Day 29[edit | edit source]

Well what to go Joan, you fucked it up. And I guess im screwed since Tyler's gone, his idol goes with him. I guess being the last Zaru is great and all but I know I'm next. Maybe I should of listen to Lucas and have Tyler play the idol. But I thought Tyler would be smart about it but, what can you do? I Need That Idol!!!


Tyler left on the revote, which fucking sucks. Richie and Martin are ok with losing because 'OH MAN, I TRUST WILL AND WES!' From my point of view, there are three people running this. There's Will, who's running the game. Wes, who's basically running the challenges. And Richie, which the only thing he's running is his mouth. When I play a game, I play to win. I don't play for 2nd or 3rd, I play for 1st. Richie is ok with losing because TRUST GOT ME THIS FAR'. Kid's an absolute moron

And Will is just getting more and more cocky by the day. He needs someone to call him out. But I already called the whole tribe out I'd rather not have anymore drama


Damn, Tyler got voted off and he had the idol so I don't know what Austin is gonna do but i'm just going to worry about these duels right now and figure out what happened at tribal with Tyler but now he is my next obstacle because he always get's like 30 times my score. On redemption island there isn't really anywhere to hide, it's win and stay or lose and go like survival of the fittest and it doesn't matter that Tyler was my ally he is a threat to my game right now and he needs to be out of the equation if I want to survive.


Day 30[edit | edit source]

It’s times like these I know that I have surrounded myself with the right people. It was a little scary when I played the idol and found out it was fake (thanks hosts oh so much for that) but once Joan royally screwed up I knew I wasn’t going anywhere. I did want Lucas to play his vote negator instead because that would have been the perfect outcome and there would have been no tie breaker. Lucas, however wasn’t online when I told him to play it and couldn’t play it in time. I know it was an honest mistake because if he wanted me gone he could have simply voted for me. After the tie breaker though I knew everyone had my back but honestly everything Joe said in his campaign to get me out was 100% true. I understand why he did it but that’s not going to stop me voting him out all the same. Right now Joe and Austin are my big targets. They are way more vocal with getting me out which is why I don’t put Joan on that list. Joe and Austin are a problem because their campaigns to get me out are like little seeds that could take root at any moment. What they are saying is 100% true and it’s only a matter of time before my allies, especially Richie and Martin, start to wisen up. I need to nip this in the bud while I can.


Basically - last time, Joan screwed everything up - and drawing rocks would of been a severly idiotic decision. But this time - Wes approached me asking if it's the right time to make a move. Jackpot! Will's bossyness is utterly making me wanna grow more hair, just so I have more of it to pull. Ugh. Although, I do trust the guy, but he has to go. Richie and Martin won't do it though. Richie's blind and talking to Martin is basically like talking to an eggplant.


So I have been thinking and I came to the point where I need Will to get him out. I need Richie and Martin to distrust him by voting one of them out. I need to tell Will that Austin, Joan and I are free votes up in the air and that we can help him because there are multiple people out to get him, including Martin and Richie and the they will eventually team up with the outsiders to blindside him or Wes. It's a risk but I'm here to take risks and make moves


Day 31[edit | edit source]

Ok so I spoke with Will and he said he's open to blindsiding Martin. I really hope he's telling the truth and I gave him enough proof that Martin is open to voting him out. Why don't I go with Martin? Fact is I can't trust him at all. I think he would take the clue and vote us out. If he did that, it shows how poor of a player he is. No, if Martin goes, Richie will have NO ONE to trust. Austin and I voted him, he voted out Joan who dislikes his tribe, and Wes, Will and Lucas would have betrayed him. I hope to GOD this works or I'm toast


This lead up to tribal has been the worst one so far. First it was back and forth, back and forth, between Joan and Joe going. Then Joe came up promising himself if we were to vote Martin. Next Richie started getting fancy ideas of blindsiding Wes. Just names flying all over the place. Mine was in there again a bit but at this point it’s no surprise.First off I had to deal with Richie. I think I managed to convince him to “wait” to blindside Wes. Obviously I have no intention of doing it but Richie thinks I’m all for it next tribal. It’s still not good news because first it’s Wes and then the next logical step is me. Richie and Martin are most likely going to vote Joe so that was looking like the easy option. Then Joe and the other stragglers started coming forth with evidence of Martin now picking up the blindside Wes torch. This is when the two equally bad options showed up. Either vote Joe/Joan and then have Richie and Martin planning a Wes blindside. Orrrrr vote Martin based soley off Joes word, and lose Richie forever and still have four people against us. No matter what we choose, we are still looking at a 4v3. After much hair tearing, Wes and I settled with voting Martin. Sadly when all of this started going on, Lucas has been asleep so he won’t know until just before the vote is due. Hopefully he will agree with our decision. Honestly we were just picking the most polished of the turd choices we got.


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