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Day 6[]

it looked like the vote was going to tie and Dani didn't wanna go to rocks so we just switched our votes


"Lastnight, I had a dream that the merged tribe name was Boobs. So if I make the merge, I am going to do

everything in my power to make that happen."

"I love Zak. He doesn't hold on to information, he gives it up like it's nobody's business. It's like I have my own little spy and he doesn't even know it."

"How exactly do you manage to make your fish disappear by painting your room? Oh my gosh, Deckman, what are you doing to me?"

"Linus is telling me about how he doesn't know Lexus or Jordan, and I'm just nodding my head because he has no idea what's coming."

"I'd really like to thank Zak for leaking info regarding the alliance between Aromal, Brian, CJ, Jessica, Lexus, and Zakriah. This could help my game bunches."

"So now that I know there's a six-man alliance controlling the vote tonight, I'm nervous. My number one ally's fate is in the hands of a guy who calls breasts ""blobs"". Oh boy."


Day 17[]

"this tribal makes me nervous tbh, and i don't know who to vote. i talked to jordan,

and he doesn't know either. 🙄"


"I haven't heard a name at all. If these fuckers are gonna vote me out then get the fuck on with it!! Why

prolong my death. I legit have never talked to the people going to tribal. This is literally the worst. I'm just gonna play dead and see where it gets me tbh I'm screaming seconds after I sent that someone messaged me. gtgtgtgtgtg!!!"


this vote is so obvious I'm preparing myself for a blindside.

"now lex is ignoring my messages what the fuuuuck. If Avory doesn't go next,it'll probably be the stupidest blindside ever.."



I hope I get blindsided just because that would be iconic af.


I'm at work munchin on nuggets <3 :> thought y'all should know !


"I think I'm in a pretty decent position in this game. Linus trusts me, Ash trusts me, Deckman trusts me,

Zak spilled the beans on his alliance and doesn't even know it."