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Day 4[]

well I don't know who vote for me but at least I made it through the first TC, hopefully we can win the 2nd immunity challenge


Last night was sooooo awkward, we all saying how it's obviously Sean's going and so for on the group chat where Sean was in the chat room but wasn't active, and at the very last minutes Sean's in the chat and so the whole thing about him. FLABBERGASTED! It was so hilarious, but he had it coming and it was Allison idea to take him out so it wasn't surprising that he voted for her. What's extremely wired about the voting is that Adin actually voted for my BS target Tyler. Maybe I might use him at some sorts, but since not a dumbass I still don't trust him and he still needs to go. He has the upper hand to get back at me when I blindsided him at Nigeria and I just can't risk that.


Like Isaiah just got voted out of Cape Verde and is upset about it as he went around asking people who to vote and everybody ignored him. It would be funny if he got voted out from here too... Bitch has been branded as the new Omega.


This is gonna be my first confessional, sorry it’s late I’ve been pounding my head against the wall for four days trying to entertain myself in spite of this boring ass tribe.

First off we have Jaylen, master of conversation. Honestly talking to a rock would be MORE FULFILLING because at least the rock has an excuse. But no, with Jaylen not only do you not receive anything of substance out of the conversation, but he also teases you by actually replying sometimes and pretending to be a sentient being. Top 5 Jaylen quotes of 2015: 5. It's pretty good 4. Im in a bunch of ORGs like always 3. i dont know really 2. 1. (the list is unfinished because I’ve only managed to get him to say 3 things) Next up: Evette Andrews, who may or may not be completely unaware that the season is even happening. Still have not received a reply to my message attempts. Riveting. Third, Lucas. Honestly I didn’t mind him and he was decent enough to talk to for a bit. He does comment a lot of annoying shit on facebook though but I can’t really hold that against him because 90% of Survivor ORG conversation devolves into annoying shit after 10 comments or so. Then we have Joe Tiernan. The Man. The Null vote causing disaster of Sardinia. The legend. If you can’t find him reigniting extremely over the line and personal old feuds from 6 month old games you bet your sweet ass he’s talking to the jury of another game and getting himself banned. He “likes me” and he tries to be friendly to me but I know he’d cut me as soon as he can just because. He thrives in drama and as he said about Sora in Greece: he likes to ‘stir the pot’ just for the sake of it. I don’t want this person playing with me in a season again. Last time he made the mind numbingly stupid move to tell the leader of the opposing tribe who he KNEW had an idol, who they were voting for. This was the fall of Sassari, (in addition to the mere existance of Trevor Fuchs.) Last but not least, we have Will. Uber confident and probably talking to everyone, excellent in challenges. Will proposed a dynamic duo sort of alliance with me and he’s honestly the only person on the tribe who seems to actually have his head in the game from the start, other than yours truly. Do I think he probably made the same damn proposition to every damn person? probably. But if he think’s I don’t like anyone on the tribe but him, (mostly true, I don’t like any of them from my personal game’s standpoint) he’ll be more likely to want me around than to try and get me out. But the thing about Will... he’s a fucking mini-me. EVEN HIS AVATAR IS LIKE A CARBON COPY OF MINE. LIke, It’s kind of creeping me out. I would never trust myself in a Survivor game. And here I am. Aligning with myself. Seeing as how the rest of my tribe is set-myself-on-fire-and-run-off-of-a-cliff awful, I think I’m going to have to deal with working with Will in this game, at least temporarily. This is what I’m thinking of doing: I’m going to remain close to him for the pre-merge phase and do my best to get him to tell me his scores so I can purposefully not post a higher one than he does. When merge hits I’ll do my best to win immunity ASAP and give him the boot. He’ll be so overconfident that he won’t see the blood red target I'm painting onto his back until those knives go flying. Less competition in the immunities that actually matter. Scaling back my scores will also give me more social maneuverability and less of a target, at least for a while. I don’t really want to have to deal with an idol so I’m not going to look too hard, but I also am going to try to keep myself out of situations where I would need one, obviously. This isn’t even the worst part. I think the most depressing thing about this whole ordeal is that when I look at the other tribes they just seem just as bad. Like, people that I might have to flip to might drive me just as crazy just as these motherfuckers are here. No one really interests me yet in a way that I WANT to align with them. We’ll see. P.S. I forgot redemption island is a thing so maybe i might not do Will in like that on a whim we'll see #sillywes #forgettingtwistsalready


I am continuing to barely talk to anyone yet feel as though I have one of the stronger social games on my tribe. Joan is workin' it, but I cant compete with that.


So we got immunity and I'm thrilled I won't be going to Redemption. As for Evie not doing the challenge, I'd have to go for her first since I know Wes, Will, and Lucas won't vote Jaylen. Her inactiveness has annoyed me. Speaking of inactiveness, it's gonna be an INCREDIBLE Redemption duel between the AMAZING Sean and the WONDERFUL Adin. I mean, talk about challenge dominators! In all seriousness, Adin is a player that fascinates me. He sees ORGs as RPG's and genderfakes as 'Alexis' in a few ORGs and is now Adin. He claims to be a strategic power player yet never submits for challenges and somehow gets BLINDSIDED. Like, SERIOUSLY? HOW CAN THIS DUDE EVER BE BLINDSIDED WHEN HE DIGS HIS OWN GRAVE. His profile is also laughable. Ok dude, great job and getting your tribe to trust you. Whatever, it's gonna be fantastic to see him go.


Day 5[]

We win yet again! Looking at the other tribes, this will most likely become a pattern as long as Evette doesn’t stay inactive. I am worried about my performance though. It’s a weird thing to say when I have been the top scorer out of the whole game in each challenge but I need to slow down. I’ve been a target before because of the threat of my physical strength I guess. I would never target someone just because of their challenge skills, especially before it even gets to an individual game but it has happened to me before. I don’t know why I always do well when I know I need to appear less threatening. I guess it’s some combination of my ego and determination to do my best but I think I may just take it easy the next couple challenges, even if it does mean we might go to Tribal. It could be good for us, we have two safety blankets in the form of Evette and Jaylen. I don’t think there is a possibility in any universe where I will be voted out before one of them while on this tribe. Now we play the waiting game while we watch probably the most epic battle ever to occur on Redemption Island.


So Adin didn't do the challenge again, I asked him before the 1st tribal who he wanted to vote and then hours and went by and then tribal passed and the he responded with a smiley face wtf does that mean. He doesn't pull his own weight and Austin is worried about him anyway he shouldn't have applied at all.


Jack isn't even on my tribe, but he annoys the fuck out of me - once again he won't accept my friend request like in this one org. Seriously... His "I don't give a fuck" attitude is reaaally annyoing and I hope he get's voted out next. Although, orgs force me to friend people like Martin, who's just really annoying and weird.


Check Mate! Mission Accomplished! I'm kind of shock that he still did not vote for me I mean has he not know that he would have the upper hand to get back at me? I'm speechless. Well he did told Tyler that I was "Coming after him" so I feel no sympathy for him. Now that he's gone, me and Jack are in complete control of this tribe if we ever lose which I hope to god that never happens, it'll be down between Allison and Tyler. I know that sounds cocky but hey the idols is in the loop and I will not rest until I found it. Mark My Words!!


I looked for the idol but didn't find it. THERE'S YOUR FREAKING EPISODE TITLE!