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Day 22[]

Jack C has showed himself to be a total mess. He wants to vote Ben this week (which is dorky because he doesn’t have 5 votes yet). I’m trying to push the vote onto Carson, which is going to be really hard honestly. If I can get Carson voted out can Tthen I can play both sides for one more week, but if Jack C forces the Ben vote then I’m going to have to make my move this week and blindside either Jack C, Jack O, or Danielle. I’d prefer not to crush their dreams yet honestly.


I abstained in this reward challenge due to not having a working computer. Anyway, I have been talking to Fariha today about the game, getting her to talk to Ben and Keaton as possible loyal allies for her stance against Jack O/Danielle. I like her the most out of the Zama tribe. But I worry about her activity so I will have to put in a lot of effort during the next tribal.

I don’t feel good following Will’s plans despite how loyal he is to me (sad react) as I intend to have my way with the game.

– Nadine

I forgot to mention this, but I told Keaton the other day about my idol. I trust him enough and hopefully he listens to me the most. I will need to continue talking with him about the game, and I’ve been doing well socially with Ben and Carson. I feel like the latter is socially dangerous.


Day 23[]

I’m definitely guilty of writing off Fariha! She’s really intelligent and likable, I think she likes to come off as meek or helpless but the more I speak to her the higher my opinion is of her :)


Day 24[]

After the Immunity Challenge, it’s clear that Jack C (with Danielle and Jack O) and Keaton (with Nadine and Ben) are coming for each other. In the middle you have me, Carson, and Fariha. I really want to stick with Keaton and Tharros, so I’m making sure that Jack O is going home.

Fariha resents Jack O for trying to vote her out so it’s easy to get the votes against him, and if Jack C stays, then him and Keaton will stay tunnel visioned in each other and I’ll be able to keep playing the middle.

This week it’s Jack O, next week Carson or Danielle would be great people to target considering how under the radar and social they are.

Biggest tribal of the season so far, no doubt.


Damnit, I was so stupid for telling Danielle I was suspicious for Jack C. So now, Jack C, Jack O, and Danielle are definitely voting me. L O V E L Y.

I am not giving up and placing 9th again for my reckless behavior. Jack O's going home and he's going to walk the plank, not me.


This could be my last confessional which is terrifying. We're going for Keaton, but they're going for either me or Jack C. Which, we're not sure. Nadine gives me a bunch of bullshit that is either subtly telling me it's me or trying to make me think it's me as a misdirect. Either way, this relies on Carson voting Keaton. I'd like to think Carson won't vote me if it is actually me, but i just don't know for sure. If it's Jack C, maybe Carson will vote him. Which would suck, cuz then it'd either be 4-4 or 3-5 depending on where he wanted to flip to. I'm not ready to be the 1st juror, i've got too much game left to play. I need Will to rangle in Carson (because i think they're a lot closer than we thought) and keep him on board for this one vote. Then we can figure out what to do from there, because he's too dangerous to keep long term. But damn it once again I need a swing vote to stay committed to me. If he burns me again i'll feel like such a fool.

Also fuck Keaton and Ben in general. It's not that hard to have a conversation with someone, i'm making an effort here it'd be nice if you pretended to feign interest at least. not a good idea to ignore a jury member

–Jack O

Honestly, Jack O. and Danielle are leaking the things I say into their own alliance chat. I don't think they're going to last long like that. I have Will in the chat telling me stuff, and sometimes I doubt my own heart and logic, but even if I wanted to have my own way, I'm so thankful Will is keeping me in the loop of things and I want to be with him along the way of the game.

I haven't sent in my vote yet in case there's an idol play and they may split the votes, and that there may be a lot of things going on.


WHY ARE THINGS DIFFICULT????? Will might be flipping on me but Carson's sticking to me and Fariha might flip but is MIA and Nadine might flip but she won't vote Keaton so i gotta get her to vote Ben but it could still be 4-4-1 or fucking 6-2-1 or 5-3-1 or 5-4 or 6-3 AAAAAAAAAA things are complicated FUCK i'm buggin but i'm trying so hard to get this vote to stay and there is no way anybody's getting idoled out because of me telling nadine to vote ben, she'll think it's him so nobody will think to idol keaton

–Jack O