cried Nathaniel.

However things took a turn when Shea flipped back over a stupid Q/A challenge. Shea clearly lacks self awareness if he thought he wouldn't be the popular choice for everything, but he takes it out on us and basically he's getting the last laugh because his decision is deciding the rest of this game. It just bothers me because he's not at the top with the others? Apparently he was the one who dictated that Austin should go, and they were so desperate that Claudia told him to his face that she would vote him out. Claustin breaking up? That's when I knew we were in deep trouble.

Yeah, I wanted Austin or Nathaniel gone, but on my terms, not their terms. This means that me, Nick and Nathaniel will be left in minority. Catarina has always fought an uphill battle, and just when we thought we could breathe for a minute, then this. I'm so fucking tired man, and any power I had in this game is gone. I'll have to work out of minority, which doesn't mean a lot because I'll mainly be trying to avoid being the one to go home.

Chris is really confusing. First he constantly shits on Quetzal, begs for Brandon or Renz to go, but constantly votes Nathaniel as WE (Catarina) take them out. Then he begs for Nathaniel to go, and when we want to take him out, he wants Austin gone. Yeah, he can be fed up with me, but I'm sick of this bullshit lmao.

So our last hope was Jenna. I thought that if I got her to switch her vote Nathaniel, her vote would be wasted, and we could all just take out Chris, hoping he doesn't play Ellis or something. It was a gamble, but it's high risk, high reward.

Yeah, I would've lied to Jenna, but it wouldn't matter because it would be a 4-3 majority for Catarina. I would've loved to see the look on Shea's face for screwing himself by flipping into the minority.

However, Austin kind of screwed himself, and told Jenna to vote Chris. He got paranoid about who Nathaniel was doing, and frankly fucked up the entire plan. I've grown to love him, and he's the reason I'm here instead of Brian and Hannah, but he brought this upon himself, and I tried to save him I really did, but he ruined my last ditch efforts. Now the best case scenario is drawing rocks, and I don't know if I want to draw rocks for him, but I will draw rocks for myself and the Catarinas as a whole.

It seems that no matter what happens, we always end up depending on each other, and we've gotten so lucky for every Yaknad tribal council, and I really hope our luck hasn't run out.